Don't Forget You're Going to Die

Don't Forget You're Going to Die

Benoit has planned out his life. Unfortunately he has forgotten the military duty. After he is called to duty he tries everything to get around. He goes to a psychiatrist who gives him medicine against depression. As this doesn't work out he tries suicide. The story gets even worse as he is told by a military doctor that he is HIV positive. Benoit tumbles down into the drug scene. Then he goes to Italy and meets Claudia. Things seem to improve, but only for a short time...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:118 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:italy,   drugs,   art,  

Benoit (Xavier Beauvois) has planned out his life. Unfortunately he has forgotten the military duty. After he is called to duty he tries everything to get around. He goes to a psychiatrist ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Craig C (br) wrote: The cast make the most of a script that has its limitations. The real entertainment of this movie though, lies is in the 70s-styled sets, costumes, attitudes and gadgets.

Filius S (it) wrote: Refn is a bit of an oddball director, but one thing that his later filmography accomplishes is visual splendor. Valhalla Rising is perhaps one of the most pronounced examples of this, eschewing traditional narrative in exchange for cinematographic exposition. That's the thing about Valhalla Rising, it's not a typical film by any regard, it's closer to an exercise in experimental art, where the medium just happens to be cinema, while most films would struggle with that aspect, Rising really manages to hold its own, and excel in the endeavor. The movie begins with a group of vikings wandering around the mountains with their prisoner, a brutally strong warrior with one eye, who is rumored to be from Hell. As they wander from camp to camp, the one eyed warrior is forced to fight in various competitions, each time winning without much effort. During his downtime, he experiences strange hallucinatory visions, and is held in a cage where he's fed by a young blonde haired boy. I won't explain how, but eventually the boy and the one-eyed warrior encounter a tribe of Christian vikings who are traveling on a crusade to The Holy Land. The leader of these vikings states that he could use a good warrior, and offers the one-eyed viking a chance to absolve himself of his sins. Thus begins a voyage that will test each man in the group, and will set the cogs of fate in motion as they journey into a strange land that is not what they initially expected. As mentioned before, the film only features a loosely told narrative, leaving the viewer to experience and discover the story on their own. Helping out along the way are the actors, who are absolutely fantastic, with Mikkelsen as the lead offering a brilliant performance without uttering a single word. The other thing that helps the movie out is the previously mentioned cinematography, which works extremely well with the editing. Every frame is a treat, providing a well composed sequence of images that quickly eliminate the need for tedious dialogue and exposition. TL;DR - 8/10 Although, at times, a bit disjointed; while at other times possibly too meditative, the film managed to keep me engaged, longing to see what would unfold. The mixture of history, mythology, believable characters, and compelling cinematography combined to make a stunning film where each frame is a work of art, and each scene is a story unto itself. Not for the easily restless, the film is a slow, meandering tale of people inadvertently sealing their own fates and coming to terms with their destiny.

Kristin R (de) wrote: 'Life is a single skip for joy'. I was not really sure what I would be getting when I watched this film, as I had never heard of it before. I actually really liked it. An a-typical romance movie, with a guy who is so self destructive, it is almost criminal. Great acting from both and throroughly enjoyable overall.

Ippei K (kr) wrote: Call me dumb, but I didn't get this movie. I felt that this was being a little pretentious. I read somewhere after watching that it was all meant to be metaphor and etc., etc. It was boring and confusing...and I guess I missed the point. Would have expected a more traditional "j-horror" from Shimizu, instead it's his artsy-fartsy side project.

Annie B (gb) wrote: The skiing scenes are awesome!

Er D (fr) wrote: Normalerweise kann ich mit Kevin Bacon nur als Bsewicht etwas anfangen. In dieser Rolle hat er mich jedoch vollends berzeugt; er spielt den Charakter berzeugend und glaubhaft . Evan Rachel Wood ist ebenso famos. Was ergibt es also, wenn die zwei Hauptakteure des Film brillieren? Genau, einen ruhigen, nachdenklichen Film ber alle Barrieren und Konventionen hinweg und ber die Macht der Freundschaft. Und ein rhrendes, trauriges Ende!Nur der Look des Films, dessen Ursache ein geringes Budget sein knnte, strte doch den Filmgenuss etwas.

ZACHO D (gb) wrote: Crazy, but not at Miike's finest. Worth a watch.

Nate T (it) wrote: A must-watch for any fan of film and more specifically James Cagney fans. On Blu-ray.

Chris B (au) wrote: M*A*S*H is one of the best known anti-war films and one that is still just as endearing and funny today as it was in 1970, and even more prevalent. The cast is great, especially Donald Sutherland as Hawkeye, and Elliot Gould as Trapper and the degree to which they downplay their lines and actions is hilarious. The M*A*S*H squad is made up of army surgeons who use humor and ridiculous antics to cope with the horrors of war. They come to view each circumstance as a joke and in turn downplay the atrocities and brutality they see on a daily basis. What I mean by this, is that while performing lifesaving surgeries they scrutinize one another in order to escape the trauma of the situation they are in. Of course outside of their work, the mean are always up to some scheme or prank, often involving the women of their group. They casually nickname one of the female Majors, Major Hot Lips (Sally Kellerman) and she is often the butt of the joke or the one they brush off as stupid and trivial. She represents army protocol and dignity which the others have no regard for and hence make her life miserable, along with anyone else that is seemingly compliant with authority. Robert Altman, who directs, always was known for going against the traditional Hollywood system and normality and in turn while the film was a commercial flop it is now considered one of the best of anti-war films and one of the greatest of American films ever made. M*A*S*H currently ranks at #54 on The American Film Institute's Top 100 Films of all Time.