Dragon Dynasty

Dragon Dynasty

A group of European explorers returning from China battle a pair of dragons sent by an evil wizard intent on keeping his land a secret.

A group of European explorers returning from China battle a pair of dragons sent by an evil wizard intent on keeping his land a secret. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dragon Dynasty torrent reviews

C j (kr) wrote: Couldn't see through the political 'preaching' to enjoy the movie.

Phuc T (us) wrote: The Terror Live was the best 2013 Korean Movie so far!

OliverTodd H (mx) wrote: This movie had so many actors who got their big fame in a TV series, so you would think there would be some pretty good acting or for the movie to at least be good... Leighton Meester did a good job playing that creepy room mate, but I just wish there was towards the end of the film, Like a freaky twist... Not a scary film that will make you jump.

tom w (nl) wrote: gud film if ur into cars

Jefferson W (ca) wrote: i thought it was hilarious and i got to meet the director and he was hilarious. he know his stuff. he tip toes on the line between documentary and full on comedy and he does it perfectly.

Megan B (fr) wrote: LOVE LOVE LOVE This MOvie!!

Andres G (us) wrote: Much better than the first movie.Better script, better stupid antagonist and much funnier.

Tom H (ag) wrote: so incredibly bad! i lack the words to describe it......

WA B (br) wrote: King Kong tried to do what the Godzilla films did but King Kong is just not that type of character this film felt like I was watching Godzilla's revenge with all the monsters this one was mixed of all of them,but this films story acting and action was rather effortless

j (fr) wrote: i liked this movie alot and james caan 's debut was good

Les E (jp) wrote: I always thing Clift to be rather weak. Here he is along side two greats and he just gets in the way and distracts us from some epic scenes where Hepburn and Taylor are sparring.

Benito R (it) wrote: What an amazing woman Annie Parker is. It's a very uneven film which takes away some emotion, but overall it's a powerful drama with very realistic characters. Along with realistic events that can happen around someone diagnosed with cancer. It focuses on Annie's struggles, but not so much as to ignore the rest of the world, and other victims of breast cancer. I think this film should have received more national attention.

JonErik F (br) wrote: A perfect action thriller. Kurt Russell is amazing and Oliver Platt does well with the comic relief.

larry d (kr) wrote: this was a fun war show it was great

Samaila A (jp) wrote: A story that needed to be told. Nit out of this world per se but Rachel Weisz did a good job

Countess N (mx) wrote: This movie shows how a undercover cop becomes obsessed with being a football hooligan. Great story,great acting,great characters and some laugh out loud moments.