18-year old Christian has just graduated from high school. At his summer job he is seduced by the 36-year old single mother Sanne. Soon he is drawn into a world of sensuality and his ...

18-year old Christian has just graduated from high school. At his summer job he is seduced by the 36-year old single mother Sanne. Soon he is drawn into a world of sensuality and his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David E (au) wrote: A heartfelt tribute to the legacy of Calvin & Hobbes. Many of the interviews with fans describing how the strip affected their lives are interesting, but there is little depth here. There is almost no information given on the history of the strip itself, nor of any broader impact or influence. Calvin & Hobbes fans will likely enjoy the personal anecdotes, but those looking for an informative documentary will be left wanting.

Ludovic R (es) wrote: Le top du top de la loose. Les amateurs de skateboard arriveront tenir 20min grce aux quelques figures (correctes mais pas dtonnantes) mais ils feront comme les autres : ils arrteront le film trs rapidement !

Frank P (mx) wrote: There is a gentle moment in the second hour, where I suddenly realize what the movie is about. If I could wish to be part of any movie universe - then this would be it. Nothing I've seen so far has such a subtle, delicate, and endearing way to illustrate the wholesomeness of friendship. If Celine and Julie are all about freeing themselves from the past and becoming children again, then Linda Linda Linda highlights the life-affirming moment when someone tells you that you are indispensable. Incidentally, Linda Linda Linda is a very Rivettesque film. To put it bluntly, Bae Doona is the Asian equivalent to the synthesis of all Rivette actresses. She can communicate ineffable emotions through an infinite variety of eloquent bodily gestures and facial expressions. Of course, the preciousness of such performances requires the sure hands of a patient filmmaker who trusts the power of an unflinching gaze. This movie would not have worked without the unobtrusive yet precise mise-en-scene from the filmmakers. All these said, Linda Linda Linda is without question my favorite Japanese film of all time, and one of the greatest films ever made.

Destiny P (nl) wrote: Funny as the first one!! Plus the monsters was the same ones as the cartoon series!

MarieNolle D (it) wrote: Like it!! The best of the three!!

David W (jp) wrote: Bad Santa is vulgar and cruel, but enjoyable nonetheless

Aka A (it) wrote: An intelligent film. Decent bollywood depiction of terrorism & extremist/separatist movements stemming from ethnic riots - Offcourse, it wouldn't be bollywood without the tunes, and they were very likable in this film :)Or you could simply watch it for the eye-candy in the form of Hrithik Roshan..!

Benot R (au) wrote: Comme souvent chez Kitano, le contexte est loin d'tre joyeux. C'est l'histoire d'un petit garon, Masao, (C)lev (C) par sa grand-mre, dont le pre est d (C)c (C)d (C) et o la mre est partie. L'espace de quelques jours, un (C)t (C) alors qu'il s'ennuie parce que tous ses amis sont partis en vacances, il va partir avec Kikujiro, une sorte de voyou minable, pour tenter de rencontrer sa mre. Sur leur route, ils vont rencontrer des marginaux, essentiellement deux motards aux allures effrayantes, mais au grand coeur, un pote et un jeune couple, parmi les rencontres notoires. Au final, Kitano nous offre une oeuvre profond (C)ment humaine, o aussi bien le petit Masao que Kikujiro vont avoir une influence extrmement positive sur les deux autres personnages. Pour le premier, Kikujiro va l'aider d (C)couvrir des facettes amusantes de la vie, l'aventure, mais aussi des choses nettement plus tristes (SPOILER: la mre qui a refait sa vie ailleurs et a un autre enfant). Kikujiro va quant lui se reconna (R)tre (C)norm (C)ment dans le petit Masao, et o derrire ses allures de brute et de grossier personnage, se cache un homme avec (C)norm (C)ment de sentiments qui va tout faire pour prot (C)ger le jeune enfant. Cela donne (C)norm (C)ment de s (C)quences amusantes, parfois burlesques, o rarement l'humour a (C)t (C) aussi pr (C)sent chez Kitano (qui nous offre une s (C)quence m (C)morable dans la piscine d'un htel). Encore une trs grosse r (C)ussite de ce cin (C)aste.

Zain T (ru) wrote: the Indian equivalent of Goodfellas/Scarface/Carlito's Way. Ram Gopal Varma's best work so far!

Cody C (mx) wrote: What a great movie! I went into this with really low expectations, and I'll be damned if this thing ain't legitimately impressive. Structurally, this is everything a sequel should be-faster, crazier, less story, and more action. I had a smile on my face for most of this damn movie, and I could never tell what would happen next. Better than the original, and I could definitely see myself rewatching this several times.

Dave J (gb) wrote: Wednesday, October 1, 2014(1995) Boys On The SideDRAMA/ COMEDY

Denise d (ag) wrote: this movie needs no comment

D G (au) wrote: Interesting background movie. No discernible plot to miss. Weird shit, flashbacks, slowbacks, flashthis, flashthat. fuck it - light up and shoot the shit with friends while you watch. It can't hurt.

Brad S (it) wrote: - A decent fluff movie. I like Steve Martin and he's pretty good in it. The movie isn't anything super special but it's an easy watch. Check it out. - Hadn't seen this one before. It was amusing and a nice easy watch, if you like or at least can tolerate Steve Martin. Give it a try!

Kristiana G (kr) wrote: Old but good movie. It was wierd to see Danny DeVito so young.

Sean C (ag) wrote: A bit long and incorrect with some key facts, this movie could be titled "Trust no one, especially your mother." All in all a solid film, although its cynicism can be cringe inducing at times.

Noname (jp) wrote: Great war movie classics ,, maybe a bit slow sometimes and long and i like different parts more or less through the movie but still one of my fav.

Keating T (it) wrote: A fun film, music by Nat KIng Cole, and good acting, Cat Ballou is the modest teacher turned cowgirl.

Tim S (us) wrote: Dreadfully dull....an exercise in bleh....a waste of good talent. I could go on. :) Seriously, 13 Frightened Girls is IMO one of Castle's worst films. I don't find it all that interesting to watch some spoiled rich girl play Nancy Drew for 90 minutes, but maybe that's just me. Apparently William Castle scoured the world to find beautiful young girls of different nationalities. I'm not sure why so much effort was put into this (maybe just personal pleasure) because these "13 Frightened Girls" mentioned in the title play no part in the story whatsoever. Hell, there are more girls than that running around in this moviebut we only identify with two of them. All that you as an audience member need concern yourself with is a pretty 16 year old girl who likes to spy on the Russians and the Chinese. That's about it. Dated by everything from clothing to music doesn't really help this movie either. If you want to see a far superior movie that is supposed to be about a bunch of young women being terrified that's meant to be fun, watch Hausu (House) instead.