Down the River

Down the River

Gay schoolboy Krit is in love with his straight classmate Vin They hang out together, go to temples and one day hike into the forest with two girl friends to see the spectacular Pachang Waterfall. And that's the whole plot of this short, elegiac film where time flows like the waters of the river the boys follow, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes swirling back. Against the idyllic setting of undisturbed forest and crumbling temples, Krit woos his would-be lover and prays to the Buddha to help him. Vin, however, is afraid of being seen as gay yet is unwilling to reject his friend.

Gay schoolboy Krit is in love with his straight classmate Vin They hang out together, go to temples and one day hike into the forest with two girl friends to see the spectacular Pachang ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacqueline R (ag) wrote: the movie was very reminiscent of high school life: the thrill, joy and heartbreaks of first love. it was an honest film, truth be told, but a not very thought out plot. the last part seemed forced and too simple.

Victoria G (gb) wrote: this movie definitely deserves more recognition. while people are complaining about the lack of explanation, i think that's something that puts this movie above the usual formula. by not knowing what is the cause of the dark, we are put alongside the characters. it has a beautiful simplicity, and definitely deserves to be among the good and even best apocalyptic films.

Zachary G (mx) wrote: Decent enough beginning but runs afoul during the half-way point. The ending isn't much better either. For a better take on this subject i reccommend, "behind the mask: rise of leslie vernon" for a real take on how to be a serial killer.

Laura F (de) wrote: Good cast...I expected more

Metehan D (nl) wrote: ne mutlu muslumanim diyene !!!

Robin N (es) wrote: well I hoped for this to be a good snake movie... bu damn i got dissapoinetd... The snakes are so poorly animated, I thougt for real this movie were from 1994 and not 2004... some gory "chop pepole in half" moments but the were very unreal.... not a good movie...

Julio B (ca) wrote: I gave it such a high rating because it is funny and "it's so bad that I have to laugh" level. I can also relate to it because I was in a fraternity in college. In reality the movie deserves 3 stars but to me it's a 4.5 star film. Simon Rex should have won an oscar for his performance.

butch h (es) wrote: In 1964, a film crew interviewed seven-year-old English kids: five or six from privilege, a Yorkshire farm lad, East-End girls, and boys from a children's home. Every seven years, Michael Apted re-interviews those willing (two declined this time). At 42, careers are stuck or flourishing; marriages are strong, shaky, or over (and Bruce recently married for the first time). They're dealing with parents' dying, and children coming-of-age. One is a single mom with young sons. One is remarried, but how are the five children from his first marriage? Lyn and Jackie face health problems with down-to-earth lucidity. Neil, on the margin at 28 and 35, has a glorious story of friendship at 42.

Susan Y (de) wrote: This movie is perfect in its characterization. Absolutely perfect.

Chloe W (mx) wrote: i hated this movie i like the movie The Room WAY better

Carlos L (fr) wrote: Awesome, awesome movie! Really, I had almost no expectations, but it turned out to be an excellent piece of ghotic/giallo horror flick. I was also very surprised to see 2 obscure Euro horror girls, Christina Von Blanc from A Virgin Among the Living Dead and Maribel Martin from The House that Screamed. Such a nice movie, check it out!

Brian B (it) wrote: An entertaining twist on the invisible man legend. Great concept of having an invisible agent behind enemy lines. There was probably a little too much fluff to consider it a great movie though.

David G (fr) wrote: Spiritual sequel to A Fish Called Wanda that reunites a lot of the cast and crew, including John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Palin and Kevin Kline. It's a funny film, more so than you'd expect given its iffy reputation, but it falls well short in its attempt to recapture the magic of a genuine comedy great. Cleese and co are game (with Kline once again stealing the show) but the story and characters are nowhere near as memorable and the Python-esque sense of humour (I believe the film is based on an old Michael Palin Python skit) makes it feel at times less like a film and more like a sketch show.

Wilman A (us) wrote: Honest drama romance movie. Very Honest . Love it ! Love the cast !

Ana V (br) wrote: Meryl Streep es WOW!