Droid Gunner

Droid Gunner

In the future, the threat of global takeover by cyborg units has forced Earth to outlaw their use. But when four female androids are smuggled to Earth, Jack Ford is assigned to track them down. An adventurous chase takes him from the mean streets of Phoenix to the depths of New Angeles, an underwater city, and into the diabolical clutches of a maniacal kingpin and his criminal army.

In the future, the threat of global takeover by cyborg units has forced Earth to outlaw their use. But when four female androids are smuggled to Earth, Jack Ford is assigned to track them ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (ca) wrote: Coming of age drama with the usual amount of teenage angst aimed at the older generation. How they go about revolting and protesting is a little different.

Adam E (us) wrote: ?31 Days of Horror (2011): #8

Jerry C (mx) wrote: In this third movie, some Navy seals go on an 'observation' mission to get to know the whereabouts of a druglord in ...Colombia. Yes! Things go wrong of course, and once again, they can expect no help. The same routine over and over again. That'll do, pig, that'll do.

Jamie R (es) wrote: the most unsatisfying film ever, a horrible copout ending and, although it feels it's building up to something along the way, it turns and starts laughing at the audience, they should have called it "Bait and switch" the movie

Christie B (ca) wrote: cute movie. Deffinetly not for everyone.

Derek F (it) wrote: For a b-rated movie I thought that it had a creepy atmosphere. The acting was pretty good and the special effects for such a cheap movie were remarkable. I had to purchase this movie. 4/5

Nathan N (kr) wrote: A very funny teen comedy with a great cast and likeable characters. Not at all what I was expecting.

Bill B (kr) wrote: A killer is loose on the set of a low budget film set, and there's no end to the tasteless jokes and kills that will be thrown at you before the credits roll. One of the better latter day Troma efforts I've seen, and something that I could see revisiting with a group in a party setting, since there is so much weird shit going on, it'd be fun to drift in and out of over the course of an evening.Rental!

Lynsey M (au) wrote: I find this hilarious; if you ignore the obvious moral implications, and ignore the fact that R&E would find you a deplorable person just for liking it; and you aren't a judgmental, in-the-box, straight-arrow, then you might like it too. Yeah it's different. Sometimes different is good, different is what you need, very bad things is exactly that and they're honest about it, which is exactly what makes it funny...you could never imagine doing these things...hence implausible, and therefore you can laugh at it-even if you're horrified for yourself that you're laughing at it. Don't read reviews that give the story-line. It the unexpected shock factor of not knowing what is going to happen that makes you think-holy sh*t. And then laugh. And then feel bad for laughing-while you're still laughing. It's great. And the comments about the black, asian, jew thing...what black, asian, jew thing?...I was too busy laughing and being incredulous at just what was going on..

Aniko V (es) wrote: It's what the Brits are really good at: good film adaptations of literary works. Stiff upper lips and propriety poised against Latin passion and impulsiveness, and not necessarily in a clear dichotomy - a contemplation on how best to live life is inevitable.

Stella D (au) wrote: the saga of freelance assassin ogami itto and his young son daigoro continues in bloody style. in this episode, daigoro is kidnapped by ninjas and thrown from a burning ship! there's a clan of badass females, a guy with a freddy kruger hand and the final showdown in the sand is particularly thrilling. just as much fun as the first, with some touching scenes between father and son as well. i guess it's the woman in me that makes me wanna yell: hey, watch that kid! lol

Scott R (it) wrote: Definitely frantic, but perhaps it hasn't aged well as Tom Jones's antics just don't induce too many laughs

The Critic (br) wrote: John Woo's urban western misses the bullseye, delivering too many action sequences in slow motion and thereby emphasising the over-the-top nature of the material. Star Jean-Claude Van Damme provides an atrocious performance here, but Yancy Butler makes for a strong leading lady (given what she has to work with) and Lance Henriksen is fun as the villain of the piece. However, there aren't enough good features to make this rewarding.