Drifting Clouds

Drifting Clouds

Tram driver Lauri looses his job. Shortly later, the restaurant where his wife Ilona works as a headwaitress is closed. Too proud, to receive money from the social welfare system, they hardly try to find new jobs. But they are completely unlucky and clumsy, one disaster is followed by the next. Finally, their courage, confidence, and their unbreakable love triumph over the fate.

The recession hits a couple in Helsinki. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David M (ru) wrote: This is another that I enjoyed. It's available on Netflix.

Ivy K (ru) wrote: I feel like story wise this had elements to do interesting things, but it didn't flesh any of them out and just threw them all together with absolutely no character development or transition and instead of really doing anything it had the potential to they spent a great deal of time reminding everyone they were black, which wasn't really a point in the movie. it wasn't about racial issues or embracing heritage, just a lot of "I'm blacker than you, you're not black enough, you're too black, let's throw this random insult out at this girl for having dark skin and then only have exclusively light skinned people at our wedding." I can't help but feel that racial equality would be better served by not pretending that every second of a person's life revolves around what race they are when there's absolutely no deeper message or meaning involved in it.

Bryen M (au) wrote: The film gives an honest look at how easy it can be to stray off the path you started down when you are seduced by a new city, especially Tinseltown. Unfortunately the film turns into a campy attempt at a gay Pretty Woman and has a predictable ending.

Indira S (es) wrote: the story was really well written, amazing performance by the casts and Bette Davis was such a GREAT villain :)

Riitu S (us) wrote: Naisia hermoromahduksen partaalla, miks sen hauskempaa.

Davide L (ru) wrote: Orribile miscuglio di blair witch project e evil dead , a malapena guardabile ma solo per amanti del genere , gli altri si astengano pure!

Brandon S (au) wrote: Samurai epic from the 60's that has all the characteristics that fans of the genre are looking for and a great performance from Toshiro Mifune. A ronin tricks a fellow ronin to attack a lord just so he can come in and kill his friend to make it look like he wants to save the lord so that he may be offered a position. The plan works and the ronin moves up in the Japanese military very swiftly up until the ronin and his master both fall for the same girl and this is when the ronin's true faith shows. Large production values help make this epic rise above the competition, but the long run time and the over emphasis on the history over the action make this epic a duller then it should be.

Benji R (it) wrote: Amazing movie, very enjoyable.

Michael T (ca) wrote: I love all the Carry on films, and this one has to be my favourite. First one to be filmed in colour.Its silly, cheesy and thats whats great about the Carry on films. Kenneth Connor was my favourite of the Carry On cast and is just as great in this as all the rest, as the ships doctor.The Carry On films are a great English institution! May many other future generations enjoy them as well.

Filippo V (us) wrote: Pi che un film d'animazione sembra un esperimento piuttosto mal riuscito, viste le animazioni mediocri e una storia vaga e non lineare. Non riuscito a coinvolgermi neanche un momento e secondo me rimane uno dei peggiori della Disney di quegli anni.