Dr. Coppelius

Dr. Coppelius

Film based on the ballet 'Coppelia'.

Film based on the ballet 'Coppelia'. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maxine N (mx) wrote: Not sure whether to love it or hate - but that's exactly what I like about it

Jovon T (de) wrote: What a great cast and a wonderful connected story.

Marcus M (ag) wrote: Entertaining explosion-fest, great fights, painful stunts

Neetal T (kr) wrote: this movie is one of the hidden gems.. funny likable Characters.. very feel good movie

Jason M (mx) wrote: With the longest string of poor to mediocre movies in Hollywood history, it is surprising that Nicholas Cage continues to find work. This is not a deep or good film. In fact, the amount of drinking portrayed is often comical. I believe this film has benefited from the early"groupthink" bandwagon of positive reviews, because critics are too afraid to write what they feel rather than try to move within the pack of consensus for fear they have "got it wrong". This film is shallow, poorly acted by Cage and downright silly. This is not a great film and may actually be considered disturbing for depth of its depressing content.

Chen U (us) wrote: Great performance from Nicholson (though the basis of every character he plays in almost every other film). Iconic New Hollywood but badly dated. It is hard to feel anything but comtempt for this spoiled white boy. Coming from privilege, mistreating everyone, snide, sarcastic, whiny asshole. Karen Black is the human center (and victim) of all this. Interesting how we thought all this was self discovery and personally groundbreaking in 1970. In fact it was just self obsession.

John S (nl) wrote: The same that can be said about "Tony Rome" the prequel, can be said about its sequel. It suffers from the same problems: a muddled script and a non-engaging story. And again, Sinatra saves this film from being a boring mess. His charm is as sharp as ever.

dingo d (gb) wrote: Why is it that 90% of films over 50 years old are rated close to 100% by Tomatometer, no matter what they are really worth? This film, although better than some others rated equally highly, does not rate anywhere near 100% IMHO. The atmosphere is mostly generated through highly-revved Ferrari engines and breathtaking scenes of the racetracks in Monte Carlo and other places. This could just as well have been achieved through a 1960's documentary of Formula 1 racing. The acting, despite the grandiose actors' names, is mediocre at best. I was not impressed.

Mastermouse S (fr) wrote: Greece done again but in the new Hollywood mould of gang America. This time by a bunch of Jackeens, Dublin ireland, and with the most unGreek ever! A knobble kneed Mick with the face of an Asutralian pickpocket. What a croc! The idea of doing themes movies by gang affiliation is a disaster. HEY Wallyhood have you ever heard of Greek people? How about make a movie about the Greeks but use Greek people instead of Jocks, The 300, or Micks!

Chase D (nl) wrote: It wasn't bad bad. It just wasn't that good.

David L (de) wrote: In the spirit of Xmas, I thought I'd watch something festive and good natured, hence opting for The Funhouse Massacre. It seemed a relatively pointless 90 minutes that I could burn whilst ironing, and that it was. When 5 convicts are helped to escape their asylum, they are led to their new playground - a horror maze based on their own identities. It's the perfect set-up where the events become all too lifelike, probably because they are, as numerous amounts of teens are butchered at the hands of these animals. None of the cast can really act, but are perfect at playing dumb and screaming, making them ideal candidates for their roles. It is very gory, but also quite comical, which makes it that tad less sadistic, and a little more stupid. There is a vague attempt at a background storyline to all this, but to be honest, it's just an excuse for mindless violence. Having been through several horror mazes this year, I can relate to just how scary they can be, but watching this on the other hand was less so. I do like the concept behind this, as it's the perfect stage for a horror but the slapstick gore that's been added heavily detracts from its credibility. Either make a horror, or make a comedy spoof, don't try for inbetween!