Double Wedding

Double Wedding

A bohemian free spirit (William Powell) helps meek Waldo (John Beal) win back his fiancée (Florence Rice) and falls in love with her over-controlling sister (Myrna Loy) in the process.

Two sisters of differing temperaments, the younger's milquetoast fiancé, and a free spirited artist in an auto trailer have romantic complications in this screwball comedy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke B (ca) wrote: A slow and touching drama that looks at the true story of a group of monks who refuse to leave their monastery despite the danger they are faced with. This film skyrockets to levels of absolute perfection thanks to the way it handles religion on such a human level. The religious aspects are part of the characters, and not necessarily part of the film itself. Lambert Wilson is astonishing as the quiet but strong monk Christian, who must decide whether to stay and possibly die or leave and live. We are shown the true power of the human spirit without ever having to face over sentimental music or melodramatics. Every scene is handled with absolute faith in the cast and writing, as one scene tears us apart with tension, without needless editing nor a bombastic soundtrack. A gentle masterpiece.

Michelle J (br) wrote: Strange and confusing

Grant T (it) wrote: Much more of the same, won't win any new fans

Reece L (mx) wrote: While Shortbus is sexually progressive and features plenty of colorful LGBT characters, it can't sustain its initial promise and ends up running out of steam, collapsing under the weight of its own empty sentimentality that is rooted in a message that isn't all that profound to begin with. The first forty-five minutes or so are constantly funny and contain genuinely affecting moments, the unsimulated sex scenes refreshing in an industry where it's rare to even see an erect penis, but after it lays the groundwork for what it's trying to say it veers off into some less interesting territory, leaning hard on cheesy, simplistic "free love" lessons and giving way too much screen time to maudlin pseudo-indie/folk singers. It reaches for profundity late in the game and consistently falls short, attempting to juggle commentary on post-9/11 disconnect, fantasy sequences, depressive episodes, and explicit sex scenes without much success before its last-ditch attempt to tie everything up, a sloppy and embarrassingly earnest sing-along that feels disappointingly anti-climatic for a film that initially seemed so self-assured and so willing to resist banal normality.

Rushda x (jp) wrote: Karishma is simply superb as Zubeidaa and Manoj Bajpai is perfect as always :)

John W (es) wrote: I really think this is one of the rarest movies you can find. It shows how pure a child can be and how much one person can change the so much. Sadly it also shows that there will always be someone or something in your way.

Douglas B (kr) wrote: I don't understand the poor ratings this one got. I love the revenge motif and this is an exemplary example of it. Harvey Keitel, I think, often doesn't get his due. He's pretty good in this one. Plot moves right along and is all in all pretty satisfying.

Mike H (ru) wrote: I like Michael Keaton, but I could barely sit still for this one. It follows the problem film formula too closely, and there's just not enough that's really interesting or compelling.

Matthew H (ca) wrote: Yentl is too light to be drama, but too dark to be a comedy. Instead, Streisand gives it her best, but she can't help this boring movie.

Tanmart S (it) wrote: What this movie lacks in smarts, it makes up with heart. This flick is amusingly whimsical and at times surreal in its own sweet way. Like.

Ricardo R (br) wrote: Interesting movie; engaging, violent, bloody. Starts off slowly, ominously and draws you in as the tension builds to an interesting climax.

Andy P (au) wrote: I wouldn't put it up there with the likes of "The Dark Knight" as the greatest of comic book adaptations as many seem to want it to be remembered as. It was effective, however, in what it wanted to be. Perhaps it was a bit too aware of itself for its own good.

Rawballs B (au) wrote: What a creep and what a crap motion pic... But the three girls made the movie truly really funny and sexy...

Haley K (nl) wrote: Can we stop making movies about women who are too 'helplessly in love' and 'naive' to control their emotions? Frustrating to watch, not to mention the bad acting.