Dream Warrior

Dream Warrior

In an apocalyptic future, a man with extra-human powers goes on the run.

In an apocalyptic future, a man with extra-human powers goes on the run. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elliott L (ca) wrote: Australian films always seem to fall flat when it comes to dialogue and story. This wasn't actually bad at all. After suspending a bit of disbelief for some of the illogical choices the protagonist made. It actually did very well in developing the relationship between the protagonist and the young girl.

Jonathan S (de) wrote: You know how when classic, loud, obnoxious, stereotypical Americans embarrass you in front of people from other countries...I feel the same way when people who share my faith do things like this.

Matt C (es) wrote: Very poor movie from Stallone

Jamie C (ag) wrote: A strong voice cast and a nice twist on the whole superhero genre makes this a nice little film, I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version but i bet it would of been better, Maybe not as funny as it should of been but some cool action scenes help it allot.

Tiago G (mx) wrote: Based on a graphic novel that I know very little, still I liked very much the visual style it presented and a very frech animation that feels very needed this days. In the end what actually makes it stand out is the bold storytelling that shows the comming of age of a little girl stuck in a culture that does't understand her and the political nuances behind it.

Gandalf T (ag) wrote: This documentary is awesome. Since I saw it on Swedish tv, I have probably watched it 10-15 times. I can't reccomend this enough.

Tyler D (br) wrote: This trilogy is for cinema of Hong Kong what The Godfather Trilogy is for American cinema. It is easy to see why this trilogy has such a cult following not only in Hong Kong but among movie lovers all over the world. The second film of the series is my personal favourite as it deftly incorporated spiritual and philosophical themes in a crime drama. The first one is absolutely riveting while the third one is a fitting end to the saga of cops and gangsters in Hong Kong. The three films have to be watched together really and treated as a single film. Forget about The Departed. This is the real thing.

Dave S (fr) wrote: Weird and refreshingly small scale.

Dylan G (au) wrote: This gleefully gory and complex installment of this great franchise is not for the faint of heart! They do a fantastic job of doing something new with it, and has arguably the best kills of any installment! A-

Gary W (de) wrote: I liked the idea. The ending wasn't very original but the desperation of the writer came through clearly. I would've taken the $10000 and gone to SF with my girl but hey I'm shallow.

Mohammed A (ag) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Allan C (us) wrote: This is a film that I kind of ruined for myself by watching it too many time when I worked as a video store clerk. I had the film too well memorized for the jokes to seem fresh and even had the action scenes memorized. However, watching the film for the first time in about 16 years, Michelle Pfeiffer was even better than I remember, playing a mob wife trying to get out of the life after per mobster husband, Alec Baldwin in an early role, is killed. Dean Stockwell was also terrific as the mob boss with the hots for Pfeiffer and and was still great to watch. The story also involved the FBI trying to take down Stockwell and the FBI thinks tailing Pfeiffer is the key getting him. There's also Stockwell's jealous wife, the terrific Mercedes Ruehl, to add another great element of comedy. It's a set up to rival a classic screwball comedy, but Pfeiffer brings a level of likability and humanity to a role that could have easily been played for broad silly comedy (as many of the supporting were played) and consequentially makes Angela Demarco a well developed fully rounded out character. The same could also be said for Matthew Modine as the FBI agent caught between trying to get Tony and also falling for Pfeiffer. Demme brings a very unique and nontraditional tone to the comedy, much as he did with his previous film, "Something Wild." He also provided the film with one of my favorite 80s soundtracks, featuring Debbie Harry, New Order, Ziggy Marley, Brian Eno, Chris Isaak, David Byrne and many others. It all adds up to a terrific comedy that is one of my favorites of the 1980s.

Brandon W (de) wrote: The Huntsman: Winter's War is directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan who did the special effects to the first film, and it stars Chris Hemsworth, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain, and Charlize Theron in a prequel/sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman about the Huntsman's story about how he met his girl and was the way that he was during the events of the first one, while also taking care of the mirror when Ravenna's sister Freya (Emily Blunt) is after them. While I really enjoyed Snow White and the Huntsman a lot, I wouldn't really know if it was necessary for another one, even though I was looking forward to this film. So with that said, it is a decent flick, although not something that I'm going to remember. For me, it really didn't need for the huntsman's backstory as we know enough about him in the first one, even though it showed some backstory from Freya, which it doesn't have that much similarities to Frozen to my surprise. The villain was a weak one that seem hypocritical at times with her decisions. The special effects look good, although there were some effects that look off and is not as magical as the first film. It has some funny moments from the dwarves, and the action scenes are good. Chris Hemsworth always gives good performances as he always tries, Jessica Chastain giving a Scottish accent was an interesting choice and she did a good job, even though she was reminding me of Merida from Brave not just because of her accent, but her skills too. Charlize Theron is the best part of the film with her over the topness that's enjoyable to watch, even though she's only in it for like around 15 or 20 minutes. It can be fun to watch only in the mindless way, and I got enough of that which this unnecessary film is decent enough which I hope it stops here.