Drop Box

Drop Box

'Drop Box' is a comedy about a spoiled pop princess who accidentally returns her sex tape to a local video store, then must try everything to get it back from an uncooperative clerk. Fearing that if she fails, her next big hit won't be musical.

'Drop Box' is a comedy about a spoiled pop princess who accidentally returns her sex tape to a local video store, then must try everything to get it back from an uncooperative clerk. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant S (es) wrote: Novel concept but the result is a mixed bag.The idea of the movie is that 26 different directors each take one letter of the alphabet, and make a short (4-5 minute) death-themed story on it. Segments are shown in order, ie from A to Z, and end with "(whatever) letter is for (something)'.Nice idea, but the execution doesn't quite measure up to the concept. The short stories vary from very clever and interesting to incredibly stupid. Some are clearly made just with shock value, and no narrative, in mind.A very diverse, quality-wise and plot-wise, assortment of stories.Overall, its so-so. There's more bad stories than good, but the overall idea, plus having to only concentrate in 4-5 minute chunks, plus the fun of trying to figure out what the letter stands for each time, balances this out.

Archibald T (br) wrote: Beatrice is a young reporter who receives an audio recording of a news crew who went to report on an actual monster in Iceland. One of the members of the crew was Beatrice's fiancee' Jim. She immediately wants to be assigned to investigate her husbands death and to find out if a monster really does live in Iceland. The film is set in a time, very much like today, where terrorist attacks are every where and the media is heavily drawn to it for exposure to boost their ratings. So when Beatrice's plane crashes due to a terrorist attack, The Boss, played by Helen Mirren wants to use the now crippled Beatrice, she was the only one that survived the crash, for media exposure. "Why?" Beatrice asks. "Why does the world need to know how it feels to crash into the sea?" The Boss can see that Beatrice isn't going to want to talk about it. So the story is scrapped and Beatrice is left alone in an Iceland hospital.Dr. Anna commences forward an operation that would help Beatrice to get up and walk. It's a extremely painful procedure that she endures. Poor Beatrice. Loosing her fiancee', almost dying in a plane crash and now she has to suffer even more. Six months later, she's up and moving. With the help of Dr. Anna she seeks to find what happen to her fiancee'.She is guided to a village where the inhabitants get her drunk so they can have her pass out and to be taken up to the monsters lair which is on a huge rock out to sea. She awakes to discover an odd looking creature guzzling alcohol and cursing like a sailor. She is frighten by him. Instead of running, he allows her to shoot him because The Monster has had it with being alive. You see, the monster has been around even before human's were even born. He's seen a many of things and hates so much that human's can die and not him.Beatrice, in a strange way, sympathizes with him due to her innocent christian type of ways. Love thy enemy, I believe it is called. I don't know. I've never read the bible, but whatever. The monster appoints her to help him die by finding a Dr. Artaud who is the only person who can kill him. That doctor has invented a Matter Eradicator which can get rid of the monster forever.Beatrice accepts helping him on one condition and that's to not kill anyone. She calls The Boss and before they even get to New York an entire media circus forms. Beatrice herself becomes caught into the self involvement of stardom since she found the monster. The boss see's this creature as an opportunity for ratings and once he's let loose on the streets he's immediately beaten and pissed on. Dr. Artaud was found, but kept away from the monster by the boss who really gets screwed in the end for her own greed.All preparations get set back to Iceland with Dr. Artaud waiting for the monster to return back to his lair with Beatrice, of course, by his side. The monster's time is finally up and what more could he ask for except to see Beatrice gazing at him with love in her eyes at his final moment. This isn't one of Hal Hartley's best. It's very ambitious even for him, I think. What you must know is that a Hal Hartley film isn't conventional. His films are very soap opera-ish with a dash of melodrama as well as intrigue. They depend a LOT from the viewer in the feeling department and I admire that even if he can be a bit self indulgent in the dialogue. Speaking of dialogue, that is another Hartley trait of his. He always has his characters project their inner feelings outward instead of having them shown inward for dramatic effect. It gives you a better understanding from where his characters are coming from.Overall, if you're not familiar with Hartley's work I'd say check it out anyways. It's really not too different from his earlier films except their is a monster in this one and he wants to be killed!

Lara M (jp) wrote: Simply great. Smart, touching, uplifting (and the happy end doesn't hurt either!). It's depth is in showing the shades of good and evil, and exploring the characters' moral compass as they try to chose the lesser of two evils.

Jared P (nl) wrote: A fun horror thriller.

Joshua H (ca) wrote: Truly one of the greatest films of all time, Enchanted April benefits from a beautiful score and four outstanding performances. This movie is the ultimate pick-me-up, as I watch it whenever I feel down. It is an underrated and forgotten masterwork by the director of Four Weddings and a Funeral and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Nominated for 3 Oscars including Best Adapted Screenplay.

EWC o (de) wrote: Moderately entertaining gunfights but all the characters were unlikable and the ending was horrifically far fetched

Alan V (br) wrote: I actually prefer the first one.

Fong K (ru) wrote: Luc Besson's directorial debut is an unexciting romantic heist caper with eccentric characters and extraneous subplots.

Nick F (ca) wrote: Mildly diverting chiller features a Karloff and Edward Van Sloan together again as doctors in search of immortality. The premise is actually pretty good, but once the movie plays its Jekyll and Hyde card, the movie loses some interest. The notion that having the blood of a killer in you would make you murder lacks the visual terror of say Mad Love, where its the hands or even the brain in Frankenstein. Sloan is great in his short supporting turn and its great to see him onscreen with Karloff. Karloff brings his dependable talents to the part, playing the change after the operation takes place very effectively. The rest of the cast leave little or no impression and the movie falls into a predicatble pattern once Karloff starts murdering his old friends. Have to say I think I'd pass on seeing this unless you are a die-hard Karloff fan.

Khaled M (ag) wrote: When economics statistics can make you win the game, true story about baseball lore and Billy Beane who changed the history of the game.