Vijay and Ravi are best friends (hence the name 'Dostana') who do not even question each other about their careers. Vijay, a police officer and Ravi, a lawyer, while the former catches the criminals who smuggle, Ravi on the other hand bail those criminals, employed by Daaga. One day, both Vijay and Ravi meet Sheetal at different places and times, and both fancy the same girl, Sheetal, but Vijay's love was more serious. Ravi admits his love for Sheetal to Vijay and is devastated but Vijay decides to sacrifice his love and give Sheetal's hand. However, there was a misunderstanding when Daaga decided to stir up Vijay and Ravi's friendship by showing a photo of Vijay and Sheetal to Ravi. They became rivals for the first time and Ravi started to turn to be an enemy of Vijay. Do their friendship recover? Does Ravi get to know the truth? Do Sheetal get back with Vijay?

Vijay Varma (Amitabh Bachchan) and Ravi Kapoor (Shatrughan Sinha) are two close childhood friends. When they thought they have matured enough they decides to enter law policy: one as a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jude P (fr) wrote: So called critics hate when the truth is said as it really happened. This movie sure makes an impact over hatred and forgiveness.

Bill C (us) wrote: Good story, but not a lot of edge and really no tension. The story exceeds the skills of the directors and editors who come off as very inexperienced. The center of the story is a magnificent, dedicated teacher but we learn very little about her. The story needed a timeline and greater focus, but the approach should do nothing to denigrate the success of the students, teacher and program.

Bart (gb) wrote: I think i saw it but i dont remember well

Matthew C (us) wrote: The unique visuals don't quite mix with the one dimensional characters, half-assed script, and slack pacing.

Pamela W (au) wrote: Zero stars. Script was unbearable. Good movie to rent if you're in need of a nap.

Tyler M (fr) wrote: Predictable and preachy. The story is intriguing for about 15 minutes, but once you're really into the film you begin to realize what's going on, and it becomes less and less thrilling. I figured out the general twist of the story about 36 minutes into it, though I didn't know EVERYTHING until the last 15 minutes or so. And I would expect the average viewer to catch on in the same amount of time if not less. It just goes nowhere fast, and there's too many side stories and subplots that for a moment or two feel like they might be important but never get fleshed out. Why introduce Sam Jacksons son mid-film, why not leave it for a small surprise at the end of the film. The race card is played here as it soon becomes an implausible tale of overcoming adversity and a preachy story of "doing the right thing". It's damn near two hours long, and it shouldn't be anymore than an short hour and a half. Most of the film is pointless drivel. It's not thrilling, it's not compelling, it's overacted, and it's too blunt in it's attempted look at racial tension. A worthy rental, but you'd do better just to wait for it show up on TV. Far from Moores or Jacksons best work.


Troy F (fr) wrote: I enjoy cheesy 80's science fiction-esque films, and don't demand anything more then a fun vibe from them, but this film isn't all that fun, and feels cheap. Characters and their relationships are developed poorly at the film's start, they form as they do without much explanation. In an effort to find a science project to pass his class, a boy finds a gizmo in a junkyard that causes disruptions in the time continuum and leads to havoc and his science teacher disappearing. Dennis Hopper as the teacher is fairly amusing in some moments (but he's enjoyable in anything), and Fisher Stevens as the slick oddball friend of the main character delivers an overload of bad wise-cracks throughout the film, which oddly and kind of unfortunately, becomes one of the more enjoyable aspects. The rest is a display of potential going down the drain. The film cheaply avoids locations and makes the time disruption take place in the high school, where Vietnam soldiers, aliens, warriors, etc. come out. Nice special effects and prod. design here, but its just encounter after encounter with the high schoolers taking them out with weapons one after one. It's not exciting at all really, and feels restricted with little else to do. If time travel was involved, sure, but restricted to a high school, there's nothing to do, and the film falters. By the end, its disappointing with little to attain from it. It has it's 80's charms here and there, but with many science comedy offerings out around the same time period that were far better like Weird Science, I can't recommend this at all. Forgettable.

Arianeta L (us) wrote: No realy a good film but a great myht of a very voluptuous woman full of sexuality and beaty the dream of every man.

Octavian (us) wrote: Woody Allen rapes children.