In an ancient time when majestic fire-breathers soared through the skies, a knight named Bowen comes face to face and heart to heart with the last dragon on Earth, Draco. Taking up arms to suppress a tyrant king, Bowen soon realizes his task will be harder than he'd imagined: If he kills the king, Draco will die as well.

Bowen is the best swordsman of the kingdom who is tasked to look after and teach prince Einon. But a terrible acciden puts the prince close to death, and Bowen uses the promise of prince's life, to share the heart of the greatest dragon with prince to maintain the life of the future king again . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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W James S (it) wrote: That was just...lame...

Harry W (ca) wrote: Le Week-End isn't my usual kind of film, but after hearing about its high level of critical acclaim from many critics I decided to give it a shot.Le Week-End certainly isn't a generic romantic comedy and it does have some depth to it, but in terms of storytelling it is utterly flawed.The main problem in Le Week-End is that it has difficulty telling audiences what is happening. The story constantly suggests that the main characters Nick Burrows and Meg Burrows are going to break up while in other scenes there is a suggestion that they will stay together. The optimism and pessimism is constantly jumping back and forth between moods, leaving Le Week-End to be a rather bipolar feature. The fact that the story was both joyous and depressing from time to time at a constant rate until the end of the 93 minute running time, so the experience was constantly jumpy. I was constantly on the edge of my seat in attempting to determine whether its married couple would stay together or end their relationship, and the constant arguments between them suggested that they would split up while their sudden resolution of the issues made it seem like they were going to be on. But really, there was never a way to be sure and so by the end of the film I was uncertain about the future. The whole film was very ambiguous and it ended on the same note, so frankly I never took too much away from the story. I cared about the main characters, but the fact that the story kept changing what could potentially happen without ever staying on one a consistent path was unsettling. By the end of the film I wasn't certain what would come next, but really I just assumed that things would be ok. I know that the ambiguity reflects the uncertainty we face as people in real life, but as a film experience I found that Le Week-End was very emotionally manipulative and just played around with its viewers a lot.And it didn't exactly communicate things too well. One of the key sources of conflict between the main two characters is when Nick accuses Meg of having an affair, and later on she apparently proves that she never cheated by saying many words at a dinner party, yet I didn't understand what she was saying. I never figured out if Meg did or didn't cheat on her husband, and yet after that suddenly things are happy again. Like I said, Le Week-End doesn't always clarify things and leaves viewers to use their own assumptions to suggest what comes next. And frankly, I can't say that I walked away from Le Week-End having enjoyed its less than stellar attempt at storytelling.All in all, Le Week-End is a film with a lot of realism in it, but unfortunately that evokes mixed feelings in me. Its genuine depiction of characters and utter realism make the feature a true one, but as a film this just isn't entertaining to me. I go to movies to be entertained and taken away from the drama of the real world, but Le Week-End just played with my emotions and uncertainties and left me wallowing in the repetitive drama of the story. From start to finish, Le Week-End is repetitive and doesn't introduce many clever or original dynamics instead of repeating its dramatic aspects again and again with slight changes to the context until it comes to a sudden end. So Le Week-End is more likely to appeal to the crowds who have experienced many years of marriage or a relationship that has become a chore than crowds looking for a genuine form of entertainment.But I will say that overall I did manage to enjoy Le Week-End. While it is repetitive and manipulative, it at least bothers to tell the truth. It reveals that love isn't always some magical fantasy like depicted in more of the romantic films of modern day, and that its hard and tedious work which sometimes amounts to no reward. So audiences can sympathise with the drama in the film and possibly re-examine their own relationships in an attempt not to end up in a rut like the protagonists in Le Week-End do. So the realism does have some benefit.And the atmosphere of the film feels really light. Thanks to a cleverly written script there is a light touch of humour implemented into Le Week-End which makes it charming in parts and easy to watch. And plus it is shot on very appealing locations with fine smooth cinematography which make it visually pleasing.But the main thing that keeps Le Week-End alive throughout all of its repetitive and manipulative territory is the performances of its lead two actors. Jim Broadbent is always a charming actor in the many films he has played in due to his natural charisma as an actor, and he tends to play roles that are restrained. He always manages to do that well, and Le Week-End is no exception for that. His performance has a lot of friendliness and humour to it as well as serious emotional drama which simply brews within him without coming out much. As people age they become more and more stoic yet never lose touch with their emotions, and Jim Broadbent proves with his meaningful performance that he has a fine understanding of this. Jim Broadbent is a fine choice for the lead in Le Week-End and he never lets viewers down.Lindsay Duncan's performance is also a skilful one. Despite her age, she has the energetic charisma of a young Mia Farrow and the attractive charm of her as well. Her dramatic strength manages to steal the screen a lot of the time in Le Week-End and she has a constant energy to her which keeps the spirits of the film active even as it charters into all kinds of dramatic territory. Lindsay Duncan is a great lead in Le Week-End.Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan share an impeccable chemistry because they truly feel like a married couple. You can see that they both treat each other as if they have encountered many years of marriage, sharing a mix of passion and disdain for each other at the same time. The realistic chemistry between them makes the entire feature an entertaining one and makes it more compelling, so they manage to save much of the film together.Jeff Goldblum was ok as well.So despite the fact that the film is very emotionally manipulative over a short period of 93 minutes, Le Week-End is very well acted and causes its audience to really think.

