Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy

The story of an old Jewish widow named Daisy Werthan and her relationship with her colored chauffeur Hoke. From an initial mere work relationship grew in 25 years a strong friendship between the two very different characters in a time when those types of relationships where shunned upon. Oscar winning tragic comedy with a star-studded cast and based on a play of the same name by Alfred Uhry.

The film tells the story of Daisy Werthan (Jessica Tandy), an elderly Jewish widow and her African-American chauffeur in the American South who have a relationship that grows and improves over the years. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim H (gb) wrote: The concept was intriguing, but the execution was nearer to a B movie, with none of the camp. The supporting cast was great, but the leads were hard to watch. I guess I shouldn't be surprised after seeing "From the director of Saw II, III, and IV" in the trailer. I need to stop expecting art from Hollywood, and that's my fault.

Shripathi K (it) wrote: If you thought how could RGV go wrong with a story so powerful and that has an emotional connection with the 20 million+ Mumbaikars, then think again. The movie has no purpose, has no tales of heroism and does not show the resolve of the courageous Mumbaikars who helped the city get back on track. Instead it focuses on mindless goriness showing almost every single death in HD, followed by a rant about Jihad from Kasab and a counter- rant from Nana patekar on how Islam does not preach jihad. RGV - you've screwed this up big time and you should be ashamed of calling yourself a Mumbaikar let alone a film maker.

Mark N (jp) wrote: Extremely disappointing for Chow fans. Yes it's a kids movie and there are traces of Chow all over the dialogue, characters and scenes.. but the dodgy CGI and highly questionable morals of the tale were distracting and childish.

TheMumblelover (de) wrote: A remarkable film. Its scope its power and its epic scale of history, battle scenes and family betrayal remind me of Kurosawa. The direction is flawless it brings everything to life, and the acting is superb. Brilliant.

Francismaugust B (au) wrote: I think they should have stopped after the first one. It's just weird to hear air bud talk.

Rachel W (ru) wrote: everyone should have a bizarre uncle or 2.

Charlie G (ca) wrote: Kid finds an engine pulled from a spaceship and tries to pass it off as his science project but it causes unexpected problems.

Adam L (nl) wrote: By the late '70s Lo Wei had all but given up on molding former stuntman Jackie Chan into the hotheaded filmmaker's new cash cow and began to farm the pigeonholed martial artist out to other directors. For "Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin" Chen Chi Hwa simply allowed Jackie Chan to be Jackie Chan; a gratuity repeatedly denied by Lo in their preceding collaborations that usually found Chan cast under duress as a quasi-Bruce Lee. And while this is Jackie Chan as we know him today in his infancy the net result is a small step in the right direction.

Li G (nl) wrote: @Bancho I think he did! Why did so many of the good guys have to die in this movie? :(

John H (kr) wrote: Eminently memorable, slyly satirical, and all-around insane. In other words, top notch Marx Brothers.

Brian C (jp) wrote: Wonderful movie. Nosferatu was one of the first adaptations of Dracula, and while the names have changed, the story hasn't much. Orlock is truly creepy, and the story is so well done.The symphony score is marvelous too. Really gives the story that extra gravitas.

Simon D (br) wrote: A pretty simple story that is really dragged out in this film. TV executives rig a quiz show to ensure that the contenders suit the target market. This was a scandal at the time but nobody would bat an eyelid these days; it goes on so much it's pretty much accepted.

Steven V (fr) wrote: Second in Command is a modest action thriller joint that delivers the goods in a fast-paced and intense fashion, even though the whole one-idea set-up is familiarly derived. The premise starts off at a breakneck pace and then tightly builds up to its chaotic siege situation with a exhilarating climax with some organic grit. Along the way it offers up a surprise or two and there's no real political interference in how they shape the story, despite the topic at hand and flawed nature. The basic script won't set the film alight, but never falls into any cheesy mumbling. The action scenes, which for this type of film is what we are actually hanging around for. Are handled with great vigour and the set-pieces can raise a sweat. Jean-Claude Van Damme is capably good and fit's the mould perfectly, with his downtrodden and workman like performance of a more beatable and humane character than anything overly heroic.

Lanky Man P (gb) wrote: A fresh horror film with an 80s feel.