Double Mommy

Double Mommy

After taking a break for the summer before their senior year, Ryan and Jess rekindle their relationship, and find out that Jess is pregnant with twins. When Ryan's mother demands a paternity test, they find out that Ryan is only the father of one baby... The other father is Ryan's best friend Bryce, who Ryan discovers date raped Jess at a party over the summer. With college recruiters and an overbearing father looming over Bryce's head, he will stop at nothing to make sure that he clears his name--even if it means getting rid of Jess and her babies! Morgan Obenreder, Mark Grossman, Megan Gallagher, Griffin Freeman, David Starzyk star. (2017)

Ryan discovers his friend Brent is the father of one of his girlfriend's twin babies and that he date raped her at a party over the summer. With college looming over
Brent's head| he will stop at nothing to make sure that he clears his name. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russ M (it) wrote: Having found the first Smokin Aces film entertaining I knew off the bat not to take it seriously as this movie definitely doesn't take itself seriously. This was a straight up no broad plot highly unrealistic shoot em up fest with a few twist formulas to get the job done.The two best formulas are A. the ending, and I mean that sincerely, I loved how it wanted to go all Bourne/Mission Impossible and then the twist-loved it!B. the highlight of the movie-EXPLODING MIDGET CLOWNS SHOT FROM A CIRCUS CANNON!! Any film with midget clown homicide bombers -not suicide but homicide, as it definitely wasn't voluntary; is A-ok in my book. And tell me you don't giggle when he picks up the bloody clown nose.This is a rainy/snowy day movie to accompany the original so break out the popcorn and drinks and just have fun.

Jennifer P (us) wrote: I found this on to be quite painful to watch. Yes, it is being told by an insane human, but come on... Why would you not check on your neighbor who's alarm clock has been buzzing for any more than 2 days? Why would you hire an unstable person to 'babysit' your rebelious teen? Why would you leave your delerious boyfriend alone to go hunt for your roomate, especially since you don't even know where she is? I can keep going.....

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Like 21 grams all over again witha romantic/tragedy twist?

Sam M (de) wrote: First let me say that the martial arts scenes in this film are second to none. Extremely well choreographed and executed. However you must have to be Chinese to appreciate the story as it was lacking anything gripping to keep me interested. Average film held up by the superb martial arts by the now legendary Jet Li.

Markus M (ru) wrote: The film moves way too slow and has far too little memorable action. I mean let's face it, plot is pretty much the last thing you watch a Troma movie for. Still, the good moments in the film are genuinely hilarious, the climax is good, and there are actually one or two quite enjoyable songs on the soundtrack.6+/10

Sarfara A (ca) wrote: Tampopo () directed by Juzo Itami. Starring Nobuko Miyamoto and Ken Watanabe. A widow Tampopo is willing to be proper noodle-cook with the help of a trucker (Ken Watanabe) who himself criticized her lack of proficiency at noodle-making. Film covers several other sub-plots, an elderly woman who squeezes breads, loafs at grocery shop, a dying mother who wakes up to make last meal after being emotionally-taunted by her husband to make meal for the family and dies instantly, an old man who impersonates himself as a professor and scams people at the restaurant, a woman who teaches food-eating-etiquette, bunch of elite businessmen accompanied by young amateur who is more than often physically jolted by senior, he orders food (to sheer amazement of the seniors) in a way that it humiliates seniors who are without the perspective knowledge about foods-choice. But the central character is that of Tampopo and bunch of eccentrics determined to bring her business to fame and popularity. I have always loved watching movies surrounding subjects of 'foods'. Although my primary reservation about this movie should have got to be its duration, nonetheless I can take it as long as it's all about foods. Very dramatic, purposeful, and above all hilarious while dealing with few peculiar characters/scenes. This movie does take 'Noodles' seriously and it is perfect.

Russell G (kr) wrote: A man and his young girl are on the run from a powerful corporate entity. They both possess mental powers that others want to control, weaponize, study, and sell. The father can control his, but his daughter lacks the ability to control her gift. When the little girl gets angry and scared, bad things happen all around her. It has a compelling science fiction concept. Good acting performances and a fitting score offer a lot to appreciate here. There are fragments in the story that do not get the full level of development they deserve to make everything come together. There is an ominous Native American figure that wants to kill the little girl, but his motivation is vague for most of the movie. He is a major character, but his reason for being there and his position within the corporation is not clear. A mysterious dark character can be good but as things unfold, his character should be clearer. I hate to see a good idea for story crumble, but this movie does not finish well. Drew Barrymore is cute in this, just do not make her mad.

Kevin S (au) wrote: I'm giving this 3 stars based on a memory of when I saw it 20 years ago. This is crying out for a DVD release.

Adam R (jp) wrote: Just atrocious. The plot is horrible, the acting is amateurish and even the music is pitiful. Who seriously likes this movie? (First and only viewing - 8/21/2014)

Asa W (it) wrote: I want to see everything with Lawrence olivier.

Johonny S (ag) wrote: This movie could perfectly be deleted from history and everyone will be happy. The only positive thing is watching Rocky back in his original enviroment and showing everyone that he is the honest human being that everybody loves.

Diana G (fr) wrote: Well, I wanted to throw myself off a bridge after spending my money on this movie, which is a lot for me since I usually give movies a minimum of three stars. The Legend Hercules was extremely bad. Not only was it poorly produced, but it also had a dull plot line and painfully cringe worthy acting. The special effects look like ones I could have made in a high school class, the actors made the movie boring and irritating. The plot seemed too generic, it reminded me of the other Hercules movie and Gladiator (which was actually a masterpiece) Overall, I would NOT by any means recommend this movie to anyone, not even if they could watch it for free. A true pain in the ass that is not worth anyone's time.

Ebba R (ru) wrote: Poe+Corman+Price=The Unholy Trinity! :D :D

David G (ag) wrote: Got this on blu ray for only 75p it's not bad, but by the end of it I felt sorry for the cannibals couldn't imagine having to digest that lot ,hammy acting and all, the indigestion must have been terrible