Don't Ask, Just Fuck

Don't Ask, Just Fuck


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:military,   gay,   sex,  

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Don't Ask, Just Fuck torrent reviews

Thirunavukkarasu R (ru) wrote: Most expected Tamil movie of the year 2012.67 Screens across USA going to release this movie. . .!250 Sceens going to release Billa 2 across the globe. . . Making Second tamil movie behind enthiran to showcase this release. . . Thala rockz. . .

Jon W (de) wrote: Like many people, I'd assumed it would be terrible because of the title, but it's surprisingly and consistently funny from start to end. Although obviously low budget, the script is sharp and there's not a sub-par performance from any of the cast, with old favourites like Richard Briers chipping in with plenty of funny moments. Deserves it's place on the imaginary dvd-shelf with Shawn of the Dead and, personally, I think it's the funnier flick.

Sandra V (de) wrote: A family friendly fantasy adventure that improves on the novel's mundane setting and constant to-ing and fro-ing. The story is much tighter and one event leads logically to the next with all the unnecessary details cut out. Dustfinger as played by Paul Bettany is much more appealing and sympathetic than the whiny bastard of the book and the climax is also more spectacular and realised in a coherent structure that makes Meggie truly heroic. The novel sort of petered out because the author wanted to write more books, but luckily the film ends on a satisfying high. Helen Mirren is also great fun as a much more feisty and not as useless Aunt Eleanor. The use of CGI is kept to a minimum, but is suitably fantastic and Andy Serkis and the actors playing his henchmen also do a lot to make the flat Capricorn and villains on the page come to life.

Sarah C (au) wrote: Pretty sad, pretty cute, pretty funny and it has pretty boy P. Rudd in it. Shows how everyone is dysfunctional in ways, and has regrets to overcome. One of the quotes from the movie was mistakes are the portals to improvement (or something like that). It's basically a poor person's version of the movie Weatherman. Personally I'm totally poor, and I liked the joke making, so I thought it was pretty great.

Javis C (jp) wrote: Well I have never watched the cartoon, but my parents did and they told me that the movie spoiled the cartoon, it was dumb, mediocre and ugly, I didn't need to hear their opinions to notice that, cause indeed it is horrible, the dog looked so ridiculous with that, was that a suit? It looked more like a dog pajamas that was bought at the nearest pet shop, now the effects are horrible, everything looks fake, with that dog seeing everywhere and everything else done with cheap CGI, the performances well... do I really have to say it? the worst... there's no plot!! So Underdog is a waste of budget, of time and everything that can be wasted

Leonardo C (us) wrote: Zodiac is a dark, slow paced thriller that will have you guessing over and over again where is the plot going, all with great performances from its cast and excellent direction from David Fincher

David R (de) wrote: The movie was a complete disaster. It sucked. Such a disgrace to the late King of Pop.

F B (mx) wrote: Quite an enjoyable film and good story but felt a bit slow and predictable

Dugald Q (gb) wrote: I've been meaning to own this movie sometime ago. I enjoyed the dialog, the culture of the Tongan people, the humor, and the whole mix of experiences shared. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to know about L.D.S. missionary experiences, with the caution that this was more dramatic than most. I would like to believe that any faithful Christian who watches this show, could see it as a faith building experience or story and not simply as religious propaganda. Also if you were to call it propaganda, I would say it is very mild, as the only strong L.D.S. messages to shine through are: prayers are sometimes answered and missionaries are just imperfect people trying to do some good.

James H (de) wrote: Moderately successful romance/crime/comedy, with the actors trying hard but faltering under unfocused direction. I think what the director intended and what it turned out to be are not at all the same. Steve Buscemi is great.

Elly S (it) wrote: I think Shah Rukh Khan & Madhuri made a sweet couple in this movie..Very convincing love story...

Matthew B (de) wrote: One of those rare treats in Japanese cinema. Sonatine is a beautiful, masterful, evocative film.

Rupert S (br) wrote: Always been a Bruce fan, even though this is different to other films. Still very scary saw it when I was far too young! Best way

Rene V (ag) wrote: Very interesting and awesome movie :)

Ruth S (br) wrote: I want the movies to be played on my screen

Alan W (br) wrote: Antonia bleedin' Quirke (UK's most irritatingly pretentious film critic) aside, this 1959 B&W OTT Camp Melodrama would get no more than 2 or 2 1/2 stars if it was made today. But starring Katherine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Montgomery Clift, with director Joseph Mankiewicz and Gore Vidal and Tennessee Williams as its writers, one tends to judge it more kindly, especially in its rightful context. And you WILL need to read up on Williams' background, his fears and insecurities in order to understand what the story really means since you won't get the full picture purely from the film. I especially appreciate the way the film manages to court and skirt around very controversial subjects while the Production Code was in full force. But no matter how you look at it, the film fails to break out from its theatrical origins, in particular the slow monologue-y first act drags, had it not been for Hepburn's hammy yet deliciously watchable performance channelling Joan Crawford as portrayed in Mommie Dearest as if she had cross-bred with Norma Desmond in Sunset Blvd. Clift is wooden throughout and Taylor, while beaming with beauty and youth, often come across as hysterical for the sake of it. Ironically, for a film which tried to tackle a subject matter that is so ahead of its times, the rest of it now feels rather dated.

Anthony V (fr) wrote: Fritz Lang directing a Western? Really?