Dream Wife

Dream Wife

Clemson Reade, a business tycoon with marriage on his mind, and Effie, a U.S. diplomat, are a modern couple. Unfortunately there seems to be too much business and not enough pleasure on the part of Effie. When Clemson meets Tarji, a princess trained in all the arts of pleasing men, he decides he wants an old fashioned girl. Princess Tarji's father is king of oil-rich Bukistan. Because of the oil situation and to maintain good political relations during the courtship between Clemson & Tarji, the State Department assigns a diplomat to maintain protocol until the wedding - Effie!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1953
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fight,   reporter,   hotel,  

Clemson Reade, a business tycoon with marriage on his mind, and Effie, a U.S. diplomat, are a modern couple. Unfortunately there seems to be too much business and not enough pleasure on the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ethan L (us) wrote: Some of the special effects can be impressive, but the rest of the movie is a tone deaf mess. C-

Rania A (kr) wrote: I'm not really a Rom-Com person but this film was packed with laugh out loud jokes.. Although some were a bit too crude as I saw it with my mother I would still recommend it

Divina L (au) wrote: Disappointed!! Worst film ever, no storyline at all!!

Edith V (ag) wrote: Heartwarming movie, with great acting and directing. One actor was vital in the beginning, and I was disappointed that he didn't have a bigger role at the end. I'd recommend this film.

Michael S (it) wrote: One word best describes Witless Protection. Abomination

Ralph R (ru) wrote: I've seen some real turds in my life time, but this film is worse than a choir of goats humming the theme song from the Facts of Life.The hero looks like The Guyver had sex with Lord Zedd of Power Rangers fame and reeks of a Spiderman clone as obviously pointed out by multiple references throughout the film.The plot is not very coherent, and the dub job is painful at best. The actors display the emotion of a comatose koala bear, and the Islamic terrorist bad guys are hardly Islamic or terrible.What should one do in regards to this film?Avoid it much like one would if given the option to see Rosie O'Donnell play Chutes and Ladders in the nude.

Nathaniel B (gb) wrote: Almost flawless. I think it was well made. Javier Bardem's role is what I'll remember the most. It's not the greatest of stories, but it's extremely well made as I've said before.

Grcin A (ag) wrote: An amazing musical journey through Istanbul.

Elin G (nl) wrote: Ultrarealistic, deeply disturbing with an emotional blow that had a crazy impact because it was so undramatic in presentation. The actor is amazing and at 70 min it doesn't overstay it's welcome. But it makes you feel so bad. I think that is probably a good thing.

Lynn B (fr) wrote: I love it who ever made it is awesome

Jesus H (jp) wrote: It was an average drama

Drew M (us) wrote: Ok movie, kinda reminded me of The Waterhorse

Andy P (ag) wrote: Bergman's dreamy family epic is his most accessible movie. It breaks away from the moody, brooding tone that characterized his early psychodramas. It is still dark, allegorical and illuminating of the dark side of human nature, but it is also life affirming and almost fairy tale like. Not just a cinematic achievement but a literary one too, for watching this long, carefully paced Dickensian tale feels like watching the pages of a classic novel come to life.

Christina V (mx) wrote: One of the best comedies ever! My love affair with William Powell continues. There is one scene that made my side hurt from laughing too much. Jean Harlow really shines as the put-upon girlfriend of Spencer Tracy. Everything about this film is pitch-perfect.

Darren H (gb) wrote: The beautiful Criterion restoration is both a revelation and a rejuvenation.

Ben G (gb) wrote: Enjoyable nonsense that needs a little deconstructing to understand.

Patrick K (ru) wrote: Take a little "Reservoir Dogs." Combine it with some "Stand By Me." Toss in a bit of "No Country for Old Men." What emerges from this oddball concoction is the superb "Cop Car." Actors James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford play two preteen runaways - Travis and Harrison - who steal an unattended cop car from the middle of flatland farm country. These two carry the success of "Cop Car" on their young shoulders. If they fail to convince audiences that their characters would actually commit such a stupid act and then would compound their idiocy by tooling recklessly through the back roads, blasting the siren and flashing the light bar - stopping only to play make-believe games with the treasure trove of deadly cop gear they find on board - then this movie is an abject failure. Turns out I believe these characters one hundred percent ... which means that I consider "Cop Car" a one hundred per cent success. Has Kevin Bacon ever portrayed such a relentlessly evil jerk as the "Cop Car" sheriff? We are never told exactly what heinous crime the sheriff is trying to cover up, only that it involves a duffel bag full of cocaine and two unidentified half-dead men. We also learn that the sheriff has no qualms about committing cold-blooded murder to conceal his guilt. His missing vehicle contains enough evidence to land him in prison for life, so you'd think that as soon as he realizes he's stranded on foot in the middle of nowhere that he would consider himself hopelessly screwed. Far from it ... because this crafty S.O.B. resides squarely in Anton Chigurh territory. That is, he is an eternally optimistic villain. He never gives up. As soon as he realizes that his vehicle has been heisted, he slings his duffel bag across his shoulder and begins a double-time jog across the endless farmland. He's a bad man with a bad plan. And that's not good news for the two young cop car thieves. "Cop Car" is shoestring-budget film making at its finest. "Cop Car" has it all. It is funny. It is suspenseful. It is wistful. It is scary. It is horrific. It is sad. And just as director Jon Watts deliberately leaves the viewer in the dark about events before the film opens, he is also vague about the ending. I'm sure the ambiguous ending of "Cop Car" infuriated some of the less imaginative members of the audience. Truth is, I really dig Watts's ending. I'm not angry that Watts doesn't tell us exactly what the future holds for these two lads. Over the course of only eighty-eight film minutes, I really got to know the hapless Travis and Harrison. My inner-kid identified with them so much that I wish from the bottom of my heart that everything works out just peachy for them both. I bet you will, too.

Noel K (de) wrote: Amusing at times with a meandering plot. But with actors like Bogart, Morley & Lorre belting out lines penned by Truman Capote, the movie was fun to watch.