Dream Slashers

Dream Slashers

What would you do? You know you should run, but you're not going to, are you? Remember, you've been warned...

What would you do? You know you should run, but you're not going to, are you? Remember, you've been warned... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dream Slashers torrent reviews

Meghna P (es) wrote: they lost the plot somewhere along the way.

Craig B (gb) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie and was intrigued and thoroughly entertained.

Private U (ru) wrote: un humor muy particular... muy recomendable para los que gustan del sarcasmo!

Phil H (ru) wrote: AWESOME MUSIC VIDEO!!!!!!! THE BEST EVER!!!!??? could well be in my opinion, there is nothing you can say that could possibly be negative about this amazingly well made and rehearsed routine, its perfect.Every dancer in this short music video does excellent work to keep up with Jacko who is in the zone baby!! LOL!! he is clearly at the top of his game and at the peak of his dancing ability throughout this whole dance routine. Not a foot wrong and not a move looks out of place, its fantastic and looks even better, faultless, 100% to every performer :)Then you have the great horror flick homage to stare in ore at, every bit as good as the dancing on show, the makeup is topps, just as good as any big budget film if not better! All the undead look brilliant and well dressed in their rotting atire, the facial makeup is superb and actually gives the performers quite a scary look its that good hahaAs we all know its a film of two halves aswell, at first you have Landis redoing his 'American Werewolf' transformation sequence with Jacko and then the second half is obviously a slight homage to Romero zombie flicks of the past with a mix of your standard horror folklore. Its all done so well and will probably never be seen again, such an epic scale of unbeatable genius and achievement its just staggering to think that anyone could say Jackson ISN'T the best there ever was.My only quibble is its too short haha I always want it to go on and on with more night creatures dancing under the moonlight with Jacko ^___^RIP Michael

Johnathon W (fr) wrote: Charming comedy that works best when focusing on the two leads (Ford & Fonda in fine form) and their attempts to tame a horse more interested in getting drunk on corn mash. However, a lack of plot & fun supporting (outside their scheming boss) keep it from becoming anything more. Worth watching you if you find it on TV.

Max B (ru) wrote: Typical Hitchcock...which translates to typically excellent

Raul G (ru) wrote: A little boring to me but, pretty soild