Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey

Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey

The documentary tells a story of Filipino Arnel Pineda who is well-known by dint of YouTube. They must face many difficulties to become one of the iconic American rock band. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey torrent reviews

Andrew W (ag) wrote: What is it about the Danes and Swedes that they can come up with the most bizarre and dark plots ? This doesn't disappoint. A dark tale and a driven lead character make for compulsive viewing. If you enjoyed "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" or "The Bridge", you'll like this.

Maddy C (au) wrote: A charmingly brilliant feel-good film. The Way Way Back is essentially a coming-of-age tale with a light hearted twist.

Theresa M (nl) wrote: The story was a bit dry and flat, but it was made up for by great acting, strong characters, and powerful relationships.

bill s (jp) wrote: Katie Holmes needs a lot of help just to do a competent movie and here there is no help.

eka a (it) wrote: I've just read Just Another Sucker by James Hadley Chase :) It's really very cool!!! so... I thought it would be nice to watch the movie as well :) but now... after seeing the trailer... neeh :P

Josh K (nl) wrote: They should change the title to "Last Man Staying Awake."

Kevin M (au) wrote: OK, I liked it more when it first came out. Still, VERY fast hands!

MiStY (us) wrote: umm. i love french films but this one drug on. made following subtitles distracting. loved the bad 80's clothes.

Augustine H (ag) wrote: Avarice, despite seemingly natural, can blindfold one's eyes and lead to tragic consequences. Although the misfortune of the honest man is somehow a matter of luck, viewers should still be very resentful towards the repulsive Yves Montand and Daniel Auteuil anyway. Daniel Auteuil, however, exposes a high versatility and gives an unforgettable performance as the repugnant, yet slightly childlike villain. Beautifully shot in the mountainous areas of Provence with a great score featuring Giuseppe Verdi's opera, Jean de Florette ends halfway in grief and indignation which we observe no justice.

John L (ag) wrote: Has always been my favorite movie....period!

Tanya S (it) wrote: Such a great movie!!! Humour just isn't the way it was.

Asif K (kr) wrote: silly, sluggish movie. extreme nude and sexy scenes. i didn't liked the movie. Madonna's another wrong choice.........

Michael H (kr) wrote: There are some great sight gags, and Mr. Bean does some of his usual antics. But by the end, even Malcovic's outrageous French accent runs a little thin.