Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet

Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet

True story of the doctor who considered it was not immoral to search for a drug that would cure syphillis.

True story of the doctor who considered it was not immoral to search for a drug that would cure syphillis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott D (br) wrote: Breezy but pointed satire of hypocrisy and the press, as Carole Lombard (there's something sexy about a funny woman) as Hazel Flagg fakes an incurable illness to be the toast of New York while Fredric March and his newspaper milk her sob story for every column inch they can. Just as relevant today as in 1937; there's a TV commercial where for $20 you can buy a gold coin with silver "recovered from safes below Ground Zero"-molded twin towers that pop out and can be mounted in a groove in the coin so the towers can "soar as a shining testament" to blah blah. That'll show those extremists where they're wrong, that'll help the families lost. No, it'll only help the people who buy it feel better about themselves and think, "Look how much I care, I have a gold & silver coin to prove it." Just like the people out on the town standing and applauding Miss Flagg for her bravery as the emcee introduces her as a special guest while the flashbulbs pop to capture her plight. The Wicked Witch of the West has a funny bit as a general store owner too! Best line comes from the newspaper editor (amusingly named Oliver Stone): "Is she still alive?? Don't spare my feelings, we go to press in 15 minutes!"

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