Dos novias para un torero

Dos novias para un torero


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Dos novias para un torero torrent reviews

Tom C (es) wrote: A charming and engaging movie. Worth your time to see this...don't miss it. Currently (4/13) on netflix streamng.

Charity B (mx) wrote: Great movie. Yes, you have read subtitles if you dont know German but what a great story. It was worth it. It doesnt end like you want it to but still such a great story.

Kishanth J (jp) wrote: Good film but it was too long!

Bg T (fr) wrote: I completely love this movie. It has always bothered me that it didn't do better than it did. And since it had to be the "end" of Star Trek, I thought it was a pretty amazing bookend. Years later I still hope for a "Director's Cut" for there was enough to make a six-hour movie, which was cut down to two. I would love for instance to find out how Wesley came back. That all wound up on the cutting room floor. But what makes me really love this movie is its heroic ideals-the very stuff that Gene Roddenberry envisioned that mankind would one day achieve. I love this movie and think it is one of the best and will always turn to it again and again. A must watch.B.G. Thomas

Matt W (ca) wrote: The only vampire movie I know of with a training montage.

Lisa B (nl) wrote: Boring. The storyline is so similar to Omen I it's unreal.

Sam M (nl) wrote: Classic DePalma thriller. Shelton and Griffith are stunning.

Sunil D (nl) wrote: OUTSTANDING MOVIE.For those of you of enjoy "Whodunilt" movies don't miss this classic!