Dr. No

Dr. No

In the film that launched the James Bond saga, Agent 007 battles mysterious Dr. No, a scientific genius bent on destroying the U.S. space program. As the countdown to disaster begins, Bond must go to Jamaica, where he encounters beautiful Honey Ryder, to confront a megalomaniacal villain in his massive island headquarters.

A resourceful government agent seeks answers in a case involving a missing colleague and the disruption of the American space program. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dr F P (ag) wrote: I'm not a fan of the show myself (admittedly i haven't really given it a chance) but i know a few people who like it so i was interested in this from that perspective and that it's obviously made waves on the internet too. This doc was eye opening about the culture surrounding the show, i really enjoyed it. Sure, it's not my thing but the way this somewhat simple cartoon has made these fans just more than average fans, the way they get together, help charity, have fun. I'm all for it. I guess it's also interesting because it's breaking stereotypes too, the part talking about sons and their fathers was good to see as well as the psychological research. There were some great sentiments spoken: that things little girls like can be worthwhile. that we forget as adults to remind ourselves to be kind and generous like we were (hopefully) taught to as children. It still blows my mind that men like this show, not that i think it's wrong that they do, i just feel like where ARE these sensitive guys out there because i've only ever met chauvinistic asshole ones!

Mario C (es) wrote: Why such a low rating? I enjoyed this film. Greta Gerwig is cool.

WS W (kr) wrote: Despite those crazy, far-fetching punches fitting into comedy genre, rather enjoyable watching some really decent acting leading by the 3 true valued actors (Ge You in particular).

Ilja S (gb) wrote: Rambo III is definitely the second best movie of the original trilogy, with a darker tone, more practical effects and a more coherent storytelling. Still, way too cheesy to take serious.

Anthony L (br) wrote: Rohmer's final part of his Comedies and Proverbs ends, at last, with My Girlfriend's Boyfriend. It feels like a bad episode of an 80's soap, which to its credit, it probably influenced many. Popular at the time no doubt but all I could see is all the things I didn't like about the 80's, It certainly doesn't do anything for French cinema, after the great films of the new wave and the great films Rohmer himself has made, this is a head scratcher. Oh, and again, it's not funny.

Tony H (es) wrote: Rob Lowe! Enough said!

Teresa S (kr) wrote: I really tru;ly enjoyed this movie! One of 2 movies where jill Clayburgh dazzled!!

Grant S (kr) wrote: Interesting take on the mods vs rockers scene of the 1960s. Plot is pretty basic though, and verges on pretentious towards the end. Movie is made by the soundtrack, performed by The Who.Decent performances all round. Has Sting in a semi-major role.

Byron B (de) wrote: The female version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, except more patient on the couch exploring her issues with a nicer female doctor scenes. Roger Corman produced this psychological illness drama.

Tony M (nl) wrote: The title of this film is somewhat misleading. The Countess doesn't suck blood but does find the fountain of youth. It's pricey however and watching her spin downward is as metaphoric as it is horrific.4/5

Shiela E (br) wrote: The best part of this film for me is that they used the psycho house for the exteriors of the obligatory creepy house, it was pretty convoluted; the big plot twist didn't make much sense; and the stated explanation on how all these events began was offensive. a couple of creepy moments, but mediocre at best.

Erica E (nl) wrote: A beautiful and tragic love story torn to pieces by misunderstanding and refusal to admit reality. Briony is an easy scape-goat for the tumult in the lives of Cecilia and Robbie, for she even blames herself; however, the audience hates Briony not for her actions as a 13-year-old but for our own flaws reflected in her character. The depth of this story excels expectations in its finale when its revelation of reality leaves the viewers wanting to hold onto the reverie of happiness.

Kevin D (kr) wrote: I came across this film by accident, and was curious by the attention that it received by the international community. It's not exactly what you expect, but a good attempt to jump out of the Horror genre that is Levan Bakhia's comfort zone.The less you know about the plot the better, but the premise is simple. 3 Friends go out camping in the European Georgia valleys. One of them accidentally steps on a landmine, and is trapped into a standing position. Without giving away the plot, things unravel quickly and things keep going from bad to worse. The odds that this would happen are so remarkably slim, yet completely terrifying, that you can feel the tension that the poor kid goes through.The main problem is the final act in the film, as it was completely off the mark, and didn't blend well with the rest of the movie. When a drama like this deals in some very dramatic moments of loss and tragedy, and then transitions into a completely different kind of thriller, it takes a powerful director to mix the two. I didn't feel any transition at all between these two styles.. It was more of a quick cut between these two styles and it was so quick that you're stuck wondering how the protagonist got from point A to point B. Almost like two different films were mashed together near the end.Secondly, the main actor has a completely unbelievable personality transition take place at the end, as he becomes more of an evil little psychopath rather than a victim. I couldn't believe that this boy was as immoral as he was trying to portray. I think it was obvious to the actor that he wasn't doing a very good job of it as well. The effort was there, but it also felt like an effort to watch him portray a completely different character with the same name.A great start to the film... but loses it in the final act. Overall, worth an evening of your time, but could have be much better.2/5