A series of murders begins to haunt Cordilheira, a small town near São Paulo, Brazil. The investigations show there is a love triangle involved.

A series of murders begins to haunt Cordilheira, a small town near São Paulo, Brazil. The investigations show there is a love triangle involved. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer H (fr) wrote: Silly, poorly written, but loads of fun, the movie is a big mess full of action, old stars, and explosions. The Expendables is a movie that I'd watch again, it could have been better though.

kriia janine s (ru) wrote: i ? the cheetah girls

Vicky B (fr) wrote: all i've gotta say is: Eliza Dushku and that better be your ONLY reason to watch this movie.

Luke R (kr) wrote: I give this movie a lot of credit for being different. Molly Shannon delivers a measured performance in the lead role, in a somewhat dark and at times depressing comedy (poor little Pencil). There's also a nice ending to this movie. I'm glad I watched it, and barring the dog deaths - I'd recommend it to others.

Greg W (au) wrote: Sci-fi hijinks and a government conspiracy serve merely as window dressing for a ham-fisted message about the importance of good parenting and owning a car in high school.

Chad B (jp) wrote: Not a bad flick. Ben Stiller did a great job of portraying Stahl. It drags along at times but for the most part not too bad. Message I got: don't use herioin.

Kurt M (ru) wrote: It's not Jackie Chan at his best, but the Street Fighter sequence is worth the price of the rental. Otherwise a mediocre and unmemorable film.

Sarah F (gb) wrote: i would like to see this

Charlie M (it) wrote: Vacation ripoff has a few laughs.

Ben W (ru) wrote: i seem to have an inclination toward tragicomedies lately. this is an excellent film from jan kadar and elmar klos, though kadar had more to do with it. its such a personal film. tono is such a light character. hes not too bright, sure, but he really does have a right heart, he just isnt sure what to do with it or how his intentions translate into the real world. he cares but sometimes things get in the way. the film doesnt seem to place judgment on him but on a world that is antithetical to letting these people live peacefully. the performances of the 2 leads are incredible but especially for jozef kroner. the ending sequences will blow your world to pieces. excellently constructed and perfectly pitched. bravo.

Kim B (de) wrote: Winner of the first Best picture for academy awards. is this one of the better silent films I've seen? Yes, that being said this movie is sooo long. I could've done without so much battle scenes, but eh whatever I got the point and at least they were well done. The story went along nicely and the scripting was great that they displayed. The musical score was great. The battle scenes which were done before cgi or most special effects looked amazing. You could tell a lot of time, money, and overall effort went into making this film. I'm sure it was groundbreaking for the time. I really liked the main girl character-charming. A good act to follow for future film makers.

Dean R (br) wrote: Very poorly done. Disappointing.

Amanda R (ca) wrote: I really e joyed this movie more than I thought I would

Romeo H (au) wrote: Though it has it's small plot issues and a few miscast roles, overall "Oz the Great and Powerful" manages to keep you engaged and entertained through it's wit, humor and charm.

Pablo G (kr) wrote: Cleverly wirtten but with an ending tat feels inconclusive, as many other school shooting movies before and after, Elephant manages to tell a tale with style and class and with enough interest in the students in order to make the movie feel more like the tale of the situation and not the tale of the murderers, giving the life of every student a particualr importance as well as giving importance to the massacre itself, without gloryfying it.

J B (us) wrote: Meditative and poignant.