Dragon Seed

Dragon Seed

Chinese peasants fight to survive the Japanese occupation during World War II.

The lives of a small Chinese village are turned Upside down when the Japanese invade it. And heroic young Chinese woman leads her fellow villagers in an uprising against Japanese Invaders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bront Y (gb) wrote: This was like a very messed up version of The Breakfast Club, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It was a really awesome movie, but the way it was executed didn't make total sense to me.

Serge C (fr) wrote: While I am not trying to make direct comparison, there are some ire similarities between French Resistance against Nazi occupation and Iraq Resistance against American occupation and/or Afghan Resistance against American occupation like....Both Resistances harmed occupying forces....Both Resistances harmed "collaborators"....Both Resistances harmed innocent civilians ....Both Resistances were labeled "terrorists"....Both Resistances were gravely tortured when caught....Both Resistances were composed in large parts of foreigners (e.g. Al Qaeda in Iraq)...Both Resistances were guided through a radical ideology (i.e. Communism and Islamism)Again, I am not trying to somehow justify the commission of Islamist terrorists acts, or degrade heroic acts of the French Resistance. Just to bring some perspective into this.Of course, in comparison, to the great evils Hitler committed, French resistance acts of terror were trivial. Of course, in comparison to the great evils Hitler committed, Americans transgressions in Iraq and Afghanistan (and even Vietnam) were trivial. But then, everything is trivial when compared with the Holocaust.And if we were to talk about Jewish "Occupation" vs Palestinian "Resistance" we'll be opening a whole yet another bag of worms.History is messy. Labels are simple. I wish people and media were more circumspect when labeling.

Nathalie S (nl) wrote: A beautiful movie thanks to Nananan's manga on which this movie is based. The way women's loneliness is depicted is really realistic.

Lubna A (it) wrote: Tushar made the movie worth watching!!

Brandi A (us) wrote: Okay. I love Juliette Lewis and Uma Thurman and yet again they rocked their roles but the movie didn't hold my interest in the least.

Ashley N (nl) wrote: this is a oldy but a goody. A grade laughs on a B grade budget. Check out Toni Collette's singing!

Carolyn G (ag) wrote: I hadn't watched this movie in about 10 years and finally caught it on satellite yesterday in a double-feature with "Boyz-n-the Hood". It still packs a very powerful punch. Between the stellar cast and the explosive subject matter, at no time was I not engaged. I still maintain that John Singleton is the superior director when it comes to comparisons between him and Spike Lee.

John G (jp) wrote: This has always been a funny movie through the years..... with my right foot..... i will kick your nose!!!! HA

Ruth M (jp) wrote: omg i saw dis movie wen i wass like 6 butt i luv itt!

Jon P (ru) wrote: Pier Paolo Pasolini's first foray into film holds all the hallmarks of the auteur's eventual genius - glimpsed long before he discovered his true calling.Accattone is a tale of desolate wasters in a desolate wasteland, thought to be adapted from the multi-platform poet's early novels. The film plays out like a traditional neo-realist flick, but with a pitch-black twist. Pasolini's neo-realism is gritty, and far grimmer than the great auteur's soul would prove to be in its prime. Accattone is an anti-movement film, yet it aches of a meandering yearning for focus - much like Pasolini's modern-day fans will while watching it.

Andy G (it) wrote: Alpha house is a raunchy comedy about a fraternity that also has to be a sorority house and they have to try to get along. Same thing done and all the others fraternity movies ever made. C (2013)

Erica B (kr) wrote: love johnny depp fav moviE