A man develops an attraction to the daughter of his father's fiancee.

Handsome, 30-ish Mete (Andrea Bosca) has an apartment in Rome's picturesque historical center, a stimulating (if unlikely) job as a handwriting analyst and an enviable, appropriately hedonistic social life. Less felicitously, his 17-year-old half-sister, Belinda (Miriam Giovanelli), to whom he's inconveniently attracted, has just moved into his living room. As Mete's father, Sergio (Massimo Popolizio), a soccer star-turned-sports pundit, belatedly prepares to marry Belinda's mother, Virna (Spanish-Italian actress Aitana Sanchez-Gijon), the two half-siblings negotiate their problematic intimacy boundaries (http://www.variety.com). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Drifters torrent reviews

Peter B (ag) wrote: I don't know what is more drab, the script or Colin Firth's American accent. Snooze.

Sue L (it) wrote: I loved this movie. It had connections for me. My son is from South America and I am Jewish. It is the repetition of the morning factory opening that hooked me. It is so evocative of the factory owner's life. He is so routinized that he can't change anything in the factory and he can't change anything else in his life, either. Poor Marta hopes that she has found someone to share her life with and her hopes are repeatedly dashed. And the brother of the factory owner is helpless to change his brother, as well. I was mesmerized by this movie

Marie N (es) wrote: LOVE this movie! Total sleeper. No clue why the ratings are so poor. Sorry Mars Callahan hasn't been in more movies (or written more scripts)

Gary S (ca) wrote: Shane Meadows's characters are always very believable. Not over the top and stereotyped. Really good, kitchensink drama.

Sylvester K (au) wrote: An Italian spoof of the James Bond films, set in Rio de Janiero with beautiful setting and well operated technical aspects. The film itself was fun to watch as it does have a tongue in cheek humour running through out that can definitely entertain the audience. The acting is somewhat horrendous, but the beautiful women could redeem the film.

Cliff M (ru) wrote: A time travelling romantic weepie made more so by the Rachmaninov score.

Kevin S (es) wrote: Don't waste your precious time.