Dorm Daze 2

Dorm Daze 2

Sequel to Dorm Daze has most of the original group of college students on a cruise ship in the Pacific, putting on a school play which takes a turn involving the theft of a priceless diamond.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   ship,   drugs,  

Sequal to Dorm Daze has most of the original group of college students on a cruise ship in the Pacific, putting on a school play which takes a turn involving the theft of a priceless diamond. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dorm Daze 2 torrent reviews

Craig H (au) wrote: A more serious but pisher Groundhog Day

Francisco L (mx) wrote: One of the best films of all time!

Aaron M (fr) wrote: One would think that a film with such an interesting story and an ensemble of gifted actors would have a strong chance of succeeding, and they would be right. "Bottle Shock" has its heart in the right place, and has a number of charming moments, with a few laugh out loud ones as well. So where does it go wrong? Putting so many dramatic moments integral to the plot in the hands of the less experienced actors certainly doesn't help. Furthermore, there is enough going on to keep us interested that a love triangle is the last thing we need. There's nothing wrong with a little romance obviously, but it's just one more thing to distract our attention (which by that point is already stretched pretty thin). Another problem is the marketing of the film itself, which proclaimed it to be the next "Sideways." The two films may have California wines in common, but aside from that they are vastly different and should not be held in the same league. Expectations are the real killer for "Bottle Shock", and combing that with the film?s flaws make enjoying it a difficult venture. Still, for those interested in the story, there's enough charm, humour and gorgeous scenery to warrant a rental.

Grami Tami N (it) wrote: A little slow in parts, but overall not bad.

Iain B (us) wrote: One of the most underrated films of all time. The poor reviews were mainly because of the unfashionable cast, which is a shame. Do your self a favor Nd watch this Film!

Andrew B (nl) wrote: McKellen is rocking the shit in this one!!! Forget Gandalf watch this Bryan Singer lost classic!!!

Adam H (es) wrote: Genius casting! (Lemmy as MP's gofer; Pogues as terrorists) Brilliant soundtrack! (Motorhead - mostly from "Orgasmatron", my favourite Lp by them) Hilarious plot! Well directed! Hard to find Ch.4 'Comic Strip' team classic - highly recommended!

Steve M (kr) wrote: Mrs. Marple (Rutherford) goes undercover as an actress in a third-rate theatre company to prove a man innocent of murder while catching the real killer by solving a mystery with origins more than 15 years in the past. "Murder Most Foul" is a fine little murder mystery/comedy that was loosely adapted from Agatha Christie's novel "Mrs. McGinty is Dead". Once again, Margaret Rutherford gives a fantastic performance as the feisty, never-takes-no-for-an-answer Miss Marple. The comedy of the film gets even more pointed when the hammy director of the theatre company (played with great flair by Ron Moody, who is the only actor in the film who manages to be as flamboyant and fun to watch as star Rutherford) casts her as a lady detecitve in a murder play, so Miss Marple, the amatuer detective, is called upon to play an amatuer detective while pretending to be an actress. "Murder Most Foul" is a fun, lighthearted mystery movie featuring a cast with a level of talent that doesn't seem to exist anymore. (The way Ron Moody manages to mix diffused menace with a completely casual attitude, or the way he can deliver a line that shows how his character changes his mood in mid-sentance is a display of craft that we simply don't see in movies anymore.) Murder Most Foul Starring: Margaret Rutherford, Ron Moody, Charles Tingwell, and Stringer Davis Director: George Pollock

Gerard M (es) wrote: Very english, very theatrical & maybe a little old fashioned even for the time. A minor Hitchcock classic.

Mike C (gb) wrote: This movie offered an interesting look into the world of the professional stuntman. While it may not be Burt Reynold's best work, the big final scene filmed near the ending has become a legend on its own.

Lisa H (ru) wrote: How do you get to see it?