Don't You Forget About Me

Don't You Forget About Me

A group of young filmmakers have one goal in mind: to track down and interview the great writer/director John Hughes, responsible for many of the classic teen films that marked a whole ...

How did John Hughes capture the growing pains of adolescence so perfectly? Why do his films resonate with those that grew up with them... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack S (ru) wrote: I'm almost ashamed, and a bit concerned, that the title character was as relatable as he was. Not much of a comedy, more of a soul-searcher/drama, but I definitely recommend it.

Jason J (gb) wrote: This is quite literally a sick movie! It starts with a bang as teenage girl Izzy massacres a group of people on a schoolbus sparing only 1 of them. Her maniacal ways escalates when she hears her little brother is being bullied by 3 boys. 2 of them are bumped off by the river whilst the main tormentor is taken to her barn and subjected to torture and pain alongside 2 more people she holds there. For her little brother and his biker guardian Barney, Izzy seems like a normal girl but will her sick ways remain a secret? After a shocking start, Sick Girl slows down to become a sort of a family drama with a couple of violent moments until it explodes again in the final 10 mins. Leslie Andrews is mesmerising as Izzy. Horror fans will not be disappointed with the gore on display. Worth taking a look.

Matthew R (es) wrote: Not a typical Jackie Chan film, you will not find any real fight scenes in this movie and it is much more drama than action. It's not the best in this regard, but it is entertaining. First half of the movie is noticeably better than the second half in my personal opinion.

Nick V (ru) wrote: Took me a while to see this movie given the critic rating. I gotta say I might like this movie better then the book. It's not perfect but it's better then it gets credit for.

Jason B (au) wrote: Another good idea from the Sci-Fi channel gone terribly wrong.

Brett A (ag) wrote: Fun little diversion. Needed some things to blow up and this did not disappoint....

Keiah W (gb) wrote: The movie was quite enjoyable. Adam Garcia is always good for a watch, and when you throw in Sam Worthington as his older brother (and a pretty young Sam too!) then I'm sold

Julian P (mx) wrote: I gotta admit, I didn't like it as a kid.

Luis A H (au) wrote: If this movie wants to make you feel like a sack of sh*t... Well it did it's job, without the need of gore or anything but human nature. Props to Harvey Keitel.

Marcus W (es) wrote: Manages to be both terrible and charming.

Brett B (fr) wrote: Very solid film, but was left wanting more from great actors like Dafoe and Hackman. Seemed like a lot of stereotypes shown throughout the movie were a little tired and expected, but given the subject matter's nature that can be understood.

Brody M (nl) wrote: My favorite movie of all time

Brandon S (fr) wrote: I'm convinced that there are two reasons for the narrative success of this movie: Sylvester Stallone and the great Walter Hill.

Alex W (es) wrote: Good production value, which is unfortunately all that can be said for the film.

Jackie S (jp) wrote: Surprisingly entertaining, and adorably self-aware. A nice change of pace from the usual fare.