Drive-By Chronicles: Sidewayz

Drive-By Chronicles: Sidewayz

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Drive-By Chronicles: Sidewayz torrent reviews

Spencer S (gb) wrote: There really aren't many insightful documentaries on the behind the scenes voices in popular cartoons, anime, and feature length films. John DiMaggio really shines a light on the voice actor industry and shows the best of the best, including industry legends. Not only do we get to see the voices of our favorite animated characters, but we also get a little bit of insight into how you can get big in the business. Most telling is the actors' statements about how you can have a funny voice, but you have to be able to act with it, and that's not a concept I've ever thought about before. These people work extremely hard for no recognition and most like it that way, another insightful query for those who wonder who's behind the mic. Really entertaining and educational, this is a film for anyone who wants to see Nancy Cartwright do the voice of Bart Simpson, and more.

Samuel C (kr) wrote: you might need to switch your brain ON before watching this and also before giving a review on the internet.

James R (fr) wrote: Loved this first I was concerned about it, because I thought it might cause racial tension between white people and black people, but than I thought about how far we've come as a society in accepting each other. Especially my generation and the generations to follow. We are almost out of the "baby boomer" and the generations before us power. Just a few more years (Thank goodness)...Anyway thinking about that I realize that most of us will be smart enough to see that the movie is showing a crooked justice system not cause racial tension. It's a very good movie and I recommend all to watch it as it is BASED on a true story. The only thing I didn't like about it was the liberal propaganda that lies within concerning the Al Gore/George W. Bush election that really has NOTHING to do with the movie whatsoever.

Robert I (de) wrote: One day I'll figure out how these movies are financed and produced. The premise wasn't that bad: Two guys want to flunk college so they can come back for a fifth year. That premise isn't utilized or explored one bit. The film quality looks awful and there's no laughs to be had. The music is poorly edited into the film, often drowning the dialogue of a scene. But somehow this film was made, casted, and on Netflix... Uh... Ok.

Cole B (fr) wrote: Kiefer's best performance of his career. A war film that is not at all about war and provokes much thought and discussion.

Austin G (jp) wrote: Is this movie out-dating as the years go on? Of course. But Robin Williams entertains nevertheless. Oddly enough, I can do without Flubber himself.

Mark D (br) wrote: Watchable, though not spectacular. Dourif, when in shouting fits, just screams 'chucky' throughout. Still it aint bad.

Tibor P (it) wrote: Nem tudom, hogy Terry Gilliam 81-ben milyen cuccot tolt, de biztos nem volt gyenge. Nehezen tudtam kvetni a mestert nha, ez valszin?leg az n hibm.

john c (gb) wrote: good acting, good drama

John H (de) wrote: Surprisingly muted, especially since this is a CinemaScope film back when that was reserved for blockbusters. But it tells a lyrical- and admirably even-handed- tale of the mixed blessings of progress.

Luke B (nl) wrote: All I have to say is... this movie is complete and utter trash.

Thomas O (de) wrote: It's fun for kids but it dosnt hold up