Dope Case Pending

Dope Case Pending


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
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Hip-hop stars Coolio and Kid Frost star in this hard-edged urban drama. Devon is a talented high school athlete who seems to be on top of the world; he's a good bet to win a college scholarship and might even go on to a career in pro ball. But being in the wrong place at the wrong time during a party lands Devon in jail, and unable to convince anyone of his innocence, he is sentenced to a stretch in prison. Life behind bars hardens Devon and teaches him more about crime than he ever knew before, and when after his release he discovers most of his chances for a better life have dried up, he's tempted to put the knowledge he gained in jail to use on the streets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James L (de) wrote: Nothing special about this film. Very ordinary story based on true event(?). The caliber actors did not do a great job here, but I think this is the director's fault. This film shooting style seems like most of the short films you see around festivals. Many things that should be shown in details were not. Character development was lacking and the bond between the sisters were not strong enough to stimulate my sleepy mind while watching this amateur film. It's unfortunate because this movie had great cast, but just couldn't deliver a somewhat dark film. The movie is not horrible, just not remotely memorable.

Jared F (kr) wrote: This was tons of fun. I thought it would be weak but it knew exactly what it was and it went for it.

Stanisaw D (jp) wrote: Ten film byl dla mnie niczym szpinak z czosnkiem i smietana. Jakbys tego "dania" nie wychwalal i czym go nie przyprawial, i tak mam wrazenie, ze podaje sie mi trawe. Historia jest prosta, chlopiec ma problemy z okresleniem swojej sexualnosci, w szkole sie z niego nasmiewaja, rodzice zajeci praca, wiec ucieka w swiat internetu gdzie w tytulowej "sali samobojcow" znajduje zrozumienie... i tak przez ponad 2 godziny ogladamy dramat gownego bohatera; my widzowie cierpimy wraz z nim, ale nie dlatego, ze jest nam go zal, ale dlatego ze ten szpinak musimy zjesc do konca... MINUSY (jest ich tyle ze wypisanie ich wszystkich zajeloby mi 3h, a ten film po prostu nie zasluguje na az tyle mojej uwagi wiec wymienie tylko rzeczy przy ktorych nie mialem nawet sily mowic "to zenujace") a) w tym filmie nic sie nie dzieje... entertainment = 0; rownie dobrze bohater mogl sobie usiasc przy stole i nam ten film opowiedziec, bo pan Komasa uwaza slowo "akcja" za blad w pisowni slowa "akacja" b) nie widze zadnego broniacego sie argumentu przemawiajacego za obecnoscia w tym filmie warcraftowych animacji... rownie dobrze mozna bylo dac pieniadze wydane na te cel na szpinak dla dzieci w Ugandzie, by rosly duze, zdrowe i heterosexualne... c) glebia niektorych mysli... kopie po kroczu... gdy ogolnie poziom dialogow jest znosny, a co jakies 5 minut dostajemy taka idiotyczna bombe to tragedia smolenska... O czym mowa? A o takich glebokich myslach typu "Krwawie swiatem", "Nie, to swiat mna krwawi" czy "nicosc uludy - uluda nicosci" "pozeram gowno" - "gowno pozera mnie" (to nie sa dokladne cytaty ale cos w tym stylu) hmmm ten ostatni cytat w sumie dobrze oddaje moje uczucia podczas ogladania tego filmu... PLUSY a) 2 sceny gejowsie mnie rozsmieszajac obrzydzily, a ja lubie byc obrzydzany a zarazem rozsmieszany b) przerysowanie .... wszystko w tym filmie, sytuacja, bohaterzy, reakcje, realia sa ostro przerysowane, a ja lubie gdy ktos cos przerysowuje, bo wtedy moge powiedziec ze przerysowales to stary i wywiazuje sie burzliwa dyskusja c) .... brak Podsumowujac goraco nie polecam. Mimo iz w tym celluloidowym daniu jest czosnek i smietana, to i tak nie zmienia to faktu, ze to szpinak...

Tony G (jp) wrote: I liked it. The inimitable Alan Rickman gives an understated performance as Hilly, and the whole cast seems to take his lead. It has a feeling of being dirty and weird, just like CBGB. Really, the only thing I didn't like about it was the casting of Kyle Gallner as Lou Reed. The fact that the critics hated it is appropriate for a movie about the home of punk rock.

Stefan S (de) wrote: Any time a Gun is Pointed at a Man's Head... well you know that something is Sitting on the Edge of Reality... I am not suggesting this is necessary but only to those that have limited understanding of things. . Sometimes I personally feel There are NOT ENOUGH BULLETS TO GO AROUND TO FIX THE IGNORANCE in the Useless States of America... how is it that something that is so clear to one or another person can be so disturbingly UNKNOWN or Misunderstood to another!?

Joel A (br) wrote: To fully comprehend & understand this film I don't think is say it's odd it's an understatement.It centers on a actress who gains a role of a lifetime that to be honest is unclear if the role is her acting or her head.There are two strange subplots happening along with the main story. 1) A strange sex trade based in Poland 2) a beyond creepy reality TV show that features human like bunnies. This is an experiment not a linear film...approach with caution.

Michael L (us) wrote: Lars von Trier's follow up to Dogville is just as Anti-American as the its predecessor, but is surprisingly more effective. Bryce Dallas Howard is also better suited for the role of Grace than Kidman, displaying the right of naivety and misplaces optimism. The film's climax is nearly as thought-provoking as the Dogville's, but Trier's examination of America's past with slavery seems better thought out than last time.

Private U (ag) wrote: I liked the first one better although I loved the ending here. The story isn't very well-developed and I would have loved to see more of Christy Chung, whose character was certainly worth a lot more screen time and exploration.

Lemuel G (kr) wrote: Remember liking this movie when I watched it years ago. But last night, it just seemed hokey.

Ryan S (ru) wrote: 1st one was very good but this one was even better

wild willie n (de) wrote: skip it unless you are a die hard [email protected] fan.

Jer M (mx) wrote: Heavy Traffic is exhilirating. Ralph Bakshi has poured his heart and his soul into this film, a pure expression of raging id. Anger is seething through every pore of this movie. Anger at the ills of society and the violent stupidity of the human race. Modern life is a grotesque circus filled with a rogue's gallery of bizarre creatures made up of the tragic DNA of human existence.Brilliant on every level.

joey b (ca) wrote: I'm guessing library rentals all suck

Kay L (kr) wrote: Cringe-funny. There's someone for everyone.