Dr. Caligari

Dr. Caligari

Mrs. Van Houten has shown signs of losing touch with reality, and her husband discusses possible treatment with Dr. Caligari, who says Mrs. Van Houten has a disease of the libido.

Mrs. Van Houten has shown signs of losing touch with reality, and her husband discusses possible treatment with Dr. Caligari, who says Mrs. Van Houten has a disease of the libido. The staff... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean G (nl) wrote: A very entertaining family drama written by Jim Rash (Dean Dean Pelton from Community) Features 2 great performances by Toni Colette and Steve Carrell.

James H (mx) wrote: Ultra low budget horror thriller, absolutely awful. Poorly acted by everyone, and the low budget is evident throughout the movie. It escapes me why it was ever made. The score is unusually bad.

Vilia C (mx) wrote: it's such a slow movie, zzz...

Private U (au) wrote: It's so stupid that it tips towards brilliant.

Jennifer C (us) wrote: There was murder most foul, but it was a production most brilliant. With two power houses behind its production (The Royal Shakespeare Company and the BBC) and two brilliant Shakespearean actors (David Tennant and Patrick Stewart) it is impossible to ruin such a grand tale.David played the part perfectly (and attractively). His madness smacks a bit of the Tenth Doctor at first but the viewer soon separates herself from that and takes the character on his own merits. As to Hamlet's grief and struggle it was so well defined that he could have conveyed the torment just as with half as many lines.The costumes were traditionally contemporary and the use of mirrors and CC TV cuts to enhance the reflections of truth in the midst of all the spying was brilliant.Best production of (Hamlet) I have ever seen.

Adam K (es) wrote: Fun characters that dealt with a serious issue at the moment. It was okay

Martha M (au) wrote: Drew me in so easily. I was really surprised at how interested I was in everything he had to say! His unique views on absolutely everything were so refreshingly funny and forced you to question your own outlooks. Really neat

Adam C (kr) wrote: It was good but the music kept reminding me of how much I'd rather watch Dawn of the Dead again.

Jacob G (gb) wrote: The oddly-titled The Last Metro is a film set in Nazi-Germany occupied France. However, rather than being a war-film The Last Metro portrays a live theater owned and run by a Jewish man. Prior to the film's events he hands ownership and operations over to his actress (and non-Jewish) wife and goes into hiding, presumably overseas.It is an interesting look at theatrical operations (such as getting scripts approved by the censors and dealing with the press), and as a historical slice-of-life film it works relatively well. The one aspect which I really docked it for is an overwhelming slew of characters I didn't care one iota about. So my interest in the film was driven purely by intellectual curiosity instead of emotional need. One can argue intellectual versus emotional all day, but I personally need more emotional connection with the characters.One other flaw really reared its head, probably in large part due to the character problem above--The Last Metro is entirely too long for its plot to sustain.While those are both major complaints they don't completely kill the movie. It still ends up being more positive than negative... but it is a much closer call than it could have been with characters I connect with and/or a shorter run time.

Christian D (us) wrote: A truly good horror movie. (This one truly gets going!) A must see!

John (fr) wrote: By no means a great Sherlock Holmes film but entertaining enough. John Neville as Holmes comes across as a bit camp at times. I found it more interesting for the famous actors, notably Judi Dench and Barbara Windsor, that had very small roles.

Douglas E (au) wrote: This film is considered the better of the two "Poor Man's Fantasias." But unlike Make Mine Music which features the great Peter and the Wolf piece, none of the segments in this film really rises above mediocre for me. As a Disney buff who thinks Fantasia is amazing, I had to have this in my collection, but I didn't spend a lot of money on it and nor should you!

Luc L (kr) wrote: A magnificient production by D.W. Griffith which he used the same formula story as his previous film Intolerance.(11)

Prateek S (gb) wrote: Man, this is some serious fuckup. The best thing I get out of this movie is, "if ambitions far exceeds your talent, you have a reason to smile" and "life passes most people by while they are making grand plans for it."

Michael W (ca) wrote: First, I believe in God. Second, this movie is really bad. I only lasted a little over an hour. I just couldn't endure any more. It looks good, but the story just feels so painfully contrived, which is unfortunate because there was real potential here to use film as a medium for debating the merits of different points of view as they relate to God, religions, tolerance, kindness, humility, etc. It could have been great, but instead it is narrow, sappy, and ostentatiously proud of itself.

Lauri M (de) wrote: i really enjoyed this, loved the dreamy, soehow beautiful, fucked-up sequences. and there are lot of those here. modine is really good, hopper is cool..the script is not that strong but it didn't matter that much because it is more about the whole atmosphere. i liked the visual look. it is quite 90's. BY THE WAY: People in flixster...in noticed some of you have copy-pasted thoughts from some professional critics. without mentioning it of course. that's lame.

Tina O (ag) wrote: can't w8 to get The Grand Seduction seen clips of it it looks gud. ???

Benjamin O (fr) wrote: Nostalgic buffoonery.

Kris V (es) wrote: A mad scientist experiments with snake venom on his new assistant, and things go wrong, albeit very slowly. This movie tends to drag a bit, but it picks up in the end and it's worth checking out for one of Dirk Benedict's earliest movie roles.

Brett A (ag) wrote: this was intriguing and actually had me feeling uncomfortable at times. very gripping