Down the Road Again

Down the Road Again

In 1970, Joey and Pete left Nova Scotia to try life in the big city in the Canadian Classic Goin’ Down the Road. Now, some forty years later, Joey has died, and Pete must fulfill his last wish: to take his ashes back to Cape Breton Island, as well as a few other tasks along the way. Armed with a series of letters and an envelope full of money, Pete heads back home. DOWN THE ROAD AGAIN is a touching, comedic and romantic tale of second chances at life and love.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,  

The sequel to the Canadian classic . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Down the Road Again torrent reviews

Mat T (au) wrote: Une adaption assez fidle la BD. On regrettera cependant le jeu des acteurs. Notamment celui de Catherine Deneuve qui imite si pitrement l'accent bristish !

Corbin R (jp) wrote: Don't expect a romance movie. This film was terribly marketed so stay away from the trailers. It's more of a dramatic comedy with valuable life lessons. Appreciate the movie for what it is not for what other people say it is.

Nathan T (nl) wrote: There is nothing good about this movie.

Matthew G (nl) wrote: Hands down, Adam Sandler's best performance. What a great, moving plot, and who knew Sandler could pull off a role like this? It's a genuine piece of art from the acting to the emotion, and, it's not predictable. The vibe from start to finish will leave you wanting more, love it!

Richard D (kr) wrote: A fairly typical TV movie enhanced by a charismatic cast.

Alex K (es) wrote: 1993's Schindler's List Is My Fifth Favorite Film Of All Time.

Kevin M W (de) wrote: Three grown up sisters face the impending demise of their father in this Keaton directed, Ephron scripted chick flick about facing mortality. It means well but often is strained and labored.

Jason S (it) wrote: its a pretty good funny movie

Lance I (au) wrote: An Fantastic story loosely based on the 1917 Cottingley Photos. Here is another great one that does not appear on DVD.

Richard A (ru) wrote: THE worst film i have ever seen.

J K (ca) wrote: Imagine that, Tommy Chong playing a hippie. Will wonders never cease?

Sofia B (jp) wrote: Don't ask me why but I had nightmares about this movie long after I saw it. Rewatched it recently and still found it to my liking.

Elenore T (es) wrote: As a film, it's well structured but a bit flimsily plotted. Reasonably stylish, Gary Oldman is excellent, and Alfred Molina is good and does well with a pretty underwritten and awkwardly motivated character. Gets extra points for hot gay kissing.

Tom W (br) wrote: Great entertainment, greater propaganda. Basically, democracy means you get to fuck Joan Leslie.

Ashley E (br) wrote: Amazing some of the best photography captured by one of the great auteurs of film.