Don't Wake the Dead

Don't Wake the Dead

A group of women, hired to assist with an impromptu concert, spend the evening at an ancient German castle. Unbeknownst to them, they've chosen the worst night on Earth to visit, as every sixty-six years, the long-dead bodies of Templar Knights buried there have the chance to wake and feast upon the living...

A group of women, hired to assist with an impromptu concert, spend the evening at an ancient German castle. Unbeknownst to them, they've chosen the worst night on Earth to visit, as every ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ricardo M (nl) wrote: uma espcie de herdeiro de 'O Iluminado' em alguns aspectos e partidrio de aborrecidos clichs relacionados a "pai de famlia enlouquece" e "nada o que parece", 'The Canal' um suspense / terror psiclogico que, embora tenha um bom elenco e uma caprichada produo, poderia sair do lugar-comum nas histrias de casas mal-assombradas se privilegiasse o silncio e a sutileza ao invs de teimar em provocar susto e tenso atravs de sons e msica estridentes.

Noname (it) wrote: A horror / thriller movie with a story much like 28 days later and other similar flicks. A strange signal makes people into a mad and violent behaviour.. This movie had some comedy kinda aswell and overall worth seeing. But there are alot better movies out there in this genre.

Danielle K (nl) wrote: I actually really like Minnie driver usually, but this was just really boring. I started to tune out after about 15mins and didn't really manage to tune back in again!

Stuart K (br) wrote: Directed by Antoine Fuqua, (Training Day (2001), King Arthur (2004) and Olympus Has Fallen (2013)), this war film originally started out life as Die Hard 4, although that never happened, Bruce Willis held on to the screenplay and had it rejigged to become a war film set in Africa. It went out with all good intentions but it is a bit half baked and could have done with a better script. In war torn Nigeria, an elite U.S. Navy SEAL team is sent by Captain Bill Rhodes (Tom Skerritt), to extract "critical persona" from the Nigerian Jungle. The team is led by Lieutenant A.K. Waters (Bruce Willis), and his team include Atkins (Cole Hauser), Zee (Eamonn Walker), Lake (Johnny Messner) and Slowenski (Nick Chinlund). They find who they're looking for, Dr. Lena Kendricks (Monica Bellucci). They're to get her out of Nigeria, as there's dangerous Guerella rebels in the area. But, Kendricks refuses to leave without the refugees she's treating, the ill ones escape by helicopter, but everyone else has to walk to the border. It should have been a good war film, but it's let down by a banal and cliched script, which is a shame. Plus, because of political tensions in Africa and for budget reasons, the makers were forced to make the film in Hawaii, which only doubles as Nigeria to a point. But, even Willis, seems bored by this whole enterprise. Pity really.

Charlie G (kr) wrote: Good Movie. Interesting to the end.

Tanja D (es) wrote: great choreographies, the story's ok too, SRK at his best

Ilias M (ru) wrote: The lizards are disgusting but the film is good enough

Wen T (nl) wrote: One of my favorite movies ever. I really love it.

Jim D (mx) wrote: Very interesting... one big reason I dislike journalists.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: Her soul is set free A family and their daughter, Ivy, are taken back when a strange man begins following them around and appearing at strange locations. When they finally confront the apparent stalker, he tells them a tale about his 5 year old daughter, Audrey Rose, who died in a car accident, and has been reincarnated as their daughter. Could this strange man's story explain the nightmares Ivy regular has or will they need to dispatch this weirdo? "This is one act in a vast cosmic drama." Robert Wise, director of The Andromeda Strain, Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979), The Sound of Music, Westside Story, The Haunting (1963), The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), Helen of Troy, and The Body Snatcher (1941), delivers Audrey Rose. The storyline for this picture is interesting but nothing special overall. The characters are fairly well delivered and the cast delivers above average performances. The cast includes Anthony Hopkins, Marsha Mason, John Beck, and Susan Swift. "Where were you when I needed you?" This movie grabbed my attention when I saw that this was an early Anthony Hopkins picture. I am sure this movie was trying to fall in line with Rosemarie's Baby, The Exorcist, and The Omen; however, it fell short of all three pictures, unfortunately. While the content was interesting, the film seemed to drag and be about 30 minutes longer than it needed to be. I recommend seeing this film once but it may not be worth adding to your DVD collection. "My daughter is not possessed." Grade: C+

Tom H (ag) wrote: A well written tale from one of the best childrens writer

Tim K (kr) wrote: So Im pretty sure this is the original, Tarzan and Jane. I hated that movie! But Im definitely interested on how this is.

William W (kr) wrote: With this having been the first DH film I ever watched (and the only one so far I have seen upon its original theatrical release), I hold a quiet sense of satisfaction that over time it seems to have become generally people's favourite of the series, next to the original. It is much more original than its predecessor, and has much higher-caliber supporting players in Jeremy Irons and Samuel L. Jackson--not to mention the best director the franchise has ever had.This was great to see once again, and I STILL have nightmares with that wicked Katya (played by composer Sam Phillips) slicing my head off...

Kim B (kr) wrote: Super confusing, awful movie loaded with legal jargon, multiple random characters, and jumping in time. I don't know why but I hardly ever like movies with George clooney in them. This was hardly interesting until the very end and the script was god awful. I would recommend Erin brocavich as a much better film about corporate cover ups.