Drug Crni u Narodnooslobodilackoj borbi

Drug Crni u Narodnooslobodilackoj borbi

Set in April of the turmoil that is the year 1941. The Germans have occupied Yugoslavia and its capital Belgrade. Adolf Hitler is again drawing the new borders of Europe. Remains of ...

Comarade Black in WW2 is a Serbian comedy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ally F (fr) wrote: Enjoy the beautiful country side music and see how they have happened the life after they met, played, preganant, kid's sickness...then it goes to very depressing....i would say the music and the girl's voice made it beautiful.

Sarfara A (de) wrote: Griff the Invisible Australian film written and directed by Leon Ford. Starring Ryan Kwanten (Red Hill). Griff ((Ryan) is an office-worker frequently bullied by his mean co-worker, he is socially awkward to spend time with - BUT at night he is Griff The Invisible protecting the citizens in his beloved neighborhood. He stumbles over a girlfriend of his brother, who shares similar understanding of the surroundings. However, little by little he comes to realize that this has been rather his imaginary world but not real. Though it's an Australian take on superhero story, it probably settles score with twist and freak-imagination; which classifies it to be rarely built movie. Acting is average, the camera-work is fine - this is an absolute movie to choose and watch to ward off day's exhaustion.

Hendrik M (nl) wrote: Wonderful and touching

Adriano B (it) wrote: The 20th Century Boy rework of thriller aand scifi tropes (at once) was, IMHO, one of the most terrific opus in recent manga history: the movie version does its best to respect the twisting plot, half Stephen King, half Godard: lose something, forcefully, in characters definition, but it's good enough, and Tomodachi in disturbing as ever.

Candace D (mx) wrote: The storyline was cliche, but there was lots of dancing in it, and that is always the best part. I was happy to see people from SYTYCD too. It was interesting to watch Billy Zane in that type of movie, but he was pretty funny.

Neil U (us) wrote: fantastic. offbeat, for real, great characters and last but not least... does not reek of the typical hollywood cookie cutter at all. seeing things from their perspective (meter maids) was fun. definitely go see it.

Amanda W (nl) wrote: I love this movie. It's like a weird, soft-core predecessor of The Magicians, or Harry Potter.

Ian R (us) wrote: I was riveted by the performances and the scenes of Monk creating the music, not so much by the talking heads and re-enactments. This was a case of messing with a good thing.

Paul J (ru) wrote: This highly unusual Australian film from the 70's didn't get much recognition at the time but recently, due to a stunning restoration, it is finally getting the attention it deserves. This surreal character study follows a school teacher protagonist on an existential odyssey through the nightmarish landscape of small towns in the Australian outback. Upon initial release many audiences found it baffling and frankly upsetting. After all, animals are killed and the characters divulge in atrocious debauchery. However, upon closer inspection, our hero's journey is one of self-discovery and the trials of overcoming the fear of death. From Denial, Hope, Anger, Despair and Acceptance, he conquers each stage of death. Not surprisingly, Martin Scorsese champions the film. He even pays homage to it in Casino with the bird's-eye view of Sharon Stone throwing the dice in the air, which is a reflection of a gambling scene in Wake in Fright where the hero tosses gambling pieces in the air. There is also a subtle homosexual subtext that dances just under the surface, bringing into question whether or not our hero even has a sweetheart waiting for him back home. Is she a figment of past memories? Is she simply an excuse for a vacation when in reality he wishes to indulge in these debaucheries and very testosterone-driven activities. Wake in Fright is a frightening film that disturbs, provokes and leaves plenty for the viewer to reflect upon. A lost 70's classic that is only now finally getting its unique reputation and analysis that it deserves.

Thomas T (gb) wrote: If Scary Movie targets its correct audiences, then there is going to be a fair amount of laughs.

Philip S (de) wrote: While it has some moments, the whole thing just comes across as implausible, obvious and a bit silly. Phoenix tries to make something out of it, but Duvall, Mendes and Wahlberg feel like cardboard cut outs. The goofy ending is just the cherry on top. Not worth the time, I'd say.