Dragoi ehiztaria

Dragoi ehiztaria


Gorka has long postponed again and again the answer to the pressing questions that his son Aitor asks about his past. Gorka, a member of ETA political-military until its dissolution in the early eighties, ends joining the guerrillas in Central America. A life experience shared with Maddalen, a nurse and committed Christian, with José, an indigenous guerrilla member, and Andrés a former military, head of the insurrection. An experience that will transform them all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Turkichiki L (mx) wrote: I got bored just by looking at the trailer

G C (it) wrote: slightly disappointing, but a good laugh nonetheless

Steve A (jp) wrote: Takes a long time to really get going, spending much more time focussing on the characters we are spending much of the movie with. When it does kick in, boy, this gets nasty and by the end the audience is left with an uneasy sense of dread and a portrait painted of a completely sick fucker mummy's boy to match the likes of Norman Bates. Creepy, dark and disturbed, in all the right ways. A great sense of gallows humour.

Roberto B (us) wrote: "These are not the memoirs of an empress, nor of a queen. These are memoirs of another kind." And - I must say - how fascinating kind!I really recommend being touched by the story of Sayuri, a child who is sold by her father to become a geisha. During the process, it's shown the trajectory of a girl who had to be brave enough to face a rigid destiny planned for her by other people.Perhaps the most interesting about watching this movie is taking a look at a new culture - the Japanese -, especially at geishas. There is a stunning atmosphere that involves the story. I would like to mention also the performances as one other positive aspect. The photography and the music are very beautiful, too.I recommend it for anyone who is interested not only in having fun with a movie, but also in using it as a cultural stepping stone.

James H (de) wrote: Absolutely dreadful so called comedy, a complete wast, not even slightly amusing ever. Poorly written, no direction to speak of, an insult. Only Rae Dawn Chong offers any glimmer.

D M (nl) wrote: A decent horror comedy. An over-the-top slasher flick parody. Filming a slasher movie in an abandoned high-school where murders occurred, the crew starts to disappear. The set-up is obviously there for various parodies from a variety of genres. The back-and-forth between fiction and reality, past and present was well done also. Pretty funny, worth a watch. George Clooney was the fist to die.

David F (ru) wrote: Fine biography of Robert Stroud is carried almost entirely by Burt Lancaster's sensitive performance, lifting it beyond trite, preachy pap and its fast and loose treatment of the facts concerning Stroud's story. Framed as a news expose by John Frankenheimer, with hit and miss results, but interesting and entertaining all the same. Occasionally lapses into standard prison cliches.

Kevin R (mx) wrote: Turn them into hooker royalty.A Muslim and American detective collaborates to try and bring down a terrorist drug lord in the Indonesia city of Java. The American quickly becomes to scapegoat for many of the terrorist's acts complicating their efforts and the Indonesian detective's ability to trust him. Can the two work together and track down the terrorist kingpin?"You know you can trust me.""Yeah, that's why you're sitting in the back."Conor Allyn, director of Hearts of Freedom, Zoe Gone, Pocket Listing, and Hyper 5, delivers Java Heat. The storyline for this picture is very mediocre and clich with an excellent villain. The script is mediocre and the action is fairly good. The cast delivers below average performances and really only has Mickey Rourke worth noting."Like a bull in a China shop.""Why would a bull buy dishes?"This was recently added to Netflix so I added it to the queue as a fan of Mickey Rourke. This was a very blah action film with little going for it. Rourke had some good moments, but not enough to make this worth watching. I'd skip this, even if you're a fan of action pictures."You get in bed with a snake don't be surprised when you are bitten"Grade: F

Rameshwar I (de) wrote: It is one of those movies where you can neither guess the reason for the revenge nor the actual end play (by midway). Definitely the emphasis is on style over substance, glorifying goriness than the emotional connect and acting is definitely not its strong suite. Despite its emotional and language barriers, it is a victory for movie making by having a stranglehold on audience attention up until 90% of the movie. Dae-su Oh (Min-sik Choi) is a careless drunk and has rubbed many people the wrong way. On his daughter's birthday, he is abducted and put in a room without giving a reason for the cause. He is put in an independent room of an apartment without any scope for a conversation except for a television, mostly drugged, fed the same duck dumpling and occasionally visited by a hypnotist. As he prepares himself by learning boxing and other martial arts from what he can gather from television to extract revenge on the person who might have done this to him and also digging a tunnel in parallel for his escape, one fine day he is let off after 15 years. Can he do what he has been preparing for?It is a captivating premise to be imprisoned without knowing the reason and source while also keeping the audience in the same state of ignorant mind as the protagonist. This establishes an empathy from the audience who will embark on a journey with the protagonist till the end of story (or the reveal). As the hype builds up over a period of time, it cannot be fizzled out with a run-of-the-mill reason and that's where the story kicks into another least expected dimension. All the loopholes and misfires are temporarily forgotten and we change to the new ride and hop along with a renewed interest which again acts in the movie's favor.A special mention should go to Ji-tae Yu who plays the character Woo-jin Lee, he does it with such elan that makes you think that you are not just seeing a good vs. evil story. The story and screenplay is well thought out and executed that greatly influences how the editing eventually turns out. While the boldness of the content is surely to be appreciated in a mainstream cinema, the way it ends is what emphasizes the grayness of the human mind. A classic generally attributes to how the audience reacted to it rather than how well it is made, in that aspect Oldboy definitely is a cult classic that overcomes the goofy acting, uneven scenes and continuity issues to become something that is much more.Less you know about it, more you can enjoy its forbidden, adventurous and a bumpy ride.

Brett H (kr) wrote: Powerful performance by Chris Evans showing he's more than just a pretty face and can get down and dirty if need be. The story is actually very interesting and it's cool to know most hospitals now use the safer, retractable needles thanks to this character's efforts.