Double Edge

Double Edge


A boy sees his parents gunned by criminals due to unpaid debts. Twenty years later, the boy, Mark Quinn, has become a hard-hitting cop, the kind that hates criminal scum, bending the rules to catch those criminals and drive them to despair. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ana F (au) wrote: Maral de aquino comanda nos livros!Estou ansiosa pra ver seu trabalho no cinema.

Kieran F (jp) wrote: FIRST. Let's get the elephant out of the room topic here. As documentary this film sucks. As a still sucks. Now Im not saying this cause I don't like Justin Beiber(Cause I don't) but I'm saying this cause it straight up sucks. There are so many things in his film that are retatarded I can't even beging to name them. From the stupid statements from his management "For this kid to sell out Madison Square Gardens and be the headliner?" Dude..seriously? it's not that hard to sell out MSG. I mean okay it's a big venue. But 1. It's one of the most FAMOUS venues to EVER be created so who ever plays there will ALWAYS SELL IT OUT. FFS RAMMSTEIN sold it out. 2 It's not that big of an arena(It's big don't get me wrong) but The Montreal Canadiens arena can hold 21,273 for hockey alone....I mean..imagine the concerts.The other thing that's..well..fucked up about this film is how the guy that is Biebers Manager has a company called "Scooter Braun Films" when..he's only done one film..this one. could he name a company Scooter Braun Films?Honestly the only entertaining thing I found in the film was the camera angles..that was all..the camera angles and the picture look really crisp but everything else is..just..crap

Randy L (ag) wrote: Emotional raw well played drama that really shows its indie side. Troy Garity, Spacek and the rest of the cast are incredible. I had never even heard of this movie before coming across it on TV.

Michael R (mx) wrote: I really enjoyed it although the main actor is pretty annoying.

Jey A (nl) wrote: Oh. My. Q-ing Gawsh.

Seth L (nl) wrote: It may be flawed but works in its own way.

Thom C (mx) wrote: A surprisingly charming movie. Almost made me want to get one.

Francisco L (mx) wrote: The way that Spike Jonze choosed to approach this theme is really thankfully strange, and so Being John Malkovich could be a refreshing and original addition to its genre, however its jokes are far to be funny, it has lack of interest and the script should be more solid than it is.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Want to see it! Will have to take into account!

Mitchell W (ca) wrote: It's not perfect - the sound mix could be better and the shows from the first leg of the tour may be stronger, partly because the MacPhisto shtick from this leg isn't as funny as you'd hope - but this is the best of their concert DVD's. For my money, this was their greatest tour as U2 had just reinvented themselves, coming up with the best music of their formidable careers. Furthermore, the self-importance that their marred their previous world tour (as seen in "Rattle and Hum") is now gone, replaced with a refreshing a sense of humor, MacPhisto aside. This was also their most visually ambitious show at the time, and unlike some later tours, it doesn't overwhelm the band - the sensory overload fits the music perfectly - and it's one of the most memorable aspects of these shows, so it's fortunate to have at least one of them well-documented for posterity.

Erik G (au) wrote: 'Sometimes They Come Back' has a gang of high school hoodlums rising from the dead to finish the job on the teacher whose brother was killed in the past. It's a great horror tale of revenge.

Alex K (ru) wrote: My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.

Frances H (fr) wrote: How telling that the critics loved it and the audience didn't. It was a huge box office bomb, and justly so. This had no funny parts to it at all. It was played straight and so was too dated for an 80s film. If it was trying to mock films from the 50s, it only succeeded in being a 50s film and a boring one with bad acting. It certainly didn't measure up to The Day The Earth Stood Still, which was playing on the TV in one scene. Just a bad movie.

Charlie G (us) wrote: You can tell its from the 70's by the song they played before the movie. Over dramatic.Recognized many of the actors so I guess that makes me old. This was a pretty good idea for those days.Kind of slow, mostly centered on the shoots it seems. Ending could have been better.

Mago B (ca) wrote: Un emocionante duelo dialctico, en donde 2 grandes personajes se baten por ser el nico ganador y evitar el inminente hundimiento. Una pelcula en donde se resalta el valor de una excelente entrevista: cmo manejarla y orientarla de forma ptima.

Lynda B (ag) wrote: This is my favorite movie! Good Movie

Antwon B (kr) wrote: I really enjoyed this film! Al Pacino plays a criminal recently released from prison. Chris Walken plays his buddy who goes to the prison to take Al home. Little does Al know is that his buddy Chris, has made a promise to kill Al upon his release from prison because Al killed a crime boss only son. These guys are old school crooks. They come from a time when criminals had some measure of integrity. Alan Arkin also plays an associate and the getaway driver for Al's crew. He was my favorite character. Even though these guys are old men, it's clearly established that these guys are ruthless and dangerous. And this is the last Harrah for these old school gangsters! While watching this film, I thought about the past glories of these actors, Al Pacino in Scarface and Dog Day Afternoon. And Christopher Walken in the Dogs of War and the Deer Hunter. And Alan Arkin, The Rocketeer and Gattaca.I realized that the best days are behind these guys, and by default, they realized it as well. Don't listen to the bad reviews, because there are plenty but enjoy the final journey with these old school criminals.

Inna H (ca) wrote: Haunting exploration of evil and obsession.

Sarah P (jp) wrote: This was an enjoyable watch (for a movie about pandemics), though it was very clearly made for T.V. and doesn't really stand out as a film. Thiessen's character was very one-dimensional and the story itself didn't have much depth.