Dr. Plonk

Dr. Plonk

A scientist & inventor in 1907, Dr Plonk, predicts that the world will end in 101 years, unless something is done about it.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:maid,   police,   farce,  

A scientist & inventor in 1907, Dr Plonk, predicts that the world will end in 101 years, unless something is done about it. A comedy in the Charlie Chaplin / Buster Keaton tradition. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (fr) wrote: I very much enjoy films that feel real, that are about real people having real life's and real problems. And The Giant Mechanical Man works on this level, it is a drama about two people who can't quite figure out the life thing until they find each other and it sort of fits and it's not that it's trying to be a romantic film it's just trying to be genuine.I've always wanted to see Jenna Fisher out side of the office in a proper role to see if she has more than one character in her tool box and I am happy to say she does, she is more than just PB&J. Then there Chris Messena who as I now realise I have seen him in all sorts of things and look forward to him taking a more leading role In the future The supporting cast was chosen perfectly, including Topher Grace who embodies the idea of constantly talking isn't necessarily the same as communicating.

Shay F (kr) wrote: I'm an AGW denier (I believe that this is part of a natural cycle). With that said, this guy makes the most sense. IF there is a problem, why not combat it with real, effective, affordable methods that will actually produce the greatest results with the least amount of money? The main reason I'm a Lomborg supporter is that there are a ton of fantastic ideas here that'll help, AGW or no AGW. Just passively cooling cities in the heat zones would make people more comfortable and drive down energy usage and costs. And it's CHEAP and EASY to do! Why aren't we funding this?!

Matthew R (ag) wrote: A fun children's film boasting some impressive design and animation work (once one's eyes acclimatise to the motion capture used for the humanoid characters). Seth Dusky provides a naturalistic performance voicing lead character Milo and is ably assisted by an array of colourful characters. Whilst not an out-and-out classic, Mars Needs Moms is much better than the wash of negative reviews would have one think and is an underrated Disney gem that I would happily revisit in the future.

Austin L (ru) wrote: Had me saying "you go gurl" half the movie. Haha

Doug C (br) wrote: This western remake of Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon closely follows Kurosawa's original, but also has a life of its own. The cinematography and editing of this film are wonderful, evoking much of the tone and quality of Kurosawa's film, but the casting leaves a lot to be desired. Paul Newman makes an admirable attempt at playing a Mexican bandit in the film, but it's an implausible character for him to play, and William Shatner is equally miscast as the priest in the film. All in all a very interesting production, though, which sensitively treats the serious questions about narrative, memory, and proof in eyewitness testimony raised by Akutogawa's original stories "Rashomon" and "In a Grove."

Guido S (nl) wrote: A kid slips and injures his shoulder. While healing, his tendons are wound up in such a way that give him a rocket for an arm. One day at the Cubs' game, he throws a foul ball back and they notice his arm and sign him to a contract, because they are the Cubs. He gets the team onto winning ways with the help of Daniel Stern. Gary Busey is the hard ball on the team that doesn't want him there, but grows to like him They get to the NLDS but he reinjures his arm and doesn't have the arm he used to. However he still gets the outs needed and they advance in the playoffs. Then he realizes the dream isn't for him. The Cubs do win the World Series, again this is fiction, and everyone is happy. Overall a pretty good movie that holds up pretty well even as just a kids movie. There is a bit about the evil stepfather who tries to cash out on the kid, but that could have been cut out really.

Mike S (gb) wrote: I giggled here and there. It was ok. I was surprised to see Scott Wilson (Hershel from The Walking Dead) in a small role.

Paul D (mx) wrote: It gets some points for having a good cast...however, that is where the good points end. This was very boring and hard to watch. It's meant as a satirical comedy, but the laughs just aren't there. Such a shame because this premise could have been hilarious with a better script.

Joe M (us) wrote: I have to say with that level of talent this movie should have been better. but they went so far over the top killing zombie kids is rediculous....

Filipe C (nl) wrote: Fantastically crafted by a pair of excite documentarians, The War Room is everything that House of Cards (i.e.) should be and more. It's not about shooting from the hip, but understanding what makes people tick and, ultimately, believing in what you are doing. Pennebaker and Hegedus capture the passion, the tactics and the will to transform a country like very few have done before - fiction or not.