Göran, Tina and their two children buy a house in a suburb. It is in need of some repairs but Göran believes himself capable of repairing it himself with the help of a few cheap craftsmen. ...

Göran, Tina and their two children buy a house in a suburb. It is in need of some repairs but Göran believes himself capable of repairing it himself with the help of a few cheap craftsmen. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Drömkåken torrent reviews

roy s (es) wrote: great Action packed movie

Rangan R (es) wrote: The quick money does not come from easy way!It is a remake of the Thai film '13 Beloved'. Not seen the original film, but this is a very familiar theme. Some good films were already made out of it and this one is slightly different. It is about a man who is expecting a baby with his girlfriend who he is going marry very soon. But he gets fired from his job and clueless about raising a child and maintain the family. Then a strange phone call gives him a series of challenges to win with a greater reward. It all begins with a small easy task and then begin to complicate when he can't back off as per the rules he has agreed. Now how far he goes to finish it off what he had started was told in the rest of the film.Since this is not a fresh idea for a film, I expected the story to be very good, but a little disappointed. At least it opened well and overall first half was much better. Later the film did not stand up to what it was promised in the earlier. But kind of unpredictable way it was developed. Seeing how the film was received, those who liked the original version did not like this one. That happens all the time as expected. Even though if you haven't seen the Thai film, the chances are slim one to enjoy it, especially if you have seen and liked the films like '12 Rounds', 'The Game', including the recent 'Nerve'. Not bad for watching at once, but instead I would suggest other similar title if you ask me.5/10

Waqar A (fr) wrote: One of the best Pakistani movie I have seen so far great movieMust Watch .

Melissa M (br) wrote: Wai Ka Fai and Au Sin Yee are at work again after Mad Detective and Running on Karma. In short, you probably may not understand it, you may find it mindboggling, but it??s still a unique ride all the same.

Dillon L (au) wrote: a great suspenseful movie. love the ending

Rebecca P (fr) wrote: I have watched it at home. I really want to see it on the big screen it is seriously bloody and intense.

Liam V (mx) wrote: interesting but yet very intense definitely rated R no doubt about it but great acting for a horror movie

Jacob F (br) wrote: An inventive ultra-low budget film-It's hard to gauge this film-only it's hard to see how inventive it was given all the similar films that have followed. The story here is actually more intriguing than the Paranormal Activity films: given months to live a filmmaker decides to document his final days via camera. The dialogue borders on terrible at times, the acting is uneven. But for what this film was, and how it still delivers scares, it is rather effective.

Omotola A (us) wrote: Not that great but if youre looking for some scenes with brief nudity and mild drug usage then this is right up your alley

Lee M (jp) wrote: Between a a 6/10 and 7/10, if the director has gone out of his way to avoid the usual Hollywood biopic conventions, he has also withheld any suggestion of why the charismatic doctor, fighter, diplomat, diarist and intellectual theorist became and remains such a legendary figure; ultimately, Che seems diminished by the way he's portrayed here. Del Toro's performance though is stellar.

Sincere B (fr) wrote: best movie I seen yet

Alex B (br) wrote: A really bad over top movie about a monkey that plays hockey, and that good of a movie. The acting is pretty poorly done and the script is not that great.

Hobie P (us) wrote: Terrible film. Not in a good way.

Matt W (fr) wrote: "Get Real" is a simple yet sweet tale of suppressed teenage love. 16-year-old Stephen (Ben Silverstone) has known he was gay since he was eleven, and satisfies his hidden urges by meeting men at a discreet park public toilet. However, after a misunderstanding of identity in the toilet cubicles, school sporting stud John (Brad Gorton) accidently reveals that he is curious about men. Stephen instantly falls for John, where as John is still confused and scared about his feeling and what they mean. Stephen helps John through the pain and they develop an intimate and secret relationship. We witness Stephen's pain of wanting to be with John at all times while John wants to keeps their feelings under wraps and won't even look at Stephen at school.Also this film is very domestic and low-key, it perfectly portrays to the audience the struggle that many teenagers feel when attempting to please your family and friends and lying to yourself simultaneously. Therefore I think many people will be able to relate to this film and perhaps gain some confidence from its messages. Throughout the film we are reminded of the pressures of society to conform and to be "normal," with John calling Stephen "dodgy" when he finds out that he is gay; furthermore John's reaction to almost being caught kissing Stephen reveals just what teen etiquette expects. I feel this film slightly clings to the clich of the supporting mother and distant and naive father; they should have made him more conscientious to add some originality to the mix. The climax of the film is extremely cathartic, and due to Silverstone's convincing performance we really feel the happiness of the truth being out, and also the fear of what the consequences may be.

