Don't Make Any Plans for Tonight

Don't Make Any Plans for Tonight

The film follows the misguided, troubled lives of four men in their 40's living in a cold, aloof Rome.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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The film follows the misguided, troubled lives of four men in their 40's living in a cold, aloof Rome. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian S (ag) wrote: HP Lovecraft fans, rejoice! "Colour from the Dark" is a solid and intelligent take on Lovecraft's short story, "The Color Out of Space." While purists may not like the film for its taking liberties with setting and the addition of scenes that bridge the gap between short story and feature-length film, those willing to give director Ivan Zuccon a little artistic leeway will find this to be among the best adaptations of Lovecraft's work for the screen.Set in Italy during World War II, the film begins when a farmer breaks through the bottom of a well. This releases a never-defined intelligent force that permeates both land and family, first filling them with vitality and then accelerating their decay. In scenes taken straight from the original tale, crops ripen overnight. The farmer reaps a harvest of giant tomatoes and squash that look just a little strange at first. At the same time, the farmer's injured knee is instantly healed, his mute and mentally challenged daughter gains the ability to speak, and his wife (played admirably by veteran scream queen Debbie Rochon) is overwhelmed with sexual desire. It's only a matter of days, though, before the horror starts. Those vegetables were poisonous and start rotting away, gathering swarms of flies and maggots. The daughter sets to stabbing her doll. Wife Lucia gets the worst of it fastest, though, as both her body and mind warp in terrible ways, surrounded by a strange glow and sounds that could only be loosely termed a voice.The addition of a local priest called in to perform an exorcism yields an extra payoff not found in Lovecraft's tale. What happens when the water isn't so holy during an exorcism? In one of the films most memorable scenes, the possessed Lucia turns the table of the hapless village cleric, sprinkling him with the tainted water while admonishing him about which gods are real and which ones aren't. I haven't seen a scene like this in a horror film before, and Zuccon is to be commended for putting it into his movie. Rochon's Lucia is perfect for the scene, and is played throughout with spasmodic menace. Michael Segal is likewise very good as the bemused farmer who first resists and then succumbs to the poisonous entity in the water supply.There are a few rough spots in "Colour from the Dark." Many of them come from Gerry Shanahan; his thick Irish accent is offputting in his role as the farmer's father and at times he seems to be reading lines rather than performing. There's a subplot involving a Jewish refugee hidden at Shanahan's house and executed by Nazis that never seems to go anywhere, although farmer's daughter Alice (Marysia Kay) spends some time talking to the bloating corpse. All of that could have been left on the cutting room floor without taking anything away from the rest of the film.Despite those shortcomings, the story, acting, and production values of "Colour from the Dark" make it worthwhile for supernatural horror fans, whether or not they've read Lovecraft's story -- which you should do, by the way. It's one of his best; there's a reason that there have been at least three films based on it now, starting with "Die Monster Die" (starring Boris Karloff) and then "The Curse" (Claude Akins). "Colour from the Dark" is the best of the bunch, though. It balances mood and shock and does scary justice to HPL's vision while not becoming enslaved to the details, as do so many films based on Lovecraft's literature. And next time someone tells you not to drink the water, YOU WON'T!

Vincent T (au) wrote: Tres bon film d'action nerveux et haletant. On ne s'ennuie pas un instant. Le blockbuster americain comme je les aime.

Lisa J (es) wrote: Quite possibly the worst-made movie I've seen, which is probably why I love it. I call it the "White Van Movie" lol.

Niek S (kr) wrote: Decent. It's the only adverb I can come up with to describe films that are aptly made, properly acted and well-scripted, but somehow fail to really impress. And like I said, I can't find anything wrong with it, and I even liked it, it's just that I know I'll basically have forgotten the film within a months. Which is a shame, because the film is definitely with watching.Maybe the entire film is somewhat like a Colin Firth character. Sympathetic, intelligent, but not really memorable.

Aswin W (it) wrote: It was good but wouldn't count it as a favourite though. Story well told how past and present all linked together but hitting someone with a brick was a bit extreme. Sad also had amusing moments.

Brian K (ag) wrote: how could i have forgotten to review this? love is love, no matter how long or short it is. a movie where it doesnt matter if you know the ending, what matters is the journey through.

Carlton R (us) wrote: Everytime I see this film it reminds me of all of the great emotions and feelings I experienced when I attended the MMM back in 1995. I so admire Spike Lee's film-making ability. This movie literally has to live on its dialog because almost the entire film takes place on a bus.

Thelma F (us) wrote: good movie about a black neighborhood that was very real

Aleksandar J (br) wrote: Damn. Lezbo drama i to losa. Da biste konacno dosli do scene seksa (koja je, btw, OK ali nista specijalno jer jedna od junakinja nosi FARMERKE) morate da pretrpite sat i cetrdeset minuta napornog i ispraznog filozofiranja, tokom kojeg cete da naucite da zena i muskarac nikad ne mogu da postignu istinsku intimnost, zatim da vibratori nemaju nikakve veze sa penisima, kao i da je seks seks. Damn, I feel enlightened!

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Shawn W (kr) wrote: A reckless group of hotel valet parking attendants help a Sheik woo an unhappily engaged Audrey Landers. Got better as it went. I did like the angry cowboy venting to the Sheik about high gas prices. That joke is still relevant 31 years later.

Michael W (ru) wrote: Self-indulgent reformation of the original crew that moves at a leaden pace; non-Trekkies could have hoped for a trimmed down version but unfortunately I saw the "special longer" version with 12 extra minutes added on from the theatrical release. Ilia ices relations quickly with male colleagues by quickly declaring her vow of celibacy in conversation.