Dressed to Kill

Dressed to Kill

A mysterious, tall, blonde woman, wearing sunglasses murders one of a psychiatrist's patients, and now she's after the prostitute who witnessed it.

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Dressed to Kill torrent reviews

Cherokee M (gb) wrote: I like it because ross lynch is in it

Rui S (fr) wrote: I can't tell if this is drama or comedy...maybe it's both...

Nicki M (mx) wrote: Only saw the end and fricken hated it. Leaving the dog behind. Ffs.

Peter P (mx) wrote: A very uninspired fight movie. The acting is terrible, the fighting is pretty forgetable and the story is hard to watch for the most part. It gets 2 stars for having a few things that movies need, such as credits and I am pretty sure I saw a "Grip"s name listed, and some punches were thrown, although lamely. Overall, Skip it.

Don S (kr) wrote: Well, it starts off pretty well! I really liked the kids at the beginning. And of course, it stars two of my favorite Hollywood voices - adorable Holly Hunter and William Hurt! But, it also stars one of my least favorite "actors" Albert Brooks, and he really brings this film down. The plot is at it's best when it is about the news, and it is extremely weak when it's about the romance. Really weak. And, for me, it needed waaaay more Jack Nicholson! But even that could not make up for that terrible, cheesy, clichd ending. Pee yew!

Eliabeth N (fr) wrote: It is nice to see what Fred and Ginger can do in supporting roles rather than leading roles in this film, and the overall story is good. There are a few things within this film which lower the rating a little but it is still well worth a watch and the Carioca is great, but maybe a little long for some peoples tastes.

Walter M (au) wrote: In "Bachelorette," Regan(Kirsten Dunst) is initially taken aback when her friend Becky(Rebel Wilson) tells her she has gotten engaged to Dale(Hayes MacArthur). But she soon collects herself and rallies their friends Katie(Isla Fisher) and Gena(Lizzy Caplan) to be bridesmaids, even though Gena did not ever want to see her ex, Clyde(vodka spokesperson Adam Scott), again. But things do not go well with the obligatory male stripper and get even worse when they wreck the wedding dress the night before the wedding. "Bachelorette" is a fast paced comedy with a talented cast, especially Lizzy Caplan who with the best moments in the film proves that 'Masters of Sex' is no fluke. That's not to mention the skinny women being the screwed-up ones for once. But then the movie takes this too far, not only in the department of why people write about characrers they have obvious disdain for, but also implies that the only reason the bridesmaids are not married yet is because they are so screwed up. Personally, movies have to do better than this and make more progressive statements than it is okay for women to behave badly. Because otherwise all you are left with here is a particularly vulgar afterschool special. And correct me if I'm wrong but that has to be the most demure New York City strip club.

Brad W (es) wrote: Not bad for a mostly serious Elvis movie.

Fred T (jp) wrote: While admittedly not as good as it's predecessors return of the Jedi offers some of the best characters in the entire trilogy.