Laimis Z (nl) wrote: the title says it all. this film(play) heavily relies on acting and thats why it stands so strong. the three leads are perfect in their roles. especially robert downey jr. its the best he's ever been. modern relationships or just a bunch of bullcrap? who cares...as long as its fun:)

Joshua M (kr) wrote: Nothing enjoyable about this film. Has a few good moments but definitely not something I'd recommend for others.

Jesse R (de) wrote: If you enjoy martial arts movies, you'll enjoy this one. I didn't think it was a great movie, but so-so. Revenge Of The Ninja (1983) is part of a 3 movie trilogy. The other two movies are Enter The Ninja (1981), Revenge Of The Ninja (1983) and Ninja III: The Domination (1984). All films feature Sho Kosugi, but all three films (storyline) are not directly related.

Stanley C (au) wrote: This was one of the best Godzilla movies made, given how the '50s and '60s entries aren't well written. ToM still should have focused more on Godzilla and MechaGodzilla, they both and their battle were underscreened, it appeared that the movie was focused all on Titanosaurus. There was dynamic character development, where Professor Mafune is siding with the evil green gorilla aliens from the black hole, since he's giving fleshy muscular help to MechaGodzila in wiping humans off the earth just for revenge against humans for calling him idiotic, but his daughter Katsura is good and his father doesn't want to kill or exploit his own daughter for revenge, and so Katsura kills herself just so MechaGodzilla goes offline and Godzilla can destroy it.

Stewart E (mx) wrote: it reminds me of lazy childhood sundays and nearly wetting myself cos it woz sooo funny(Danny Kaye is just fantastic), im glad hardly anyone has seen it , it makes it feel more even more special.

Dillinger P (mx) wrote: Johnny Depp is a bit of a strange actor, i dont just mean in the sense that he takes on rather flamboyant or eccentric characters, but he also lacks consistancey in his movies. Sure pirates was awesome, fear and loathing was hilarious and edward scissor hands was a downright master performance. He has somewhat also had his fair share of lows, most of his latter catelogue with Tim Burton and Gore Verbinski, not to mention his box office failures like the tourist. However, when on his A game, he provides sterling performances again and again, always stealing the show and always committed. Here in Secret Window however his performance is rather blase, which when attached to much of the same towards the rest of the movie, makes for a rather boring, non frightening and forgettable show all round. The story follows Mort, a writer who appears to have had a troubling year. Flash forward 6 months and he is in the middle of a divorce, resided to a cabin in the middle of nowhere and having the worst case of writers block imaginable. One day he is visited by an ominous man called Shooter, claiming that Mort stole his work, baffled as Mort is, he soon finds himself locked in a dangerous game, where more than just Mort's life is a stake. Based on the Stephen King novel, by the same name, it plods along, with very little tension or purpose. The opening act is brutally sluggish and drags for an age, thats even with an acceptable performance by John Tutturo playing Shooter, his performance, in a pretty decent cast line up, is the best the movie has to offer. The rest of the film, continues to fall apart after that and before the end, were dissinterested and sick of what were seeing. Depp, is okay as the struggling writer, pulling off some form of a performance, its not his best though, it feels almost lazy. Tutturo does well but hardly has enough screen time to really make his encounters memorable. Maria Bello is pretty poor as Mort's ex wife and Charles Dutton seems likes hes just reading from the page most of the time. Your not gripped as an audience member. That being said, there are a few nice ideas littered throughout to spark off the occasional emotion. The finale, as stupid as it seems, actually has the skeleton of something rather frightening, it doesnt achieve the level it should but at least the thought was there. The camera work is extremely commendable, with some fluid and well planned out shots, weaving continunally not really allowing your eyes time to rest. The score by Philip Glass is pretty decent also, giving a specific feel which is extremely under utilized in this entire outing. The movie lacks any real scares, coming most from jump scare, which is downright lazy and unappealing. The pacing is horrid as well, the film feels half an hour longer than it is and with zero tension thats a massive problem. Having a great cast and a good looking movie wont make your film and thats what this film suffers from, its not given enough care and attention, the source material feels left at a distance, the characters even more so. Yes there is the occasional comedic moment or bizarre encounter but it ends up being all for nothing in this completely okay film. Thats alll i can really say, its not horrendous, but its as far away from a work of art as you can get with the talent involved. Missed opportunity.