Don't Look Now

Don't Look Now

After Laura and John Baxter lose their only child in a horrible drowning, they are greeted by strange sightings of her throughout their everyday lives. When two old ladies approach them in Italy with news that their daughter may still be alive, it seems too good to be true. Perhaps it is...

A married couple grieving the recent death of their little daughter are in Venice when they encounter two elderly sisters, one of whom is psychic and brings a warning from beyond. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ada D (us) wrote: Beasts of the Southern Wild is one of the best movies of 2012. We follow a smart, energetic six year old girl with a great imagination played by the amazing Quvenzhane Wallis and her ill father played by the outstanding Dwight Henry. Cut off from the rest of the world and forgotten in a small bayou community their homes, beliefs and relationship are in need of repair. With her father ill, her home sinking and her community dying she must learn to survive and change her reality. The film is emotional and creative, the acting is outstanding, Benh Zeitlin did a fantastic job piecing it together.

maye (au) wrote: too cheesy, doesn't work

Ben G (gb) wrote: It was an ok movie... it's been done though. Many, many times now. Ghosts with pale skin, long black hair, popping up out of nowhere and walking on walls. The twist at the end is nice but not enough to make up for everything. The female lead is a strong character though and she's fun to watch... cept for one moment when she spouts off this long, drawn out "I'll let you live" threat. It was worth a watch though. Nothing I'd see again really.

Paul P (jp) wrote: Engaging and well played, ultimately it is the weak story that prevents this film from living up to its potential. At first the story is quite interesting and the confined space in which the story plays out makes this quite intriguing. Unfortunately the story becomes quite conventional and predictable which is a shame and all of the tension built up in the first half disappears.Its a real shame. That being said, the cast are great and the visuals help to keep things interesting.

Leo L (de) wrote: A personal favorite.

Leonard D (it) wrote: Liked watching this as a kid, but now, it's irritating to try and watch again!

Gene I B (nl) wrote: one of my top 22 films

Nik B (mx) wrote: Theatrically released, there's no other reason to call this a "movie". McCartney simply found some new way to promote music. So he recorded some new tracks, re-recorded some earlier hits, made more score samples and filmed himself playing them or wandering about to them and called it a film. But coming from one of the participants of "Magical Mystery Tour", sometimes that's all it takes. The plot is irrelevant, but has to do with McCartney looking for a sketchy-past-but-still-good-heartedpal who went missing with the master tapes of his new record. There's a race against the clock element, as we have until midnight before some ominously suited/sunglassed group win some unspecified monetary gain from the tapes' loss. No one acts. No one directs. Although someone dreamed up some useless turn of the cuntury fantasy sequence. And Tracy Ullmann shows up to pout over the missing lackey. Ringo shows up to see how well he can hide his coke habit. But no reason to watch this. Nor listen to the soundtrack.

Tom H (au) wrote: exciting and colorful film which follows some photographers in the middle of a revolutionary war in Nicaragua. the last half hour was truly thrilling. if you like Oliver Stone`s "Salvador", you will probably like this one too.

John B (ca) wrote: Early and great Almodovar! We start to see what become recurring themes in his later films - homosexuality, prostitutes and cross dressers..all representing deep held emotions and feelings that are experienced by us all.

Kevin B (ru) wrote: Nowhere near as good as Get Shorty, don't waste your time!

Kevin R (ca) wrote: Excuse me miss, but could you steal someone else's car?Cat is a high end escort who gets caught in the middle of a political scandal overseas involving an American senator. During her escape process, she stumbles across two European entrepreneurs and uses them to get away. She doesn't anticipate the entrepreneurs starting their own detective agency and using their encounter with her as their first case. Can the two detectives save her?"Do you girls know each other?""No.""You soon will."John Stockwell, director of Under Cover, Blue Crush, Turistas, Middle of Nowhere, Dark tide, Dark Tide, and Kid Cannabis, delivers Cat Run (and the upcoming Cat Run 2). The storyline for this picture was actually entertaining and the dialogue was comical and well written. The action scenes were well delivered but the sex was a bit overdone. The cast delivers above average performances and includes Paz Vega, Janet Mc Teer, D. L. Hughley, Tony Curran, Christopher McDonald and Michelle Lombardo."Looking at her beasts, I'm thinking milk.""You do? I look at her titties and think half and half."I actually came across this film on Netflix and thought the plot sounded worthwhile (and the Netflix rating was higher than I anticipated). I found the characters very humorous and well written and I would definitely watch the sequel. This is a solid action picture with a decent plot, but not overly unique, and mediocre dialogue. I'd watch this once if you haven't seen it."What kind of person does that, cut a one armed man's arm off?"Grade: C+

Don S (nl) wrote: Pretty fair action movie with a title that has absolutely nothing to do with the film. The choreography of the fight sequences is above average. The story is a bit weak and hinges too much on coincidence, but the beautiful and deadly Maggie Q is showcased so who really cares?

Michael O (jp) wrote: An intimate, engaging story is brought to life by an ecclectic cast led by Anjelica Huston. Very moving and compelling...