Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon

Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon

The Z Warriors discover an unopenable music box and are told to open it with the dragon balls. The contents turn out to be a warrior named Tapion who had sealed himself inside along with a monster called Hildegarn. Goku must now perfect a new technique to defeat the evil monster.

A mysterious being named Hoy arrives on Earth and asks the Z Warriors to use the dragon balls to help him release Tapion. Tapion, an ancient warrior imprisoned in a music box, and Hoy needs... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Annette S (br) wrote: Small town family feud involves murder , a good chase and moment you just say what the heck did you do that for ! Quite entertaining overall

Donna M (kr) wrote: Excellent! Spanish with subtitles. More of a documentary than a movie but, great all the same. This man is a living legend & I for one am glad I got to hear his story! Anarchy on an intelligent level.

Mirel T (ca) wrote: Does a fine job building up the main character but it takes too long to get to the Monster Slaying.Ridiculously Fun To See These Campy Schlocky Monsters.No CGI, Rubber Costumes, Exploding Heads, Robert Englund = Awesome!

Stuart K (fr) wrote: Directed by Gavin O'Connor (Tumbleweeds (1999) and Warrior (2011)), and co-written with Joe Carnahan (Narc (2002)), this is a tense and somewhat overlong crime drama about corruption in the NYPD. O'Connor has tried to get this film made for years, and when he did, he had a battle on his hands to get the film released. But it's worth it, but stuff like this has been done before elsewhere. The Tierney family work in the New York Police Department, Patriarch Francis Tierney (Jon Voight) has retired but still has ties to the force, his two sons Francis Jr. (Noah Emmerich) and Ray (Edward Norton) are active officers, and so is Francis' son-in-law Jimmy Egan (Colin Farrell). When several officers are killed during a failed drug bust against gang leader Angel Tezo (Ramon Rodriguez), Ray and Francis find their loyalty to the force being called into question, especially when it's revealed that it was a planned ambush, and it gets even closer to home when they both discover that Jimmy might have been involved. It's a good thriller, with some good performances, but it does get tied up in knots at one point with it's complex layering, but it manages to hold it's own, and it has a very good cast to boot. But, it's ultimately a film about family loyalty and morals, and how one has to deal with family dishonestly and corruption.

Stephanie H (ca) wrote: watched part of it very good acting opposite people

Wayne C (it) wrote: It is powerful and insightful. It is very disturbing and painful to watch. It describes the faith journey of Romero, how does he change to face and acknowledge the reality. Instead of escape and ignore it, he faces it, he is not born as a hero or he tries to act like one. He is forced to face it. Then he discover his calling. "To be the voice of the people". This is what he does.Romero talks about a serious question: what is the task of the church? To identify with the poor and to join with them in their struggle. A fundamental issue: Do we see each other as human? Why are we killing each other everyday. It is because we don't see the others as equal, they are inferior, that why they are not treated as human. "Do you expect my daughter to be baptized with a bunch of indie?" It is a disturbing statement, yet, in everyone's mind, we try to make ourselves superior than the others.It is a movie to make us think and reflect.

Gareth R (es) wrote: The Beatles were famous for their experimentation, and it's in that spirit that Eric Idle created The Rutles: an experimental comedy with virtually no jokes. In it, Eric Idle and three other guys play a bunch of Beatles songs, except slightly differently. They do things the Beatles did, sometimes almost exactly so. Genuine famous people give interviews, talking about the Rutles instead of the Beatles, saying stuff that more or less applied in the first place. All of this is apparently very funny. An actual spoof might have worked. Taking the Beatles' rise to fame - itself a meteoric, almost unbelievable event - and parodying that (or maybe even taking it in a different direction) might have been hilarious. The Rutles instead simply copies it, to Well Done It Sounds The Same But That Doesn't Make It Funny effect. The new songs - Ouch! instead of Help!, A Hard Day's Rut instead of A Hard Day's Night, Love Life instead of All You Need Is Love, and other dead weight non-jokes - are not funny, just slightly different. The film lets us hear almost each one in full, commemorating the effort that obviously went into painstakingly copying, and slightly altering each one. It is a wasted effort, as although the songs are quite enjoyable, inasmuch as the original songs were good, they're still not funny. Why on Earth didn't someone think to replace the original lyrics with funny ones? What's the point of calling it Get Up And Go instead of Get Back, if the new version is only cosmetically different and isn't funny? And just so we're clear on this, calling it Tragical History Tour instead of Magical Mystery Tour (and so on, and so on) is not parody, is not satire, and is not, for heaven's sake, funny. Look! It's a different word in place of the old one! All the effort has gone into the impersonation. Idle and co. are gallingly unbothered about actually taking their photocopy to any genuinely amusing places. You might expect this from a pre-pubescent kid with only a surface understanding of parody, but isn't this one sixth of Monty Python right here, along with the head of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band? (Who wrote, it should be stressed, *funny songs*.) There are a couple of fun satirical jabs, like there being a black Beatle no one's terribly interested in, and a lot of crap ones, like Nasty (Lennon) falling for a German girl dressed like a Nazi. The material is linked by Eric Idle, who conceived/wrote/produced/directed the affair, as a Monty Pythonesque news reporter. This is fleetingly funny, but generally dogged by that inimitable thinks-he's-funnyness that made Eric Idle the most irritating Python. He does an adequate Paul McCartney impression, substitutes "drugs" for "tea" and suchlike, but still doesn't really satirise anything. The Rutles is that unfortunate thing, a boring comedy. More off-stage observations and less aren't-we-clever mimicry would have helped. Frankly, I'm at a loss. The Rutles is a cheap mockumentary* with almost no laughs. The celebrity cameos are surprising enough, but they're still stuck in a comedy that's about as effective as one-handed clapping. The Beatles were funnier. *This came before This Is Spinal Tap, which is often erroneously credited with inventing the mockumentary. Whether or not that's true, it's probable that Rob Reiner made a better one than this.

Larry J (ca) wrote: Mind blowing 70+ years old film in the avante garde tradition.

Ryan A (es) wrote: What I got to say is that "John Tucker Must Die" is a teen comedy that is trying to have the same vibe as the movie "Mean Girls". The performances, directing by Betty Thomas and screenplay by Jeff Lowell is okay. But could be a lot better then this. The score is fine. For my opinion, this movie is worthless and completely stupid to watch. "Not a good movie!"

John D (fr) wrote: One of those bad-ass thrillers that I can't really forget. Cult mindf*ckery at its best. Sick and twisted and I love it. Worth watch for thriller / horror fanatics.

Simon T (fr) wrote: Not a terrible movie, but the start of a new Star Wars-Trilogy could be better.

Grant H (mx) wrote: Pretty good movie. Kinda dark, but a bit funny. Hit-and-miss humor, excellent cast, interesting cameos from Dane Cook and Cee Lo Green.