Zack F (fr) wrote: The Giant Mechanical Man is a thoughtful romantic comedy that speaks to a generational change to the definition of success. The film really thrives with the chemistry and charm of Fischer and Messina, but the supporting characters that provide annoyance rather than humor seem like they are in a different movie.

Rebecca J (fr) wrote: Loved it.?????????

Ged F (gb) wrote: Finally watched this tonight being a massive Cantona fan I found the best bits of the film were when Eric wasn't in it. Enjoyed it overall but it could well be the most sweariest film ever.

Pete S (ru) wrote: Cute unusual close-kin story to a dark Santa tale.

Tim S (fr) wrote: I found the sequel, When a Stranger Calls Back, to be a bit more of a disappointment than anything. Granted that I'm not crazy for the original film, but it seems better crafted and better told than this one. This one feels more like a sequel that should have happened after the original film's success and not so many years later. Even the tagline is lame to me: "Before there was Scream, there was... the Stranger." That's very silly to me. I also find it both silly and sad that Carol Kane and Charles Durning had nothing better to do than star in a sequel to a mildly successful thriller that they were in fourteen years prior. The crew at Rifftrax recently did a run-through of the movie, but I fell asleep listening to their commentary on it. It's definitely not as effective as the original, especially the opening scene, but curiosity may get you on it.


Alexander P (fr) wrote: A film that was fun for the whole family in the 80's but now feels really dated. Short steals the show and Quaid is not very good in the main role. A great idea well made and filmed again ahead of its time but lacks in its longevity - has not aged well.

Josh A (gb) wrote: Unfortunately not as hysterical as Poolboy; It is very funny in parts, but also throws a lot of jokes out there that fail miserably. Of course, the complete insanity of the premise does help its cause quite a bit...

Henrik B (ca) wrote: The movie is definitely one of the better animated interpretations of DC's Justice League. The bad guys are presented with some of the very best villains. The plot is well told and has a surprisingly deep history. The animations and voice acting is superb. I hope they make a sequel, it deserves it!Watch it if you like:The Avengers, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Under The Red Hood

Frank P (kr) wrote: I happened to catch this film at FrightFest in London and wow! It blew me away. I mean compared to some horror films this one is just cold dark and terrifying in a psychological way. The thought of standing on Landmine is bad enough, but in the middle of nowhere in a country where you don't speak the language so how to explain or ask for help. Because your in the middle of nowhere of course there's no mobile phone signal so your well and truly snookered. What's more the one person who is with you does everything she can to help you including playing some Psycho's stupid little sex games. OMFG you have to see this film. It might not sink it right away what you saw but trust me next day you will realize what you witnessed.