In the aftermath of a car crash, a man discovers his dreams are tied to a stranger's sleepwalking.

In the aftermath of a car crash, a man discovers his dreams are tied to a stranger's sleepwalking. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael W (ca) wrote: A undiscovered Classic! Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sly Stallone, for the first time, combine to make Escape Plan. Both Sly and Arnold play strong Alpha male roles; Stallone plays an escape artist and Schwarzenegger's character is a super criminal. The character driven story line has strong plot twists which keeps the viewer guessing. Sly's character is paid to try an escape out of a unbreakable prison. Supporting actor Jim Caviezel stands out as the antagonist warden (smart/adaptable) which spices up the story. A solid film. 3 and half to 4 stars.

WS W (de) wrote: Dunno since when biopic-making was about a certain phase than lifetime achievements.

Pam S (fr) wrote: Not as scary as you think it would/should be.

Monica F (fr) wrote: Maybe the only thing that I will remember about this movie, is me thinking: "Is she wearing again that red shirt?"

Corey L (mx) wrote: A documentary describing Canada's only pizza topping. How it came to be and why all other pizza toppings were outlawed in Canada.

Justin E (ca) wrote: Odd....just fucking odd...cool practical make up effects though. Bonus points for killing two steroid filled muscleheads back to back. Exploding boner? Hahahaha

Mike T (nl) wrote: Director Elia Kazan and actor Marlon Brando were the ideal combination, and this film is just another piece of evidence. Working from a rich screenplay by John Steinbeck that perfectly captures the scope and tragic character arc of Zapata, Elia Kazan gives the picture his own gritty flavor and simplistic visual appeal. Marlon Brando dominates in the lead role, playing a complex and demanding character full of anguished undercurrents. Fast, exciting and brilliantly executed, this is a masterpiece and a definite favorite of mine.

John B (es) wrote: Good movie about the Indian game of Lacrosse and it's heritage, not the greatest acting but, teaches good principles of finding your inner strength to be successful

Gareth D (nl) wrote: Easy watching, it just goes to show how easy it is to play on someone's desires and you can be old but still naive (maybe by choice too). Easy watching and entertaining enough, if a little pretentious.

Mortea R (us) wrote: I Loved every second of this movie. It was like my childhood dreams were in the head of zack snyder too. We fans Loved it. So... FUCK CRITICS FOR Being Dicks.