Don't Die Too Hard!

Don't Die Too Hard!

Eric and Ramzy are working as window washers at the Montparnasse skyscraper in Paris. Thinking that he has a date set up with beautiful executive Marie-Joelle (who in reality hates his guts...

Eric and Ramzy are working as window washers at the Montparnasse skyscraper in Paris. Thinking that he has a date set up with beautiful executive Marie-Joelle (who in reality hates his guts... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon T (de) wrote: Matt is yes. I'm a big fan of the national. This movie was fantastic.

Andrew H (kr) wrote: The following is a stream of consciousness review of the movie Yeti. I'm writing the review as i watch it...hopefully it turns out awesome. Start of the movie was ok. Yeti killed a guy with a gun, pretty standard. Cut to plane in "present day", there's a blonde guy hitting on a pretty decent looking brunette chick. Conversation is nothing important, college football is mentioned (blonde guy may be quarterback?). Addendum 2: BEST MOVIE EVER. YETI RIPS MAN IN HALF THEN BEATS TOP HALF WITH HIS OWN FEMUR. LOVE THIS MOVIE Different girl trying to get into bathroom, yelling at Dennis to get out. Cut to cockpit, storm starts brewing and pilots dismiss it. Back to blonde quarterback and brunette girl, blonde guy is scared by storm and brunette leaves. Back to different girl at bathroom. Dennis comes out of bathroom, laughs at her, then goes back in. Terrible special effects of plane getting rocked by storm, inside of cabin shakes. Plane's gonna go down soon, everyon'e buckling up. Lightning storm, pilots start to get nervous. Oxygen masks deploy in plane as it starts to rock even more violently. Booze cart spills. By the way, all of thsi is poorly acted, but it's so bad that it gives me hope that one day i could be an actor, so i'm not too worried about it. HOLY FUCK. BACK OF PLANE JUST DISSAPEARED . PEOPLE FLYING OUT OF GIANT HOLE WHERE TAIL OF PLANE USED TO BE. Guy smacks face into window of the plane, blood everywhere. Screen goes black. Plane wreckage in middle of snowy field. People start to take up, bitches are crying and looks like someone broke an arm or 3. Can't really tell, spec. effects terrible. Apparently brunette girl from earlier is named sarah, quarterback crawling through wreckage towards her. Black guy with dreadlocks playing hero, getting everyone out of the plane, blonde guy doin somethin too. First fatality of movie is black guy found dead in his seat. Dennis gets out of the bathroom, presumably was jacking off during the whole crash. Both pilots are dead. No one has any winter clothes so they'd all be dead by now already makes no sense.Some asian chiick (Hmong, maybe?) seems to be having wierd visions, standing in the middle of a blizzard...again this makes no sense. More dead people in plane. Nothing happens for coach (looks like gary busey) got his shit wrecked. tells player to go help the others, think he's gonna die soon (broken back or legs?). Some chick finally realizes that it's BALLS FUCKING COLD HERE IN THE HIMAYLAYAS. Also there's apparently trees in this version of the Himalayas...not real, again this makes no sense. Cold becoming a serious problem, but poeople gather around a stump instead of the fuselages that are all on fire from the crash. They're all retarded. Probably the University of Michigan football team, now that i think about it. One pilot is alive but no one knows what to do. Hmong chick is team trainer but doesn't know that ur not supposed to shake a near dead man...they start to interrogate him. He's bleeding like a stuck pig..not gonna last much longer. I'm headed to go get a sandwich but not stopping right back. (5min pass) Sandwich is delicious. Turkey and ham on dark rye with pickles and mustard...but i digress. Fatty and backup QB decide to go find a spare radio. Someone decides to turn fuselage into a base camp...about fucking time Sherlock. Dumb skank decides to go look for matches in the middle of the Himalayas. Side note. Blonde guy just decided that starting a fire "is a priority". There was already fires burning from the crashed fucking plane like 5min ago, dumbass. Definitely the University of Michigan football team. Only wolverines would be this retarded. Cut to a giant yeti standing on a hill. He makes a face and snarls some gnarled teeth. Obviously a dude in a suit, dlightfully tacky yet unrefined. Hmong chick finds a guy named Derick (or Eric?). Cries over his body, dreads blow in the wind. All very sad. Touching, really. Cut to a ranger station. MacGuyver lookalike tells us where the plane crashed, his skank says they should wait a few days before searching. She's retarded...gonna die soon mostly Back at plane football team puts on hoodies. Now they're the Himalayas, wearing jeans and a hoodie. Dead black man in a chair...prolly the running back. People fail at starting fire. Can't strike matches, also trying to start a fire on bare wood in the Himalayas. Some chick put vodka on the fire...which started it. NO. NONONONONO.' I'm angry. Gonna stop writing this because this movie is turning into a huge joke. Friends and I are just gonna make fun of it for the rest of the movie. Conclusion. If you're looking for a movie to watch and make fun of for an hour with friends, I guess you might like this. Don't pay for it's not that good. Imma give it a 70 for the scene where the tail of the plane falls off and a few people got sucked out of it. Classic cinema. Two thumbs way the fuck up. Addendum: When the yeti attacks the people this movie gets fucking epic Yeti rips a mans heart out,, stomps on a bitches head, then leap-frogs after a black man. Dear god...lovin this movie. Rescue party just got there. They're going after the yeti that stole the quarterbacks girlfriend. Totally lovin this movie...lovin it so hard. Review ammended to an 80%, likely to go up in a bit

Bonnie C (jp) wrote: Very intriguing to put pieces of puzzle together. At the end, your heart breaks a little to know what happened back then and bursts to know what is to come ahead for these three main characters. First time seeing Vanessa Paradis act. Not bad at all.

Eric R (ca) wrote: Terence Davies ode to Liverpool is an meditation on time. This is not a film for everyone; most people will write it off as boring or slow, but not take the time to actually digest it. This is a film about life, and how things change with time. It kinda reminded me of Guy Madden's My Winnepeg, though this film definetly more bitter. Its amazing to me how intimate Terence Davies is in this film about his life and his city. Its a fascinating film, that really gives great insight into a brilliant man.

Leo S (mx) wrote: Film kelima dari Jesse Stone dan yang pertama yang bukan adaptasi dari novel Robert B. Parker. Tom Selleck ikut partisipasi dalam penulisan naskah-nya. Not bad.

Joel A (us) wrote: I liked this movie a lot. I love how realistic the storyline is and it's all credit to the director that he didn't shy away from such things. I also appreciate the authenticity of the movie.

Jpile R (au) wrote: This move is great to lay around and watch if you love bikes and motorcycle clubing great scenes fast scenes and fantastic story !!

Johan V (ca) wrote: A powerful and beautifully filmed story about lost hope and lost innocence. One of the most intense movies I've seen this year.

Douglas L (mx) wrote: Oh man, the cheese! Whether it be the sound effects of the kicks, the Korean Bruce Lee, the B side "karate kid" style soundtrack or the atroucious acting, this film seems to have a charm to it. I don't know how, and I don't know why. I thought it was such a cool movie as a kid.