Dreams That Money Can Buy

Dreams That Money Can Buy

A strange attempt to bring the work of surrealist artists to a wider public. The plot is than an average Joe (Jack Bittner) can conjure up dreams that will improve peoples lives. This gives an excuse to view sequences created by several artists, most of whom were living in the US to avoid World War II. Collaborators included Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Alexander Calder, Darius Milhaud and Fernand Léger. The film won the Award for the Best Original Contribution to the Progress of Cinematography at the 1947 Venice Film Festival. Besides Buñuel's work this is considered to be the last official surrealist film.

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D M (fr) wrote: It starts with an awesome remixed version of "Hungry Like a Wolf", and kept getting better. Definitely amateurish on a few levels (the werewolf makeup could be much better, and the lighting and pacing were done poorly), it was funny throughout. After a stripper kills a werewolf with a silver pen, the pack of werewolves hunt down the killer while her compatriots help to defend her. This UK film starring Alan Ford features a cameo from Robert Englund,

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Chloe C (ca) wrote: there were precious footages in there that will stay with me for a long, long time! well done!!

andrew b (ag) wrote: another great low budget techno punk future

Paul C (de) wrote: Far too much style over substance unfortunately. The action scenes are pretty good but are linked by very slow plot devices. Mark Dacascos and Tcheky Karyo are unable to show anything like the performances they are capable of, and while Julie Condra (Mrs Dacascos incidentally) is incredibly beautiful she is also incredibly wooden.

Phillie E (au) wrote: It's become something of a cult classic.

Jukka H (fr) wrote: Perhaps the most frustrating video nasty. A masked killer decapitates young women with a huge blade, yet there is virtually no graphic violence. What were they thinking? And how can a timid movie like this be labelled as a video nasty in the first place?!

Bill B (mx) wrote: Well, I'm pleased to say that Dana Andrews has yet to let me down with any of the Film Noir movies I've caught him in, and I'm happy to have crossed this one off the list.Great stuff, recommended.

John B (kr) wrote: I enjoyed this movie and the great race across the continent, also had a good cast

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