Dong kai ji

Dong kai ji

Based on one of China's enduring epic novels, written in the 14th century, "All Men Are Brothers" continues the patriotic story of righteous warriors battling despotic leaders, featuring ...

"All Men Are Brothers" is the sequel to "Water Margin" a.k.a. "Seven Blows of the Dragon" from 1972. At the beginning of "All Men Are Brothers", we learn that the emperor forgives the 108 Liangshan rebels since he finds they have the same enemies. The small army tries to conquer the city Hangchow, but is defeated. They send 7 spies to gather information about the city's defense before they attack a second time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julien B (nl) wrote: J (C)r (C)mie Elkam, le nouveau Guillaume Canet!

Jack B (gb) wrote: There is potential in this French Horror/Thriller- influenced by Carpenter's The Thing, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the video game Prototype but sadly the story is randomly assembled, the film feels directionless and by the end appears half finished.

David S (ca) wrote: Shizuko: "Where there are no wishes, no miracles happen either."

Adam W (es) wrote: Slow to get going and pretty shallow by the end.The cgi is off the scale in this monkey fest, where a chimpanzee achieves enlightenment and then spreads it to other apes.Its basically a tale of slavery and empowerment.Like I said pretty slow..

Bj H (it) wrote: Terrible Movie, dont ever waste your time watching this film

Sarah N (ag) wrote: Kinda stupid, but still funny... Eddie Murphy is at it again!

Simon W (ca) wrote: Sean of the dead meets Hostel. Loved it!

Matthew M (br) wrote: It's an obvious attempt at blurring the line between art and pornography once more but, unfortunately, it never feels like anything more than stylish sleaze. Winterbottom, an important and consistently underrated British director, just misjudges the pace and plot, with sex that seems like it has some symbolic meaning but comes off wholly as some an interim between the songs that similarly seem to have no real place in the narrative. If you're the kind of person that wants to see a mainstream film with unsimulated sex at its heart, you'd be better off looking elsewhere to be honest. I mean, the sex doesn't even last for that long, so it's not even good porn.

Luis R (nl) wrote: A movie will make you think so much about your life, and find within some lost good aspects of human nature.

Ada I (nl) wrote: You have to see this movie wonderful wonderful stuff. True cinema delving through the archetypes.. it hits you on that level.. even if you never know why.

Josh G (jp) wrote: One of my favorite Godzilla movies. It has one of the most inventive plots of any Godzilla movie and I especially enjoy its flavor of espionage. I love how it's a direct sequel to it's predecessor and that after having Godzilla by himself in the first heisei movie, Toho invented an original monster that's both unique and memorable. There isn't that much monster fighting in this film, but the beasts' brief encounters leave a lasting impression. Godzilla nearly gets his head bitten off!

Muffin M (ru) wrote: I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray

Asher K (es) wrote: Unfortunately, MASH does not stand the test of time well. There are some great, laugh out loud moments, and some gleefully dark humor (the suicide scene), but they are too far between, and the filler is frankly not all that interesting. There is no reason to care about these characters, and thus it is tough to engage with the movie as a whole.

