Doo Wop 51

Doo Wop 51


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Doo Wop 51 torrent reviews

Jim S (us) wrote: A great all star cast can't save this uneven story that explores the few hours and days after the death of JFK. The first 30 minutes is very intense, but that intensity just devolves into a very melodramatic script and very pedestrian direction. This film had so much potential but unfortunately just misses the mark.

David S (gb) wrote: Strong cast and intriquing story makes "The Jailhouse" a good movie to see.

Pedro C (fr) wrote: "Tutti quelli che se ne vanno ti lasciano sempre addosso un p di s (C)... questo il segreto della memoria"

Ty P (au) wrote: Appearing to be another Dangerous Minds rip off, 187 is more realistic and honest, whilst also delivering a knockout punch and an unbelievable ending. Samuel L. Jackson does everything you're not expecting. Great!

Kevin S (jp) wrote: Divorced father Andre who hasn't seen his daughter in five years wants to take her on a tropical island vacation. While there she concocts a lie to impress a boy she falls is love with that Andre is really her lover but is pretending to be her da?. What happens after that is comical mishaps and misunderstandings the hurts both her dad's reputation and her romance. I thought this was a well done comedy. Most of the laughs come from Gerard Depardieu. He was very funny here.This was a very fun movie to watch. It defiantly takes you on a laugh filled vacation.

Jose Luis M (us) wrote: Serie B, sin los brillos de la primera y genial The Fly.

James F (fr) wrote: Jeff Bridges as Bad Blake thoroughly deserves his Oscar and is supported by a good all round performance from Gyllenhaal. Washed up star follows a path of redemption through seedy bars, to supporting the big time artist that he helped create. Bad is never a nasty or mean character but someone who has become worn out and tired with his has-been rock and roll lifestyle. Bridges plays the part expertly.