Some teenagers in an old house find that there's something evil in the water.

Some teenagers in an old house find that there's something evil in the water. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Drainiac! torrent reviews

Mark E (ru) wrote: A slow predictable sci-if horror as about as believable as Santa Claus!

Joseph M (es) wrote: Awesome documentary, great pacing. A little sad/depressing to watch, due to the families involved, but overall an enjoyable movie. Surprisingly objective considering the subject matter and people involved.

Stephanie G (br) wrote: Umm weird much? Not reccommended.

Steve S (kr) wrote: Well made thriller/drama. It takes you into the mind of a kid who has had enough of being bullied at school. With help from his friends, he plans a wilderness trip with revenge on his mind.

Lee B (mx) wrote: Adrien Brody a bad ass murderer in BRACES!? Amazing.

john b (gb) wrote: Return to the Blue Lagoon is just really, really uncomfortable to watch.

Jin O (gb) wrote: It is a master work.Valmont is honest in choosing his ture love,but it's a bold choice for most people,people always ask a much moral one.

David K (gb) wrote: a tad too preachy but it doesn't lie when you "boil right down to it.". Yuk yuk yuk...

Konrad S (it) wrote: Loved this flick about Frankie & Annette going back for another beach bash. Couple of great scenes and Dick Dale's cameo with 80's haircut make it worth seeing for all beach party movies :)

Matt S (fr) wrote: A movie within a movie within a movie....Classic!

Grayson W (es) wrote: More about Peter Cushing than Christopher Lee's Dracula, but a cool movie with good atmosphere and actors.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Charming screwball romantic comedy about Salem witch, Veronica Lake, returning from the grave to torment the ancestor of her executioner, Fredrick March, who she ends up falling in love with. Lake and March apparently hated each other off-screen, but it doesn't seem to hurt the film at all or is even noticeable when watching the film. Joel McCrae was originally cast in the March role, but dropped out because he didn't want to work again with Lake. Preston Sturges was also connected to the film in it's development stage and also worked on the script, and the film benefits from having a Sturges vibe to it. "Bell, Book and Candle" is still the best romantic witch film, but this one is quite good.

Patrick W (ca) wrote: Absolutely hilarious. Billy Bob Thornton is perfect as the grizzly old drunk mall thief in a Santa suit. His interactions with Brett Kelly and Tony Cox are priceless. This was also one of John Ritter's last films before passing.

Markkyle R (nl) wrote: Pretty awesome this film