Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins

Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins

This is a live-action version of the popular Japanese animated series Dragon Ball.

An evil alien searches the Earth for seven "Dragon Pearls" which can grant him ultimate power. A gang of misfit adventurers band together to stop him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rose R (ru) wrote: Loved everything about "La La Land" - the music, the costumes, the set design, the acting and directing. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are fantastic in this film. Highly recommended!!

Jaws N (ru) wrote: Roger Corman brings us yet another modern Syfy shark masterpiece, indicating he is still at the top of the B-movie game.

stephen t (mx) wrote: has some good bits in it. ending is crap

Veronique K (es) wrote: atom egoyan is one of the best neo-noir directors, along with david lynch, brian de palma, paul verhoren and quentin tarantino since the 90s. i hate to say this but chloe is the first movie of his i saw, then this one. i've been continuously amazed at his stylish perspective to render man's obsession about the womankind in general. there're several formuli on noir: set in the seedy scenes of metropolitans like los angeles, hollywood or new york, and a detective or journalist with urgent pursuit of truth (in other words, an anguish desire to decode the myth behind the veil, such as solving a murder), and the the most ravishing of all: the voyeuristic projection of dramatized sex and twisted love (or another term would be romance without love)...there's also a term called metaphysical detective novel, which was initiated by borges, umberto eco way back in the 80s. in order to create a feeling of de-familiarization, the writers have to complicate the story into a labyrinthine myth, which deludes, misguides then leads you into the astray path while distracted by vast amount of gore and intensified sex. but the ending always results in a dystopic dissolution of its motif. its purpose is demystification through extreme mystisfactions. the plots of "where the truth lies" is literally process of seeking the real cause of death of an unknown young woman who dies in the royal suite of two hollywood superstars in 1950s. egoyan explores a lot upon the mentality of sex, for example, in one scene, kevin bacon's character narrates that he prefers the missionary position just to detect what his sex-mate is really thinking during it, but the woman stares fiercely back at him as if his soul becomes suddenly transparent. it has one of those explicitly titilating discussion on sex by creating great many interesting ways to fetishize and deitify woman in a not so depthless manner. no matter how creative their perspectives (or POV, more professionally speaking) could be, it's still phallocentric, and noir is an inevitably phallocentric genre. but in a phallocentric genre as this, directors like egoyan or lynch always invent the most imaginatively provocative form of homoerotic love scenes (lesbiano-erotic, correctly speaking) to render man's endless fascination and obsessive curisiosity for female sexuality. remember david lynch's muholland drive? the scene naomi watts kisses laura harring....if you saw this, you would get a clue about what i just said. as for this one, it's alice in the wonderland with a naughty twist. the pornographical version of alice in wonderland, mingled with strong insinuation of cunnilingus(am i explict enough here), accelerated through hallucinationary acid. and this is created by A MAN, who is better than any female directors at composing a female homoerotic scene!!! i have to say, whether it's chloe or where the truth lies, either one of these two egoyan's movies (with a lesbian twist) is far sexier and more entincing than "if the wall could walk 1 or 2" or even "high art" or "the kids are all right"...because the women are objectively evolved into the niche of misty mirage, and the man, the viewer would spend great efforts to grasp a piece of her ike groping an object blind-foldedly within a milky fog! and you cannot say it's deragatory, somehow it's quite compimentary to woman despite its relentless fetishization, with a sense of masochistic romanticism contradicted with a misogynistic resistance. btw, chloe is really great, and seriously under-rated. (if you wanna avoid this one for some silly misjudgement you hear from others, you would be missing one of the sexiest and most arousing love scenes..the loss is yours, not miine. hehe)

Andrew P (ag) wrote: Interesting idea.Upon further consideration, I'm bumping this up to a three-star rating. It's a low-budget film, but they achieved quite a bit with minimal sfx.

Michael L (de) wrote: ive heard generally negative things about the late work of godard. he is a master of cinema without a doubt and there are a bunch of his early works that are more experimental than anything else (the superb les carabiniers). unfortunately, i didnt get very much out of this and couldnt really figure out what he was going for. still, there are some brilliant shots and the framing was extraordinary

Robert H (nl) wrote: far from a good sequel, Pumpkinhead II at least delivers the evil Pumpkinhead in vicious murdering good times. Acting, directing, story etc. are standard fare for this type of film. Would have liked the kills to be a bit more original and graphic but at least we got a little blood. Considering how voracious and unrelenting Pumpkinhead is supposed to be, it's kinda hard to watch the film when all you see is a giant dude in a latex costume. A little lighting, better camera angles and some work on the costume would have gone a long way. Still good fun to watch though

Veniea T (br) wrote: AOK Not scary but AOK

John O (ag) wrote: not the strong hammer sequel

Christopher S (mx) wrote: It may not hold up quite as well as it did when I was a child, due in large part to James O'Connolly's fairly sloppy direction in the first half. But the absurdly inspired pairing of cowboys and dinosaurs and the quality of Ray Harryhausen's stop-motion effects sees it through to some genuinely exciting B-movie action set pieces. Despite its flaws, a cult classic.

Jeremy B (br) wrote: One of my childhood favourites. And like so many of the movies one loved as a kid, it isn't the masterpiece I once thought it was ... however, it still holds up for what it is, which is a quite cynical spoof on the "super man" hero character.Derek Flint is actually quite a selfish, arrogant man. He refuses to help save the world until his former boss literally comes and begs him. And even then, once he tracks down the "villains" and goes about dismantling their fortress, he's far more concerned with saving his harem of girls than the mission.And who are the villains in this film? A trio of brilliant scientists who have actually discovered a way to end world hunger, to turn wastelands into fertile gardens, to control the weather so that people no longer live in fear of typhoons and droughts. And what do they want in return? World peace! That's all. They demand that the nations of the world do away with their nuclear weapons, demobilize their armies, all so that the world may be finally be Utopia.So Flint -- our hero -- is sent to kill and destroy these scientists!When I was a kid I didn't pick up on this, but as an adult this is what makes me love this movie. It's deliciously subversive, and, a helluva lotta fun!

T Patrick S (fr) wrote: It sorta reminded me of The Signal (2008) and Pontypool with Facebook thrown in as the source.