Van R (it) wrote: ??Apache?? director Robert Aldrich??s ??Vera Cruz?? is interesting not only as an incomparable example of a western??one that Sergio Leone claims inspired him??but also for the headaches that it created for both Mexican officials as well as Hollywood filmmakers who went south of the searching for atmospheric locations. Unlike previous westerns, Aldrich and co-scenarists Roland Kibbee and James Webb, working from a Borden Chase story, made one of the earliest soldier-of-fortune oaters with heroes who display proficiency with firearms of any kind and can hit well-nigh impossible targets. Interestingly, Gary Cooper plays the sainted good guy hero, while leering Burt Lancaster portrays the lusty anti-hero. These two drifters form an uneasy alliance against both the Mexicans and the French. Unfortunately, the depiction of Mexicans was so racist that Hispanic audiences rioted in the theaters. Reportedly, some spectators tore their chairs out of the floor and hurled him contemptuously at the screen. Mexican officials changed their way of dealing with filmmakers after the ??Vera Cruz.?? A censor was assigned to films thereafter and they sought to stress the innate dignity and superiority of Mexicans over everybody else. ??Vera Cruz?? opens with the following written prologue: ??As the American Civil War ended, another war was just beginning. The Mexican people were struggling to rid themselves of their foreign emperor??Maximilian. Into this fight rode a handful of Americans??ex-soldiers, adventurers, criminals??all bent on gain. They drifted South in small groups. And some came alone.?? Former Confederate colonel Ben Trane (Gary Cooper of ??High Noon??) enters Mexico, but his horse goes lame. He reins up at a cantina and admires two horses. The owner of one of the horses, Joe Erin (Burt Lancaster of ??Brute Force??), walks outside about the time that Ben is appraising the horses. Joe sells him the other horse for $100 in gold. No sooner have they hit the trail than a column of mounted Austrian lancers pursues them. Ben displays his incomparable marksmanship at full gallop and shoots the gun out of a soldier??s fist. Ben doesn??t understand all this hostility until Joe informs him that the soldiers are chasing them because Ben has stolen the commander??s horse. The lancers dismount and fire a volley at Ben. He plunges his horse before the bullets strike him. Erroneously, Joe believes that Ben is dead and loots his horse. When Ben tries to loot the old colonel, the wily Southerner surprises him with a six-gun in the stomach. He appropriates Joe??s horse and leaves Joe afoot. They encounter each other again not long afterward in the same Mexican town, and Joe convinces Ben to join them to fight in the revolution. Ben explains, ??I lost everything but my shirt in the civil war.?? Together they ride with Joe??s men to a rendezvous with the Emperor Maximillian??s envoy, Marquis Henri de Labordere (Caesar Romero of ??The Cisco Kid and the Lady??), and everybody gets a surprise when a revolutionary Juarista general, Ramirez (Morris Ankrum of ??The Saracen Blade), arrives to make his own offer to the Americans. Ramirez orders his soldiers to show themselves and the walls surrounding the area where Ben, Joe, and the others are standing bristle with armed Mexican natives. Joe exploits the moment when he spots a group of children. Ben suggests they get the children to safety, and Joe orders Donnegan (Ernst Borgnine of ??The Dirty Dozen??) and Pittsburgh (Charles Bronson of ??The Magnificent Seven??) to get the kids into the church out of the line of gunfire. Joe uses the welfare of the children to compel Ramirez and his army to withdraw. Labordere tells Ben and Joe that they can ride with them to Mexico City to see the Emperor and strike deal. In Mexico City, Ben and Joe show off their skills with both rifles and six-gun. The imperialist Emperor Maximillian (George Macready of ??Coroner Creek) and Labordere enlist them to act as an escort for Countess Marie Duvarre (Denise Darcel of ??Tarzan and the Slave Girl??) for her trip to Vera Cruz. Maximillian and Labordere have no intention of paying them. During the journey on the first day, Ben and Joe both notice the deep wheel ruts that the carriage hauling the countess makes at a river crossing. Later, after they have put up for the evening, Ben and Joe discover a concealed compartment in the floor of the coach that yields a small fortune in gold. ??Each of one of those six boxes contains a half-million dollars in gold,?? Countess Duvarre informs them after she finds them in the stable with the wagon. She explains that the gold will be used to hire mercenaries. It is important to notice that the anti-heroic Lancaster hero has changed out of his black shirt into a white shirt when they embark on escort duty. Symbolically, this means that Joe is showing a little goodness. Later, when he betrays Ben, and they shoot it out with predictable results, Joe is dressed in solid black from head to toe. Anyway, the three of them plot to steal the gold and share it. Meanwhile, the Juaristas are shadowing their every move. Eventually, a pretty Juarista Nina (Sara Montiel of ??Run of the Arrow??), makes friends with Ben. Lancaster's own company, Hecht-Lancaster Productions, produced ??Vera Cruz?? on a $1.7 million budget. Despite uniformly negative reviews, ??Vera Cruz?? grossed more than $11 million worldwide. The amorality of the characters, especially Lancaster??s lascivious villain who would cut his own mother??s throat for anything, along with the surfeit of violence, makes this western a prototype for Spaghetti westerns. Cooper and a charismatic Lancaster make a strong pair of heroes who cannot trust each other. Aldrich directed flawlessly, and this lively 94-minute, Technicolor western never wastes a second. Aldrich made what qualifies as the first modern style western. Only a handful of decent westerns about reign of the Emperor Maximilian have been made and this is the first and the best. Inevitably, greed shatters the make-shift partnership between Gary and Burt. Lancaster is downright mischievous as a black-clad gunslinger and his cutthroat gang boasts several big names before they make their reputations, including Charles Bronson, Jack Elam, Jack Lambert, and Ernest Borgnine. The plot bristles with twists and turns.

Lee H (kr) wrote: Hilarious. You must them all