Downhill Racer

Downhill Racer

An ambitious young skier, determined to break all existing records, is contemptuous of the teamwork advocated by the US coach when they go to Europe for the Olympics.

David Chappellet is a mean-spirited skier, who profits from another skier's injury to gain a spot on the American Olympic team. His roommate sums up his goals when he observes of David, "He's not for the team, and he never will be"; but precisely who the David is that David is so fiendishly striving for we're never to learn. He develops a short-lived relationship with Carole Stahl, a glamorous European woman even more capricious than himself. Chappellet's identity trouble are exacerbated by the fact that he is an "Event" as well as a personality; and more astute minds than his own have difficulty where the one leaves off and the other takes over. Director Michael Richie's ("The Candidate") feature film debut. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart K (ag) wrote: Written and directed by Joseph Guzman (Run! Bitch Run! (2009) and Back Alley Butcher (2014)), this sleazy exploitation film owes a big debt of gratitude to the films of Robert Rodriguez, but it doesn't have the heart or soul of his films. This is a cheapie done for it's title, but it still manages to do quite a bit on a pittance of a budget, it's still a load of cheesy old cobblers though. It begins when Sister Sarah (Asun Ortega) has been taken hostage by a corrupt clergy, led by Mother Magda (Emma Messenger) and Father Carlitos (Perry D'Marco), which instead of helping the needy and poor, makes and distributes heroin, which is cut by nude nuns. However, after Sister Sarah is attacked, she gets her strength from her faith to God, and overcomes her captors and gets hold of a massive arsenal of weapons. Shocked by Sister Sarah's strength, Magda and Carlitos call up motorcycle gang Los Muertos, led by Chavo (David Castro) to find and kill Sister Sarah, but she might already have the upper hand against them. It's a very silly film, made for a meagre $85,000, the film has a very amateurish sheen and it shows, but it's just a bit of brainless fun, even if it does make you feel very unclean afterwards for watching it. It's a long way from being unwatchable rubbish, but it'll do to pass an hour and a half, if you're into stuff like that.

Graham T (fr) wrote: Samuel Maoz directs this intense, energy sapping but superbly rewarding war drama which is shot almost entirely from inside a small tank that 4 very different men share as they battle to stay alive during the First Lebanon war in 1982. This is a strong anti-war film; Maoz experienced this war first hand, and was so affected by his experiences, he became incredibly against anything to do with war. His actors perform excellently and show off the real emotions these men must have faced. The tension is cranked up so high even a knife can't cut it. This isn't quite Hurt Locker style amazingness (although it's bloody close) because I was distracted by the fact at times it's difficult to tell who's who and the use of sound is often grating. But even that must reflect what war is truly like, which is the reason Maoz made this film.

Adam F (ag) wrote: "A Guy Thing" is yet another comedy where the plot would be over if the main character stopped acting like a fool and simply explained to everyone what was really going on. Julia Stiles, Jason Lee and Selma Blair are all fine but the material they're given is nothing but uninspired comedy hijinks.Paul (Jason Lee) couldn't be happier as he says goodbye to the singles life. He's about to marry Karen (Selma Blair) so of course he has to take part in a wild bachelor party. He wakes up in the morning next to a plucky, intelligent and attractive woman that just might be the perfect match for him... too bad he's already engaged! It gets even worse when he finds out that Becky (Julia Stiles) is his fianc's cousin, meaning there's no way he can avoid her as the big day gets closer and closer!There's not much of a plot here, just stuff that happens until the obligatory romantic comedy events happen and the movie ends. I really don't have much to say, so I'm just going to share my thoughts at some of the more "memorable" scenes. Call SPOILER ALERT if you want.For me, the trouble began right after that initial meet cute with Becky. After some scrambling where Paul has to meet up with his fianc while hiding a pair of unwanted panties, he heads to work. What's that? You're wondering what kind of person schedules a bachelor party on a Sunday night? Well the imaginary romantic comedy kind of people we find in this movie of course! The plot proceeds from there with a horrible scene where Paul has to give a presentation to his boss (who is also his fianc's father) while trying to hide the fact that his crotch is extremely itchy. Yeah it's as bad as it sounds. Following that is a trip to that imaginary pharmacy where everyone yells out the embarrassing prescriptions for every customer to hear (is there a chance someone who shouldn't know that Paul has crabs might show up?), a family dinner where the has to hide in the bathroom and pretend to have bowel problems, some friction between the parents because one of the fathers acts really inappropriately (because of course, it's not like you would have met your future son-in-law's father before the rehearsal dinner) and more that kind of comedic situations. SPOILERS END.To this picture's credit, there's some good chemistry between the leads. Both Julia Stiles and Selma Blair are very sexy women so anytime they're on the screen you'll be happy to see them. On the negative side, along with the bad comedy we also get a really lame villain that is so exaggerated he's more entertaining than hateful and it's nothing short of an avalanche of convenient mishaps over and over. We're talking about the kind of story where the most inappropriate thing that could happen does... every time. It makes for a frustrating story.Maybe if you're just a sucker for romantic comedies you might find this one ok but really, you've seen this tale done often, better and in many other movies. "A Guy Thing" does have some funny moments and the actors are talented but even the best people can't make a good movie out of a lazy script. (On Dvd, February 18, 2013)

bill s (mx) wrote: Another bloated ego trip by the bloated ego himself,Seagal.

bill s (ru) wrote: This is one of the worst movies if not the worst movie of '96.

Vanya M (us) wrote: Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears (1979) won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1980.. Wonderful film,Drama with Hint of Russian Humor The acting is superb!

Andr D (ca) wrote: Luego del exito de "The Vampire Lovers", una cinta de vampiros lesbica inspirada en "Carmilla" y de "Lust For A vampire", los estudios Hammer realizaron esta secuela no oficial que completa la trilogia, en la que una de los hermanas gemelas es un vampiro, pero no se sabe cual. Marie Collinson y Madeleine Collinson, las primeras gemelas en convertirse en Playmates, protagonizan esta divertida cinta, que inspiraria obras como "Dead Ringers" o "Nadja".

Neil O (br) wrote: One of the better Lugosi poverty row Monograms - this is almost a direct copy of an earlier British film Dark Eyes of London. Lugosi excells as usual.

Ed C (jp) wrote: It was pretty bland. Not much happened and the whole movie seemed to drone on after the first half hour.

Dylan G (ca) wrote: It's pretty much Friday the 13th if it had redneck cannibals! But, it's a fun movie! B-