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Donbass torrent reviews

Michael C (kr) wrote: was pleasantly surprised with how entertaining this film was.

Martin Y (gb) wrote: Roy Anderssonsk p rumnsk. Fremragende - og absurd - skildring af, hvordan livet var i Rumniens gyldne alder (de sidste 3 r under Ceau?escu). Klapper stadig i mine sm hnder

Karen B (de) wrote: We really really enjoyed this movie. My brother has been after me for a long time to see it and I finally rented it on NetFlex. Different but so glad we saw it.

Wayne K (kr) wrote: Not quite as entertaining or emotionally resonant as the previous instalment, The Order Of The Phoenix is nevertheless an excellent movie that stands among the series' greatest. The feud between Potter and Voldemort continues to build, the supporting characters have their contributions to make, and you always get the feeling that something very real is at stake. With the school being essentially dismantled by the vicious Imelda Staunton, the Cheshire Cat mixed with Nurse Ratched, it seems like all is collapsing around them, and not only does it provide great excitement, it also builds anticipation for the following films. Yes, the bullies are still unimproved and offer nothing interesting. And yes, it may have skipped parts of the source material. But the characters are involving, the story is well-told and the climax is absolutely fantastic, an epic amalgam of stunning images and brutal conflict. See it if you haven't already.

Tea R (ca) wrote: Ovo je jedna jako lijepa drama koja itekako moze predociti "pravo" u ono vrijeme. Film ima jos dublje znacenje cim je bazirano prema istinitom dogadaju i sve pohvale gospodinu sto se borio za svoju djecu!

Mr N (mx) wrote: Featuring stunning cinematography, impressive production design and great performances. Road to Perdition is beautiful, adventurous while also being brooding.

Bruce B (ag) wrote: i saw this more as a tragedy than a comedy. not one person, of the main ones anyway, did i admire or empathize with. maybe that's the point. look at these fools and how their selfishness is destroying other people. but like a good and bloody train wreck I kept watching. what could these losers possibly do next. and i kept watching cause i wanted to know

Shawn W (au) wrote: A nerdy guy signs a deal with the devil to transform himself into the desireable Hunk Golden. Does have some amusing moments and the guy as Hunk is fairly likable even if the premise is a bit tired. Was never quite sure how the counselor could help Hunk in his situation.

Jonathan D (es) wrote: Great Comedy! It does an excellent job spoofing the Western Genre.

Mark V (au) wrote: GREAT MOVIE...see it.

Tom H (br) wrote: Lacks in both plot and execution, but i still found the fight sequences to be entertaining. The sudden love interest one of the characters get midway are laughable. It just has no place in a film with barely no real actors. shit almost all fighters in the film use their real life names for their characters.

Caleb M (mx) wrote: An embarrassing, shallow, cringe worthy and hideously formulaic mess. Even for the target audience, the shallow generic premise of this movie will leave ALL viewers wondering where the last 103 minutes of their life went.