Drum Beat

Drum Beat

President Grant orders Indian fighter MacKay to negotiate with the Modocs of northern California and southern Oregon. On the way he must escort Nancy Meek to the home of her aunt and uncle. After Modoc renegade Captain Jack engages in ambush and other atrocities, MacKay must fight him one-on-one with guns, knives and fists.

President Grant orders Indian fighter MacKay to negotiate with the Modocs of northern California and southern Oregon. On the way he must escort Nancy Meek to the home of her aunt and uncle.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nguyen Thuy H (au) wrote: The Comedy must be one of the most original deadpan satire coming out in the last few years, and one would have imagined Rick Alverson aiming for higher stake in his next film. Sadly, no...Just like Hong Sang Soo, who made the same film over and over again, the same thing has happened here for Alverson. The channeling of Antonioni and Lynch feels refreshing, but one would have wanted the filmmaker to step out of his comfort zone or at least give a proper face to his character's grief. However, if Dogtooth and Alps appeal to you, then it's likely that you would forgive some of the vagueness here and go with the flow.

Kate H (br) wrote: Sometimes horror films surprise you. I'd never heard of this one before I found it at my library. Smart, rather slow burning until you get a sense of what is going on, and it holds you tight. The thing is only 96 minutes but it feels like a lot longer - and I mean that in a good way.It's a normal Valentine's day in Pontypool, Ontario. Ex-shock jock Grant heads in to work at the local radio station. The news is going as normal until a correspondent reports on a mob gathering in front of a doctor's office. The mob is also speaking and acting very strangely. This sounds like the beginning of a typical zombie film but it really is not. The infection being spread is very specific but also very random too. Much imagination points for that as well to the claustrophobia of being stuck in a radio station without much contact with outside except with people calling in. It's a very Orson Wells/War of the Worlds sort of vibe.I am so impressed with this and so glad I took a chance. I encourage you to do the same.

CJ C (ru) wrote: Cute, but cheap. This was made for the Sci-Fi channel complete with Dan Castellaneta & Richard Kind. Cameo by George Kennedy.

Andi H (fr) wrote: One of the most amazing and inspiring movies that you will see. It is not very cliche and it is not typical. Any women who has doubted herself, should watch it. The ending is perfection.

Bloody P (fr) wrote: LOVED IT. the first time I watched this movie I was so scared of it I had nightmares for weeks. it wasn't the doll. it was Mary Shaw, the creepy story..everything even the lightening during the film just made everything creepy to the max. I loved it. James Wan is my top horror directors. he scares me.everytime

Imola L (ru) wrote: sorry, this movie did not do it for me. 30 minutes into it and i could still care less what happens. better luck next time.

Grant H (it) wrote: Surprisingly good movie. Great style, nicely made, and great performances from Hauser and Sizemore.

The Critic (ag) wrote: A biopic about the Beatle that never was, portrayed with conviction by Stephen Dorff.

Brad S (mx) wrote: Some good moments and interesting character dynamics, but mostly just typical macho Tarantino revenge fantasy stuff.

Kevin Q (mx) wrote: this was from TV and had Urkel - without acting like Urkel!

Jonathan L (gb) wrote: decent exploitation could've been better.

Jonathan M (gb) wrote: The Criterion set includes both Take One (1968) and the less interesting take 2 1/2 (2005) as well as an informative profile of William Greaves. What made the first one interesting was that it mixed both highly contrived (Greaves' setup) and spontaneous (the crew's unexpected film commenting on the movie) self-awareness. It was that spontaneity that made the moment of take one transcend what is really, otherwise, not a very engaging exercise to watch other people experience.

Joel A (ag) wrote: A film that perfectly encapsulates the UFO Epidemic in the 1950's in the USA, it's also the butt of all jokes in the 1997 spoof Mars Attacks!.The story focuses on one scientist who has a direct encounter with a UFO & predicts their plans to dominate the earth.The film is undeniably cheesy but quite interesting since that nation at the time was engulfed by this hysteria. It's fun, dated & has some great dodgy visual effects & stock footage of supposedly real UFO Sightings.

Luciano G (nl) wrote: This has more style than substance, but it well put together with an good cast..... it will appeal to a wide audience of those who remember the Eighties and to those who like the idea of the Eighties..... it's a fun watch and a good film to share with friends...

James K (fr) wrote: Ghibli returns with a magical world created for those who believe in the magical creatures.

LA L (kr) wrote: Music by George Harrison.